Here, the eminent neurologist Professor Pam Shaw took me onto her patient list.

Perhaps i’m super cheap, but we can’t afford to spend more than one dollar per family, cause we give gifts to at least 20 families, and then there’s the office gifts and teachers gifts. It can get super expensive even changing to $2 per gift!

thanks for the great ideas! And I think they are great for more than just neighbors 🙂 looking forward to using some of these!!

MND is a rapidly progressive disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Eventually, I was told, I would not be able to walk, talk or feed myself.

- Hire a cleaner for the duration of her treatment or offer to go help and clean for her. She needs to keep hygiene a top priority so that the risk of infection is low.

Wow, really?! It sure would be tricky to be your neighbor at Christmas! You are hard to please! Nice to know you would throw these gifts away:)

there were plenty of “non-food” options and the ones provided were a nice variety for those of us who don’t have the high standards you have. Thanks to the blog writers for the neat post.

Professor Shaw examined me and said she was not certain I had MND. Her words barely registered - I did not allow myself any hope - but she sent me for a muscle biopsy in my thigh.

In addition to giving evidence of a cluster of interrelated non-bizarre delusions, persons with delusional disorder experience hallucinations far less frequently than do individuals with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder .

She then walked over to me, put her hand on my shoulder and said: 'It has always been my ambition to say this to a patient. Mr Bott, I'm going to give you the finest gift ever. You're not going to die yet. You haven't got MND.'

Whatever you decide to buy, make it personal from you and explain to her why you chose it. It'll hopefully become something she'll treasure forever and it will remind her of how supportive you were during a really difficult time.

My moms’ group, plus dads and kids, is going caroling at a nursing home where half the residents are wards of the state and most don’t get visitors very often, if at all. We’re trying to incorporate service into our family’s Christmas traditions, so I’m looking forward to it.

Chadwick, Paul, Max Birchwood, and Peter Trower. Cognitive Therapy for Delusions, Voices and Paranoia. Chichester, United Kingdom: Wiley and Sons, 1996.

In August last year - four months after diagnosis - I returned to Charing Cross Hospital. My consultant said my mobility had reduced from 67 pc to 33 pc. He said I would need a wheelchair by Christmas.

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- Non-perfumed shower gel, bubble bath & body lotion won't cause skin irritation whilst keeping her body hydrated

Fuller, Matthew and M. Sajatovic. Drug Information for Mental Health. Hudson, Ohio: Lexi-comp, 2000.

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Little work has been done thus far regarding prevention of the disorder. Effective means of prevention have not been identified.

- A DVD box set of a TV series or film trilogy that she hasn't yet seen

Because clear identification of delusional disorder has traditionally been challenging, scientists have conducted far less research relating to the disorder than studies for schizophrenia or mood disorders. Still, some theories of causation have developed, which fall into several categories.

Thanks for reminding me! We used to go caroling to all the homes of the older people we knew that weren’t able to get out much anymore. It was so fun making their day!

But while MND is incurable and fatal, polymyositis can be treated with steroids. With prompt treatment, I was told, it was possible I would regain full mobility.

Perplexingly, I found my strength flagging. We were staying with friends in Scotland who have a house with an imposing staircase: I found I could not reach the top without crawling on all fours.

The criteria that define delusional disorder are furnished in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition Text Revision, or DSM-IV-TR , published by the American Psychiatric Association. The criteria for delusional disorder are as follows:

One day last year, I sat down and planned my own funeral. I chose the prayers and the music, and decided where my ashes should be scattered. Then I had a photograph taken with Norma, our three children and grandchildren, assuming it would be the last picture we would have of us all together.

I felt guilty as I slid the 'Get Well Soon' card into the recycling bin. I'd only just read it after excitingly tearing it open in the rare occasion that a hand-written envelope came through my letterbox. But the words on the front of the card just filled me with tears... 'Get Well Soon'.

People have asked whether I felt angry that Norma and I spent so much time suffering and worrying fruitlessly.

I was told the strength in my limbs would wane quickly and I would soon be unable to cope with stairs. The specialist advised us to consider moving to a bungalow. Quite soon, he said, I would be confined to a wheelchair.

You're a single parent, perhaps you are disabled, or it's possible you barely make ends meet after your part-time job hacked your hours in half. Maybe you were laid off, in a car accident, or are going through a laborious divorce; what do you tell your sweet Sally when she asks why troublemaker Ted next door got an Xbox One from Santa while she ended up a second-hand teddy bear? (Who was it taken from anyway, a naughty little elf?)

- Comedy films, TV shows or stand-up live shows on DVD (Laughter is the best medicine!)

Get Well present for my neighbour

Thanks for this, Pam! This is a terrific, non-junk alternative! I just so happen to have pureed pumpkin this morning for pumpkin bread, so I will save a little to try out this recipe.

The base rate of delusional disorder in adults is unclear. The prevalence is estimated at 0.025-0.03%, lower than the rates for schizophrenia (1%). Delusional disorder may account for 1–2% of admissions to inpatient psychiatric hospitals. Age at onset ranges from 18–90 years, with a mean age of 40 years. More females than males (overall) suffer from delusional disorder, especially the late onset form that is observed in the elderly.

So far, my appeal has raised £20,000. Today, I realise what is important in life - and I know that if I have love and health, then I am rich.'

- Sugar free mints, gum, sweets are always useful as her mouth can get really dry from the treatment and it can also affect her taste buds, so the mint will keep her feeling fresh

When the initial shock had subsided, I decided there were two ways to cope: either I could capitulate and resign myself to death, or I could use the short time left to me productively.

A year ago, Terry Bott, 69, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and told he had only a short time to live. Eight months later, having prepared for his death, he learned he had not got MND after all but polymyositis - a treatable condition.

Thanks for the wonderful ideas! Fun yet practical, inexpensive but thoughtful. Great inspiration

My daughter Katie, who's a GP, examined me and referred me to a specialist at Charing Cross Hospital. After tests came the news that I had maybe three years to live.

My life might have continued like this - shadowed by my imminent death - were it not for a simple geographical fact. Because I was finding the journey to London increasingly difficult, my consultant suggested I transfer to the Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.