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I have the perfect (and cheap) gift. I got a couple bags of Hershey's Kisses for my boyfriend, and then made a list of reasons for why I love him. I put each reason on a tiny slip of paper and wrapped it up with the Kiss. He was so moved he cried!

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Last year I received the most romantic gift from my boyfriend and I don't think it costs too much (about $10). It was a soap that he ordered from a website — a big red heart with his love message inside. You can choose from a selection of three soap shapes and a list of fragrances. You can customize a message or choose from a list of pre-designed messages to appear on the soap. You can even put your own picture inside!

When it comes to weddings the focus often falls on the bride, but we can’t forget that grooms like a little romance, too. A surprise gift for your dapper fellow will make him happier than can be on your wedding day. We have the best wedding gifts for men and guys of all ages, and we’re built to lead you right to the gift that is uniquely tailored to the groom in your life. Find a wedding gift that will serve as a memento of this wondrous day for years to come.

What is a romantic gift I could give my boyfriend on our two-year anniversary, spending the least amount of money possible? College girls tend to be broke these days.

Looking for business gift ideas for a beloved small business owner on your holiday list? Can’t decide what gift to get your boss? We’ve put together 21 unique gift ideas for the multi-tasking, sleep deprived, and over-caffeinated small business owner or boss, on your shopping list. Some cool, some crazy, some useful and some just plain ridiculous. Enjoy!

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I also have a good cheap idea. Once I took all the good photos of my boyfriend and I and laid them on the floor spaced out a little in a big line. Then I borrowed a friend's video camera and slowly went over each picture. I also had background music playing one of our songs. Then I gave him the tape and let him watch it! It was so cute and he loved it. He still has it!

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If you’re looking for gift items for the happy couple, consider a selection from our monogramed wedding gifts for a unique item they certainly won’t receive from anyone else. We’ve got cool wedding gifts to cater to every type of couple and with the right selection you’ll definitely win the title of best gift giver at the wedding.

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If you’re on the hunt for groomsmen gifts, we’ve got you covered. We have items to suit every fellow in your bridal party, so make sure you appreciate them for standing by your side as you say your vows with these unique groomsmen gift ideas. From cool pocketknives to beer mugs, you can personalize any of the items to give your groomsmen gifts that special touch.