Yes, you cannot tell them you’d rather not get gifts. I think the best thing here to do is to take the high road, thank them for the gift and move on. It seems like gifts are being used to express underlying issues between both families, so I would suggest sitting down face-to-face for a conversation. Until those issues are resolved, gifts will continue to be the conduit through which hurt feelings are expressed.

What do you think about getting a gift for someone you dislike and who also can’t stand your sight?

Terri, 64, remembers with crystal clarity the last Christmas of her high school year. “I dropped hints for over a month about this suede fringe handbag that I wanted so badly,” she recalled. “My parents gave me a set of dishes for my ‘dowry’ instead. They had said they were supportive of my going to college, but this told me that the real goal should be a husband.”

But as the gates opened, all was not quite ready. Workmen were still planting trees and in some areas paint was wet to the touch. The asphalt on Main Street USA that had been poured just that morning was so soft that the spiked heels on woman’s shoes sank in.

Anyway, I’m done living with them and am moving to a different part of town, so this is my last year with them. I was thinking of getting all of them a gift except for the roommate I dislike. My experience with them has been much better, barring this one roommate, and so I thought I would do something to show my appreciation. Should I avoid getting my rude roommate a gift, or should I still feel an obligation to give her something too?

If you weren’t already aware, these stories should demonstrate that gift-giving is complicated. It’s time-consuming and expensive. People are pickier than ever about what they’d like, and shoppers are overwhelmed with options. It’s no wonder we don’t hit the mark every time.

A few of us gave our knitting instructor an expensive yarn winder for Christmas. She told us she didn’t want to use it until she got into her new location…….which was earlier this week. Should we now get her yet another gift for her re-opening?

My questions are these: – Is it okay to resort to a “whatever you get, you get” mentality if my recipients do not specify what they want? I don’t mean this in a rude or meager way. When I make or cook stuff for people I do it with my best intentions and love in mind, especially when I’m doing it in bulk. So far my recipients give my food a thumbs-up.

I need to give gifts to my mom and my mother in law for Mother’s Day. My budget is $50 each. I got my mom a $50 gift. For my mother in law I found her gift on sale. It cost $80 but with the sale price it was only $40. My question is which price do I go by? Do I buy another $10 item to make it an even $50? She’s getting way more than my mom because it was on sale. Or do I go over budget and get another $30 gift to make it even? Which is the correct way to do this? Thank you.

This is a tricky one because it sounds like your husband is definitely thinking of you and wanting to express his love through these generous gifts. But you have every right to gently bring up that these pieces aren’t your style.

Anyway, upon seeing Walt on the steps, I pleaded with mom to go over and say hello to him but she didn't think he would remember her. Oh well.

Walt and his staff immediately took the necessary measures to deal with the problems of low ride capacity, congested walkways, traffic jams and slow food service. The press was invited back for a private "second day" to experience the true Disneyland.

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I just realized that a gift I gave last month for a Bar Mitzvah was just way too low (cash is traditional). I’m not Jewish and this is all new to me. I feel embarrassed. Is it better to try to forget about it or should I send another gift?

It’s hard to express these things and hurt feelings may happen, because all of these gifts are most likely coming from such a great place and great intentions. But stay calm and clear and hopefully both of your feelings can be heard and understood going forward.

I generally go by the retail value of an item and consider myself lucky when I am able to purchase something I like on sale. Re feeling you must make up the difference for the other person, I think that’s entire up to you. It’s truly not the ‘price’ of an item that counts; it’s the thought and care behind it that is most meaningful.

Is it unreasonable to expect a thank you for a gift when you give your children’s significant other a gift card? Signed puzzled and disappointed

Guests bring house/hostess gifts as an expression of appreciation for having been invited to your home for dinner.

if I return a gift that was given to me by a friend to macy’s and use the money to buy something else. Will the gift giver know that I returned it?

I would open the gift and the card. If they’re not something that feels like an extended olive brand and genuine offering, it may be time to let this chapter of your friendship with her close and move on to friends that you feel more supported by.

I was given a Macy’s gift card by my boyfriend’s mother. Do I need to reciprocate with a gift or is a thank you note appropriate?

Chelsea’s husband made his point, and that’s what the statement gift is all about. While gifts are intended to communicate a message of some sort, the story is normally one of affection and caring. Statement gifts, on the other hand, typically offer disapproval or some kind of judgmental commentary aimed at the recipient.

