These RFID passport wallets are great for those who plan to travel abroad after they get married. The wallets are designed to prevent against digital identity theft. We recommend that you get two, and get them in different colors. That way, the couple will always be able to tell which one is which at a glance. If you want to go the extra mile for a couple who will be getting passports for the first time, write them a check for the cost of photos and the passport application.

Need a gift fast, and can’t wait for the designer to hand-paint the glasses? We also really like Lenox’s True Love champagne flutes.

Training costs are a troubling example - train yourself and the costs will probably not be deductible, however much you need to keep up to date, whereas a self-employed contractor would be able to claim many training costs.

This item isn’t going to be released until August, so keep that in mind if you’re shopping for an engagement party that’s happening before then. Of course, you can always print out the item description, and place that inside a card. That way, they still have a gift to open, even if the intercom won’t be available in time for their gathering. You can also browse more smart home security systems here.

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Feel more comfortable helping with the cost of a hotel? Maybe a gift card, Hyatt hotels gift card, or Airbnb gift card would be well-received.

Fire pits are a romantic addition to any backyard or patio area. The couple can light a fire for ambience, or toast marshmallows for late night s’mores. Just make sure that if they rent, their lease allows them to have a fire pit. You can see other fire pits on sale here.

I assume you will be keeping your UK domicile and your future wife would keep her non-UK domicile. There is a bit of a tripwire here in the inheritance tax rules. The normal position is that you can give (during life or on death) any amount to your spouse/civil partner and it is exempt from inheritance tax.

Not sure if a Fitbit is right from them? Browse more fitness tracker options in our guide to the best Fitbit alternatives.

Speaking of the backyard, no American backyard is complete without a grill. Depending on where you live, you can use a grill pretty much year round. If they love entertaining, low-fat cooking, or enjoying the outdoors, then a grill is a great gift for the couple you’re shopping for. You can browse more grills on sale here.

Here, he deals with queries about income tax and inheritance tax, among others. Next week, he will look at your questions on other issues including capital gains tax.

This wooden puzzle is a cute gift for a young couple. If you want to personalize this gift, you can write a message on the back of the puzzle in permanent marker. When the couple assembles the puzzle, they will be able to read your heartfelt message. A custom photo puzzle is another great gift option to consider.

A book safe looks like a real book when it’s on a shelf. The hollow inside provides the couple with a place to hide emergency cash, passports, valuables, jewelry, and much more. BookRooks also makes book safes out of many other titles. You can see all the available options here.

There are no taxes on bringing money into the UK - no accession taxes or inheritance tax. If you invest it and it generates income, that is of course liable to tax. And if you give the money away, that would be within the inheritance tax net.

A luggage scale can help a couple avoid surcharges for heavy luggage. This is a great gift to give to any couple who is planning a honeymoon, since it helps them pack smart and avoid unexpected fees at the airport. The display reads in both pounds and kilograms, so it’s easy to use while traveling abroad. Want more gift ideas for travelers? Browse more travel gear from TUMI here.

First comes the engagement ring, then comes the engagement party. While not every couple chooses to throw an engagement party, it’s a nice gesture to bring an engagement gift to any engagement party you are invited to. An engagement party may be a semi-formal catered event, or it may take the form of of a casual event, like a backyard BBQ.

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This simple print is romantic, whimsical, and gives great life advice. The anatomical design of the heart will especially appeal to those who work in medical or scientific fields. Want to see other great gift ideas? Browse more affordable pieces of fine art here.

What "an item" is might be an issue: HMRC do have some anti-avoidance rules to stop someone breaking up a set and selling in stages to keep under that limit. They say that a collection of stamps is not normally regarded as a set even if all the stamps are from one country or are all about a particular theme such as birds. However, if it contains examples of all the values of a commemorative issue or a definitive issue of one country, these will, themselves, form a set.

But the rules and regulations on tax issues can be complicated and may change radically from year to year.

Luxurious scented candles are also available, for those who dislike the mess potential of a spilled oil diffuser.

Your new employer would then ask you to complete form P46 with them: this is the notification to HMRC that you have started and you are continuing with another job. They will normally be told by HMRC to use tax code 'BR' against your pay - which means deduct tax at basic rate i.e. 20%.

Price: $52.30 for unframed 12×8, $115 for same size print in a frame

This decorative pillow sham is a great way to add a little rustic charm to their living room. Don’t forget to grab an 18×18 pillow as well.

Whether they choose to use these elegant champagne flutes at their reception, or keep them around for everyday drinking, the couple will always think of you when they use these glasses. These hand-painted glasses are a lovely gift, and they’re even dishwasher-safe.

No idea what to get someone for their engagement? Decorative soaps are always a safe choice. This set includes nine high-quality, French-milled soaps. Scents include peony, lavender, milk, sage, honey almond, rose petal, and more. Not sure if this gift set is the right option? Browse more gift-worthy, luxury soaps here.

These cute instruction manuals are perfect for couples who are tying the knot for the first time. They are super funny, but also packed with lots of helpful tips and lists for organizing the big day. If you’re worried that someone else will get them the same thing, consider getting them an Amazon gift card, and let them pick out their own books.

Want to give them a more discreet camera option? Check out our guide to the best spy camera.

This gorgeous photo album can be used to house photographs from the engagement party, wedding, or honeymoon. The album has forty pages. The couple can also use it to organize their favorite photos taken during their relationship. You can browse other photo albums on sale here.

This colorful “scratch off” map is a great way for a couple to plan their bucket list. When you scratch off each country, there’s a unique, colorful design that gets revealed. The map is filled with cool ideas for things to do in each country, which makes it even more useful.

A digital camera is a great way for an engaged couple to document their honeymoon, take photos to compare different wedding venues, or just enjoy the small, happy moments in their life together. This model from Sony is a nice choice because of its compact size, low price, powerful camera sensor, and image stabilization.

There are also exemptions for marriage gifts and a small gifts exemption - the latter covers gifts of up to £250, but only one gift to each person each year - and also "normal expenditure out of income" which allows you to give away residual income each year and avoid building up more capital.

Engagement present for my mother

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If they already own a slow cooker, maybe it makes sense to upgrade their coffee maker instead. If you want to give them a caffeine boost to help them power through wedding planning, check out our guide to the best Keurig 2.0 coffee makers, or our guide to the best burr coffee grinders.

Want to see more options? Browse more digital cameras on sale from Sony here.

This would leave you with a tax underpayment at the end of the year in respect of that part which should have been taxed at the higher rate. However, they may be told to apply code 'DO' which means deduct at 40% if HMRC think all or almost all of your pay needs to pay tax at the higher rate. That would lead to an overpayment in respect of that part which should have been taxed at the basic rate.

Need an engagement gift for two Star Wars fans? This romantic pillowcase set is a creative and affordable gift idea for any couple who love Han and Leia. Not quite the right thing for them? Maybe a Star Wars kitchen gadget would be the right choice for them.

What did your father's Will say? There would be no inheritance tax if he simply left his share to his wife, assuming both are UK domiciled.

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