Goodbye my loverGoodbye my friendYou have been the oneYou have been the one for me

“That is pure diamond, nobody will ever be able to damage it, nor break it, and time will never touch him, now nobody can hurt the flash ever again,” Len touched the corner of the now diamond tomb, “Goodbye my friend.” Then as fast as Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold entered he left.

Sou um sonhador, mas quando eu acordoVocê não pode destruir meu espírito - são meus sonhos que você pegaE quando você seguir em frente, lembre-se de mimLembre-se de nós e tudo que costumávamos serEu te vi chorar, eu te vi sorrirEu te observei dormindo por um instanteEu seria o pai do seu filhoEu passaria uma vida inteira com vocêEu conheço seus medos e você os meusNós tivemos nossas dúvidas, mas agora estamos bemE eu te amo, eu juro que é verdadeEu não posso viver sem você

Adeus, meu amorAdeus, minha amigaVocê foi a únicaVocê foi a única para mim (bis)

And his is how Oliver found himself standing in front of this crowd of people about to say good bye.

Adeus, meu amorAdeus, minha amigaVocê foi a únicaVocê foi a única para mim

E ainda seguro sua mão na minhaQuando estou dormindoE eu conduzirei minha alma através do tempoAté o dia em que eu estiver ajoelhando aos seus pésAdeus meu amorAdeus minha amigaVocê foi a únicaVocê foi única para mimEstou tão vazio, querida, estou tão vazioEstou tão, tão, tão vazio

Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow enter the Central City Police Station, it is so quite that a pin could be heard dropping, as the team look around there are officers, with red puffy eyes, they walk straight towards Barry’s lab. The team cast a worried look at Oliver, he still has yet to utter a single word, he is just moving being lead along, like he has lost the purpose the drive.

Look the timeline is kinda screwed but I wanted certain people to be there and alive, just because I could so sorry for that. This divergences from the end of Flash season 1, Eddie and Ronnie both survive, from arrow, it ended up being Tommy's company that took the fall, people just didn't want to go to Moira's party because they believed that Oliver shouldn't have been running the company.

The funeral was long, many thousands had turned out to farewell their hero, but what haunted Oliver was that it was silence, no noise could be heard from the crowd, for most bow their head as a sign of respect to the loss of a great hero. Joe was supposed to have written the eulogy, however Oliver has asked, Joe if it was possible for him to do it.

So please enjoy and ignore any spelling of grammatical mistake, I did try to find as many of them as possible

“I couldn’t in good faith allow you to go by yourself,” Moira says explains to her still shell shocked son. Thea walks into the entrance way just in time to catch the end of what her mother said. She gives her mum a small smile before tugging Oliver towards the door, Moira throws the bags over the banister (as containing only clothes nothing would be damaged). As Thea opens the door, standing there is Felicity, John, Roy, Laurel, Ray and Sara.

And I still hold your hand in mineIn mine when I'm asleepAnd I will bear my soul in timeWhen I'm kneeling at your feetGoodbye my loverGoodbye my friendYou have been the oneYou have been the one for meI'm so hollow, baby, I'm so hollowI'm so, I'm so, I'm so hollow

It was a normal night for the two Queen children, they were sitting on the couch binge watching Supernatural on Netflix, they were both arguing over where Dean and Cas or Dean and Cas, when a call came through on his mobile, Oliver quickly glanced at the phone, the screen displayed Felicity Smoak in glaring white. He sighed as he picked up the phone.

Upon entering the office, they see that they will not be alone, Cisco, Caitlin, Ronny, Stein, Iris, Eddie, and Joe are there along with Captain Singh, they are all crying. Team Flash look up at the new comers, Joe just walks towards Oliver and pulls him into a hug, Oliver gasp seeming to final realise what has happened, he pulls back to look at Joe, the question poised on his lips,

As Oliver finished his speech tears leaked out of his face while he stared transfixed at Barry’s coffin for it was in the center of the flash memorial building where, Barry would lie forever.

I am a dreamer, but when I wakeYou can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you takeAnd as you move on, remember meRemember us and all we used to beI've seen you cry, I've seen you smileI've watched you sleeping for a whileI'd be the father of your childI'd spend a lifetime with youI know your fears and you know mineWe've had our doubts but now we're fineAnd I love you, I swear that's trueI cannot live without you

There was a commotion at the doors as Captain Cold, Golden Glider walked through the doors, Lisa’s eyes were crying, while Len looked to be blinking away tears. He strode towards the coffin, nobody move to try and intercept him, they just stared. Len turned around and addressed the crowd,

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“No.. don’t say anything, he is may not be our fiancée, but he is our friend, so of course we are coming with you,” Felicity tells him, he misses the look all the other give Thea and Moira as they both walk out the door.

During the story Thea has picked up her laptop, Oliver has tears leaking from his face he turns to Thea with a lost look in his eyes,

Barry dies, trying to save a little girl from a fireOliver says goodbye, with words nobody knew he hadand Len is surprisingly nice for once

Later that night, in the Hall of Memorial Oliver sat in front of the tomb, talking about nothing of importance, he just wanted to be near Barry, he was thankful for what Snart had done. Oliver slowly stood up, leaving a single green arrow on the tomb, he turned and walked away, when he got to the door, he turned around and whispered in the empty room

“Ollie... What are you still doing here, I have already booked you a plane ticket down, the rest of us will be following tomorrow,” Thea tells him. Oliver just nods and heads towards the door, walking into the entrance way, he hears his name being called, he looks up towards the top of the stairs, his mother is standing there with three overnight bags and she is dressed for travelling.

“Flic, and here I thought that you would be at home with Ray, rather than at the foundry, you do remember when I told you that both Thea and I would not be going out tonight,” Oliver states in a calm voice but it has a slight edge to it, his eyes flick over to Thea, she is just giving her trademark glare at the phone, while this happened it occurred to Oliver that Felicity had yet to speak, there was just a soft snuffling coming from the blonde IT genius.

“Felicity, what going on tell me this isn’t happening, what do you know,”

“Ttt...tturrn on Ollie, please,” the blondes broken voice pulls Oliver out of his thoughts. Oliver picks up the remote and changes to channel 52 to see what has Felicity so worked up, Thea lets out an gasp of surprise and Oliver drops the phone a soft no falling from his lips. On the screen a tear streaked news anchor is showing the smoking remains of a building while across the screen, each blink a hammer to Oliver’s heart.