Check out the range at Pixmania UK and Ireland, Not On The High Street, Amazon UK, Amazon USA.

There are some great outdoor game sets available to buy eg. Giant Jenga, Basketball Hoop, Goal Net, Hula Hoops, Tennis or Badminton Set. These can not only be used on the day, but will give the child many hours of fun into the future.

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I think Bee's atlas suggestion is great. My sisters got me one for my eighteenth birthday, and I still use it all the time.

Consult with the Confirmation child before you buy, though, for colour schemes, preferences etc.

A personalised gift such as a teddy gives the child a special memory of their Confirmation day. Bumblebee Creations have some lovely gift ideas.

Super stationery gift ideas for tweens include; Journals, Novelty Erasers, Colouring Pencils and Books, Notepads, Drawing Books, Doodle Pads, Stickers, A Good Pen, Markers and Highlighters, especially Sharpies.

Children all around the world are preparing to celebrate Confirmation day. If you have been asked to share in the child’s special day you will most likely want to give them a gift. But what can you give when you don’t want to just hand them money in a card? Here are 20 Alternative Confirmation Gift Ideas That Aren’t Money, with something to suit every budget.

If you think he might use it, what about a really nice pen? Then he could think of you every time he writes a thank you letter!

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What about a really nice limited edition print/photo? Or a Swiss Army knife? Or a leather backgammon set? A world atlas? Something that lasts. Good luck choosing - and tell us what you decide!

Music gifts will always be well received by children of this age.

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Order Suzy's Four Flavor Cheesecake for any special occasion.

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My 12 year old, who will make Confirmation this year, is obsessed with getting her room looking good. Room accessory gifts could include; cushions, wall art, a desk and chair, new bedding and string lights.

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Michelle is a Mum to 2 girls and co-founded Mykidstime.

Provides timely email reminders for a birthday, anniversary, and other special occasions.

If you are a baker you could offer to bake and decorate the cake – here are 10 simple homeade Confirmation cakes that will delight. Or let the confirmation child pick their favourite cake from a local bakery and buy that for them to share and enjoy on the day. You will be a big hit with Mum and Dad too!

The promise of a future fun day out with you to the cinema, for a special lunch, or to visit their favourite attraction or park will appeal to most children.

Check out our 25 Teen Book Recommendations & 10 of The Coolest Classic Books for Teens to Enjoy for inspiration.

Concert tickets, CD’s, a subscription to a music streaming service, iTunes credit, an iPod or good stereo system would all be good alternative Confirmation gifts.

If you are the adventurous type, an Adventure Day Out together would make a good gift. Even if you don’t want to partake you could organise a day for them and their friends. They can create special memories that will last a lifetime.

If the Confirmation child already has good headphones, a bluetooth speaker would be a good alternative

A watch, charm bracelet, chain or ear-rings can all make good alternative Confirmation gifts especially if you are the child’s godparent. It is always best to consult with other relatives and Mum and Dad before making a purchase of this kind.

As an alternative, creating a photo book for them is always a thoughtful gift.

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Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be a second part to this?

A voucher for their favourite restaurant or ice-cream shop makes a great gift. They could ask their BFF(s) to join them for a special treat and pay the bill for everyone.

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A Boxed Set of Books is a great gift that children of any age will enjoy for a long time.

Confirmation present for my son

From cute cards to notebooks, young teens love stationery. And they will have all those thank you cards to write after their Confirmation Day!

For something a bit different, check out Art Nouv who produce beautiful and unique paintings from photographs.

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The build up to their special day can be hectic and sometimes there is an anticlimax in the aftermath. So having something special to look forward to is a bonus.

Each Unique Angelino Angel will be handmade and comes with a special message for the Confirmation child. These truly make a beautiful gift that they will treasure forever.

Prices vary wildly so take advice from experts on what might be the best product depending on your budget.