7. You can count on at least one guest to arrive at an engagement party bearing a bottle of champagne—trust us. Take the road less traveled and gift the couple a champagne bucket instead. They'll need something chic to chill all those bottles, and the cooler will last long after the party. CB2 Duke stainless steel champagne and wine bucket, $35, CB2.com

Erwin snapped his fingers, “A valid point, Mike.” He took his glass of rum-and-cola and drank the rest of it.

2. With any luck at all, he'll be taking an amazing trip (like his honeymoon) soon. Elevate his travel with some sophisticated accessories, like a personalized luggage tag and matching passport case. GiGi New York Vesseta luggage tag, $45, NeimanMarcus.com

Levi curled his bare toes against the floor and breathed a bit too loudly into the headset. “Erwin, is there anyway to get Oze’s email?”

3. She's got a new sparkler, so help her show it off with this cheeky mug. If her coworkers haven't already offered their well wishes, they will when they see this. Simply Made Greetings Engaged mug, $16, Etsy.com

When Levi’s friends gained the courage to enter the room, they saw him standing next to Hange. Levi was smirking confidently, which confused his friends until they looked down at his right hand. It was clasped around Hange’s and their eyes travelled up Hange’s arm and noticed she was hiding her reddened face with her free hand.

1. Help him keep his tie in place on the wedding day with this clever clip. We love the "best day ever" sentiment—perfect for saying "I do," and a wonderful reminder of the day in the years that follow. The brass finish completely elevates his look. Izola Best Day Ever tie clip, $18, Izola.com

6. Perfect for midday dates, this picnic basket is full of the essentials, from melamine plates to handblown wine glasses. Add nibbles and you have all the makings for a romantic walk in the park. Picnic Time Pioneer deluxe canvas picnic basket for two, $225, JCPenney.com

“Erwin, I’m nearly hitting thirty.” Levi poured himself another cup of sake.

“I didn’t gawk, Erwin, because there’s nothing happening,” Levi declared.

Nanaba clicked her tongue before standing up straight to look at Levi. “Would it have killed you to squeeze in a ‘thank you’ in that blunt scolding of your’s?” She sighed in aggravation.

5. Did the couple meet while they were in college? Gift them a jigsaw puzzle of a map of a meaningful location. This 400-piece puzzle covers a four- to six-mile radius from any address you specify. Signals personalized hometown jigsaw puzzle, from $40, Signals.com

Since everyone retired early from Utgard, it was mutually agreed they’d attempt to set up Levi in Reign of the Colossi. It was no surprise when Levi logged onto the computer, that his friends were already messaging him.

“Heya, guys, did you need another round?” Nanaba chirped.

There was heated silence between the two as the truth began forming a bridge. Levi did something he hadn’t done in a while. He chuckled. This woman had gone the distance just on the slim chance that they’d eventually talk together. He decided that he should at least meet her halfway. Levi approached Hange and gently kissed the back of Hange’s hand that covered her mouth.

“Anytime, Son,” Erwin quickly responded and was rewarded with another glare.

Hange stopped in her tracks, but before Levi could turn her around she tried running past him. Levi’s reflexes triggered and he stood in Hange’s way, which caused her to crash into him. He held her awkwardly as she tried to get better footing. Eventually, she stopped flailing and relaxed, which told Levi to release her.

“I am not going to be a half naked woman holding rotating inviso-balls in one hand and clutching a withered staff in the other,” Levi snapped. Usually, Erwin’s comments bounced off of him, but the night had been going downhill since they entered the bar.

Erwin, as usual, was the first to speak up. “Levi, are you serious? You practically chose default and you made your character look like you?” Erwin sighed like a disappointed mother.

5. His better half may be tempted to purchase this silly T-shirt that clearly states: taken! Give it to the newly engaged guy (or save it for a laugh at his bachelor party). Weddingson "This Guy Loves His Fiance" T-shirt, $32, Zazzle.com

Hange stood her full height, though her eyes were indicating she felt small. “I’m not playing around with you, Levi. I’m a male knight because they have better armor and design. And I’m sorry if you think I’m overdramatic.” Her chest shook when she tried breathing normally.

