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What about a really nice limited edition print/photo? Or a Swiss Army knife? Or a leather backgammon set? A world atlas? Something that lasts. Good luck choosing - and tell us what you decide!

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I think Bee's atlas suggestion is great. My sisters got me one for my eighteenth birthday, and I still use it all the time.

If you don’t feel like spending all of your hard earned money trying to get an Apple Smart Watch check out this alternative from CNPGD. This watch can sync to your Android or IOS smart phone.

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I’m not even a Dad, but I love this gift idea. Your Dad could use this to enjoy his spirit of choice. This Decanter set could be brought out to impress his friends while they watch the game. Each glass is 10 ounces. This gift is definitely worth the price.

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What man doesn’t want to look his best? Another gift idea is this grooming set called The Man Can. It is a bath and body gift set for men. It comes with soap, shaving gel and a few other items. Any Dad would enjoy this gift.

If you’re Dad likes to fix things up around the house you can’t go wrong with getting a tool set.  This 65 piece kit should do it. It comes with damn near everything.

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Love all of these! If my Dad were still around, he’d completely love that decanter set! Beverage of choice? Scotch! Jacqueline Gum recently posted…Platitudes… Where’s The Justice?

Summer is here. If your Father likes to show off on the grill this Delight Expressions BBQ Gift Basket could be the perfect gift for him. It comes with utensils, pot holders, sauce and more.

I would suggest a tankard (silver plated or glass) with his name engraved on it (unless family are teetotallers of course!!). This is what we bought for our godson when he was christened (aged 8) & in fact what we have suggested to one of our DS's godparents with the christening coming up.

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Something he can keep and remember the day with - maybe a Bible or other religious book, or some other keepsake. When I joined the church (our equivalent of confirmation in the CHurch of Scotland) I got a lovely hardbacked bible from my parents which I still use most days, and a book of daily readings from my Godmother which I still dip into on a regualr basis, and I'm 31!

Dh got a power drill as a confirmation present from his godmother when he was about 16. He still thinks it was a brilliant present!

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Confirmation present for my dad

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I'm not sure if this right place to ask this question but I'll give it a go. I'm a godmother to a 14 yr old boy who lives quite far away. His 'Confirmation' day is in two weeks time and I am absolutely stumped as to what I should buy him for a gift. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, efmach

efmach - I presume he's Catholic. For my confirmation I got earrings. It used to be convention to get something religious (crucifix on a chain etc) but I don't think that's so important now. I'd just get him the kind of thing you would get him for Christmas - cd's, computer game maybe.

Thank you. I’m sure yo will enjoy the wine.

I enjoyed reading your list. This morning we bought my husband a nice bottle of red wine (shhh). My eldest thought maybe a wine rack, but I remember we got one as a wedding present and never used it. Looking forward to sharing the wine … I told my middle son next year we should buy him Godiva. Leora recently posted…Local SEO for Local Business: Citations and NAP

If you think he might use it, what about a really nice pen? Then he could think of you every time he writes a thank you letter!

To think this is the kind of shit that...

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Father’s Day is almost here. I know there are some people who decide to wait last minute to purchase their Father’s Day gifts. They could be busy with their day to day life activities or they could just be lazy. Whatever the reason is I’m here to help you out. I’ve come up with 5 items that I’m sure your Father would like.