All the other girls came down to our flat and as the party bags were handed out Ken got her special pressies from the Boys other fairy godmothers. A cake from Lemon Cake Lady (very apt) and handmade butterfly jewellery from Clementine, who had infact made all the chicks a little present of a bracelet to commemorate the occasion, such is her amazing talent and kindness.

So we were there and the drink was flowing.

When finally we let her in she was delighted and overwhelmed at all our efforts. We hugged, cried and jumped about like a bunch of girls, which is what we are. So we poured another drink!

Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply"

I wish heaven would release her for the weekend ;-(

Yes, I did and she had a lovely day. Wonderful memories for me to treasure now that she is gone.

Look out the night spots of Bognor Regis Butlins!

Holding your hen weekend away from home, either in the UK or abroad, is a great way for your mum to choose how involved she wants to be in the wilder hen party antics. With her own room in a luxury spa hotel, we don’t think mum will be complaining too much about being left behind whilst the hens go out and party until dawn. By day, she can join everyone for sightseeing or a cruise, or talent-spotting on the sun loungers. Remember, most mums have seen it all already!

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Al your mum will be with us as she is everyday baby girl xxx

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Last Friday afternoon, as I travelled down to Bognor with my friend Maltesers, my point of view was still undecided. I had two whole days and three whole nights of god knows what ahead of me and the only thing I was certain of was it would involve a lot of gin! I'd got a litre bottle packed along with crisps, crumpets and cleaning items.

Yes! Nice relaxing day at a spa followed by meal and drinks. Can’t wait! x

What mum doesn’t enjoy a luxury spa day, complete with massages, facials and plenty of champagne? That way, your girls can get ready for the wedding in style.

No fear, my mum will make it all about her!

“@wimagazine: Hen party ideas your mum will love from” @Jumble66 this is more me than you 😉

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I had 2 hen dos. One hen do was going out to the birdcage in Manchester but going out for the night isn’t my mums thing and i couldn’t have a hen do without my mum or even my 3 year old neice and aunt so I had a second do at a pottery cafe where you can have a party and paint pottery & have cakes& drink and my mum & aunt and my neice aswell as those who couldn’t come to the night do came 🙂 best of both worlds 🙂

If you want to add some humorous frivolity to your night, then a comedy club, theatre trip or cabaret show are bound to keep the hens entertained. Depending on the type of show you pick, the subject matter can be tailored to everyone’s tastes.

Yes! I am sure she will be the love and the soul of the party. I couldn’t imagine celebrating without her. Sara Hart x

The Friday night T-shirts came out. Black with red writing, they exclaimed, "Wham Bam" on the front (not asking for trouble having that emblazoned across your boobs!) with "Ken's 80's Mash Up 2012" on the back. All apart from Ken's T-shirt, which had "I'm Ken's Man" and a picture of Mr Ken wearing a George Michael mask on the back!

It was the guys in the flat opposite. Could we iron a pair of jeans for them?

Mind you we didn't go mad until we'd first had a cup of tea when we arrived.

Ken took offence at the sexist nature of this request but some of us saw a chance to make a few quid so we negotiated a tenner for our trouble. Only thing was our iron wasn't working so the garment had to be taken upstairs to another flat to be pressed. So grateful was Tone (and I'm breaking with tradition here and using his real name ) that he came in to thank us wearing just a pair of rainbow coloured speedos revealing a tattoo of "Fuck off" on his arse cheeks!

Tracey Stephen Lisa Bain Gemma MacDonald ideas for you maybe??

Hen Party present for my mum

Everyone was a good 10 to 15 years younger than me on this do, but even so, holy mother of god, if I had consumed the sheer amount and mixtures of alcohol Ken did, over the course of those three days, I would've been in A and E on a drip!

Just days before Storybrooke's first royal wedding, Regina reluctantly agrees to let Emma's friends throw the Sheriff a bachelorette party - that is, if she promises to look, not touch. But little does Emma know the odds have been set against her. Thanks to my Beta, DrAllisonHouse.

To find more hen party ideas your mum and your friends will love, take a look at some of the great options on the Red Seven website – or, to get your mum’s outfit sorted, why not check out our Mother of the Bride section?

Yup, champagne tasting n a nice night in Leeds! Cannot wait!!!!

I don't know if it was the gin, the emotion of the occasion or the highly charged girly atmosphere but somehow it didn't seem out of the ordinary.

So wearing our t-shirts and fuelled by pizza, copious amounts of booze and much laughter we set off to party Friday night and a good chunk of the early hours of Saturday morning away.

When your weekend starts with a wristband that just has, "Butlins Big Weekends" and a 24 hour assistance phone number on it, you know you are in for a whole heap of trouble!

If you’re determined to have the drinks flowing at your hen party, there are a few alcoholic options you can choose from. A girly cocktail-making class in a stylish bar or a sophisticated wine tasting experience is sure to get your mum into the party spirit.

Or, you could just have two! Get in touch if you want help with ideas on arranging a big party, a trip or a…

Begin your hen night at a classy restaurant. With the wine flowing and gossip flying, there’s no reason for your mum not to have a brilliant night.

No. I’m taking it as an opportunity to have 2 parties, a Bridal Shower (high tea) for everyone and a Hens Party for us crazy girls.

Afternoon tea is ideal if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your hen party. Your guests will love being served luxury tea, cakes and beautifully presented delicacies in the decadent surroundings of an upmarket hotel. Of course, no afternoon tea is complete without a glass of champagne – perfect for helping your mum get to know the other hens better.

Ken was stunned, grateful and overcome with relief to be there. You could see she was full of love for all her friends present and still back in Suffolk and the tears welled up.

Whether your mum is along for the whole evening, or just helping to get the party started, there’s a whole host of ideas she’ll be happy to join in with.

Choose a daytime hen activity where all of your guests can relax, have fun and feel special.