My brother called me this evening and said he and my SIL had looked at the gift before giving it to my nephew and wanted to have me give my nephew a fire truck that they had purchased for my nephew’s birthday instead of the train. He said they plan to give my nephew a wooden train after he is potty trained for Christmas and wanted to give the extra train cars I had purchased as rewards during his potty training.

I think assumptions are being made on both sides of the equation. What I’m suggesting is that, in the interest of saving a friendship, you don’t assume she meant anything harmful by the method of opening the gift.

At the time, it was one of the largest and most complex live broadcasts ever. Ninety million viewers watched the coverage of the unveiling of the world’s most fabulous kingdom.

Walt Disney had an official photo taken with two children, Christine Vess Watkins and Michael Schwartner.

hi… I recently gave a gift to a friend to give to her mother. Four months later she has not passed on the gift and has asked if she can keep the gift!!! And offered to pay the price the gift cost as it was an item from my home business. I agreed . When it came time to pay for the gift she refused saying it was a gift in the first place and I shouldn’t take money for it! I am very annoyed! Thoughts please?

If she’s got a lot on her plate and doesn’t have the time to return them with her busy schedule, and she asked politely, it’s not totally out of left field. But if she didn’t make any mention of that and wasn’t polite, than I think it’s ok to just give her the gift receipt and ask her to return them at her convenience.

So remember Walt, next time you walk into his footsteps towards that castle courtyard.

I was there on July 18, 1955. It was my 10th birthday gift. We drove down from Spokane, WA. So crowded that we were only able to go on 2 or 3 rides... but that's OK... it was worth it! Thanks Mom and Dad... and thank you too Walt!

Thank you Grace. I did tell him all those things when I was trying to explain myself, I was just so surpriced about his reaction. Why would he care so much if it is a ring or a bracelet if he just ran into the store for 5 minutes to get me something/anyhing? I would really like a thougtful gift sometime or if he´s having trouble finding a nice gift he should just ask me what I´d like, but he never asks.

A find a lot of people feel pressured into getting everyone gifts (i.e.: all members of a sports team, co-workers in a large office, etc.). That can lead to gift buying (and money spending) that doesn’t necessarily need to happen. A genuine, heartfelt holiday card can go a long way toward serving the same purpose of a gift (celebrating or thanking someone) and can be a much better answer when you don’t know enough about the person you “have” to give a gift to.

Grand Opening present for my cousin

That’s a tough situation, but one that deserves to be discussed face to face with her. However, I would discuss this with your husband first. To me, a plant and a computer bag seem like equal degrees of “personal” gifts (ie: not super personal). Perhaps he doesn’t feel his gift is particularly thoughtful either, and it’s less of a “you” vs. “him” thing.

Before all this we charged through the gates and there was Walt on the steps of the town hall surrounded by fans. Mom had worked with Walt in the early days and was the fiddler pig voice in "The Three Little Pigs". I have a picture from the recording session.

Where can i find birthday gift giving etiquette?What website can i go 2?

Mark: I think you were most kind and generous with the gift certificate to your neighbor and the neighbor was in their own right to refuse the gift. It appears they were fine with helping you and did not want to be “compensated, paid, gifted, whatever” for their efforts. I wouldn’t offer the certificate again and just reciprocate in-kind as a meed arises should be fine.

5. I am planning to attend a wedding where the bride and groom have specifically stated they want gifts from one of their gift registries. Everything listed is way beyond what I want to spend. What should I do? Purchase a gift card to the store at which they have registered, in an amount you feel comfortable giving. Enclose a positive message about your desire to help contribute toward a particular, higher-priced item you saw listed.

The highly anticipated Opening Day festivities, including the dedication and a parade, were covered by ABC with a 90 minute live special, 'Dateline Disneyland', broadcasted between 7h30 and 9h p.m. EDT and hosted by television personalities Art Linkletter, Ronald Reagan and Bob Cummings.

It’s seems to me that you’re angry that she treats your siblings better then she treats you and they get better gifts. That maybe you feel that she doesn’t care for you as much as she does for them?

My mom, her twin sister and their aunt attended opening day. In 1955, it was known as press day, July 17, 1955. The Grand Opening to the public was not until the following day. Disneyland is a special place for our whole family.