Remember: This is your engagement party, not the wedding (you definitely don't want to upstage the main event). So make the party as casual or as formal as you'd like. While it's fine for the decor and details to reflect your wedding colors and theme, don't feel like you have to rush to choose them just so your engagement party can match.

“Hey, guys, you think there’s enough room in our party for a dragoon knight?” Levi asked and Hange let out a strangled cry.

1. These handstamped vintage spoons are perfect for a lovey dovey duo. Caution: they may wrestle over who gets the "more" spoon. Pair them with a delivery of Jeni's Ice Cream for the ultimate sweet gift. Lorelei Vella Adoration spoon set, $30, BHLDN.com

Levi tried to do his usual glance, but something about the new server caught his eye. The name was gender neutral and honestly it fit this person well. Hange wore black jeans fit for men, a baggy buttoned shirt, and had big tennis shoes on. The neck was slender, as was the chin, but both sexes could inherit that. Hange caught him staring and gaped in shock.

10. Looking for a token gift? We love this simple bouquet charm, ideal for wrapping around her blooms on her wedding day. The tiny photo frame can be filled with a picture of a loved one, or perhaps an outtake from the couple's engagement session. Flitter by Frippery wedding bouquet photo frame charm, $14, Etsy.com

Levi swore angrily, which caused his friends to all speak up in concern. “I woke up a freakin’ Colossus,” he grumbled and a wave of curses and low groans filled his ears.

You don't need to bring a gift to an engagement party—but it's more appropriate to do so at some types of events. Couples want your heartfelt congratulations most of all and for you to share in their happiness. So gift or no gift? Here's what you should consider:

1. Give them some sage advice before they say "I do." These "How to Be a Good Husband/Wife" books are full of humorous tidbits and instructions on what to do when you're a spouse. The Bodleian Library How to Be a Good Husband/Wife books, $11 each, BarnesandNoble.com

4. A cake is in this couple's very near future. Gift them the necessary tools to cut the first official slice. Opt for a simple and timeless design that the couple can use for occasions beyond their wedding day. Mikasa Kya cake server set, $40, BedBathandBeyond.com

3. Avid travelers? Give your globe-trotting friends a map of the world. Once they've visited a destination, they can scratch off the area with a coin to reveal pops of color. They can track all their travels—it might even inspire their next trip. UncommonGoods scratch map, $20, UncommonGoods.com

3. Inspired by surreal art, these muse mugs are a chic take on a his and hers set. Each cup is made from unglazed matte porcelain and has both a mustache and a pair of lips—you decide what to show off as you sip. Jonathan Adler Mr. & Mrs. Muse reversible mugs, $24 each, JonathanAdler.com

Engagement present for my gran

“I like my big, blue boobs. The whole point of avatars is to be what you can’t in the real world,” Erwin defended.

Shrugging, Levi let the conversation dangle in silence while he looked around for their waitress. Levi caught sight of her stepping out of the back room with another person. He was used to Nanaba’s light footsteps, but whoever was walking behind her clomped like a construction worker. Sure enough, in twenty seconds, Nanaba came into view with a practiced smile that would dazzle any customers. She usually never used it on Levi and the gang, but as Mike said, she definitely was training someone.

4. Commemorate the couple's first home together with a custom illustration of their apartment or house. You can even include their address. Framing options are available for the perfect presentation. Letterfest personalized house portrait, from $66, NotontheHighStreet.com

Mike snorted and shook his head. “It’s going to be a lot of fun, Levi, I promise.”

2. Give her more bling—in the form of a decoupage tray. We love this square design, inspired by a vintage print. The tray is a great catchall for jewelry, lipstick and other ladylike essentials. John Derian Company Inc. Diamond un Vide poche, $72, JohnDerian.com

“That Oze is a strange one. A high level dragoon knight like him hanging around a level two labyrinth? And he gave Levi an engagement gift?” Mike questioned with childlike curiosity.

Levi believed he was too old for video games.

The man had typed, “RUN, IT’S A COLOSS” and promptly swung at Levi’s character, causing him to fly back into another tree.