“We hope that you enjoyed reading some of these sorry quotes and can appreciate them for what they are. Now for one of the most famous quotes of all ”

“Would ‘sorry’ have made any difference? Does it ever? It’s just a word. One word against a thousand actions.” » Sarah Ockler

“You said you never wanted to see me hurt. Did you close your eyes then when I cried?”

“Some people accidentally walk on your feet and apologize, while others walk all over your heart and don’t even realize.”

“Apology is only egotism wrong side out.” » Oliver Wendell Holmes

Visit our apology DOs and DON'Ts pages for some quick tips and secondary considerations.

“It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an ever stronger person to forgive.”

a year ago i couldn’t imagine anyone ever being remotely envious of me or my life. things change…..

I honestly had no idea you had believed those rumours before we got together, I suppose I should have seen it coming really though. You always were so gullible. You were crying when I found you. I tried to touch your shoulder but you shrugged me off. Immediately warning bells were blaring at me and the next words you spoke more than broke my heart, shattering it, tearing it obliterating it until all the remained was pain and warped anger.

The accusations from others meant nothing but the fact you believed them crushed me and in those few seconds all I could think was that the bond I thought we shared must have been imagined if you didn’t know how much I love you. I was so shocked I said nothing I just stared. Then I got up off my knees turned around and left you hunched over in the bathroom stall at school. From the increased sobs behind me I suppose my silence was a sign of guilt for you. It wasn’t. Not then. I swear it.

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“Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths.” » Lois Wyse

“I am not saying sorry to you because it is the most convenient thing to do. I am saying sorry because I am drowning in the regret of my actions towards you. I love you.”

“An apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.” » Margaret Lee Runbeck

“More people should apologize, and more people should accept apologies when sincerely made.” » Greg LeMond

Thanks Jody am looking forward to your book. Think i’ll leave copies in places for ‘other people’ to find them…they really need to understand more

I could tick seven of those fifty reasons. Thanks for this, perhaps one day people will begin to understand.

“Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past.” » Tyron Edwards

“To err is human, to forgive divine.” » Alexander Pope”

Hello and Welcome! I'm Jody Day, the Founder of Gateway Women and I'm so glad you've found us; you're not on your own with this anymore.

I am not denying the overwhelming sense of grief, inadequacy, and most abhorrent, envy, I felt as a young woman, knowing I would remain childless, and that I would have to tell every new partner, that an accident would result in an abortion, (it didn’t happen).

I have a couple more – you’re a same sex couple and surrogacy or adoption doesn’t work for (for any of the reasons you’ve already mentioned); your partner is transgender and is still trying to figure out their own identity.

“Nothing wrong with apologizing, but saying I’m sorry does nothing when you continue to make the same mistakes.”

I texted Bobby Mahler and told him to meet me at my house.

“An apology given just to appease one’s conscience is self-serving and better left unspoken!”– Evinda Lepins

Apology present for my mother

I really like the list of reasons why women don’t have children. I fit into a couple of these categories. I’m keen to order your book from Amazon when it comes out.

“The most profound apologies are never heard by the ears, they’re felt through the heart. So put your hand on my heart and just feel it weeping out in regret – I’m

“Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.”

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Thanks for sharing Jody. Sometimes when I think of my own childlessness I only recall 3-4 of these & reading this brings to mind many other reasons that I had failed to remember let alone take into account. If we really take on board the diverse, complex reasons for our childlessness then we would be far more forgiving & kinder to ourselves, & less ashamed. Jx

You cared enough to wait for me though. You didn’t push me and you kept my secret even when you finally told yours. I was grateful when our friends accepted you because you needed it so badly. Perhaps you didn’t even realise you needed it until they freely gave you that gift. In that moment I loved each and every one of them for making you so happy.

Brilliant, thanks Jody, am going to print several copies of this list off and keep in my bag, so when ‘the question’ is asked I can just hand the person this list, so tired of people’s heartlessness and ignorance. So glad to have found GW. Oh an idea just popped in my head, might just get all this reasons printed on a t-shirt front and back, wear it and try and educate some people!

I am avoiding talking about the detail, of how I came to be childless, because 26 years on it is still painful to remember, the day I realised that dream was just that. When I was 18, I imagined by 28 I would be a successful architect, married to an architect, starting a family. I thought my biggest decision would be a) do I give up my career for the children, B) do I send my children to public school, since I felt that the comprehensive education system did not encourage bright children.

It’s not just you this has happened to. There’s nothing wrong with you and you didn’t screw up. Welcome to Gateway Women. Welcome, finally, to YOUR tribe.

“I lied to you and even tried to cover it up on the run, which made me look like a nasty villain. But I promise that tolerance for lies in our relationship is ZERO, and I’ll prove it to you by being your HERO.”

If this is a close relationship and the infraction is major, then take them out for a coffee, lunch or dinner and apologize in person.

I don’t have to worry about them, they are not my sons and daughters.

“You’ve always been the mature one between us two. I hope you’ll forgive me like you always do.”

“In some families, please is described as the magic word. In our house, however, it was sorry.” » Margaret Laurence

I’m not angry any more. Well not at you. I could tell you every cliché every cheater has ever said and then some because it’s all true but that won’t mean a thing to you. It did mean nothing. I do love you. I never said it in words before and I guess that’s just another regret to add to the long list of Hanschen Rilow’s many failings.