Wanborough appears in Domesday Book of 1086 as Weneberge held by Goisfrid (Geoffrey) de Mandville. Its assets were: 3 hides; 1 church, 9 ploughs, 6 acres (2.4 ha) of meadow, woodland worth 30 hogs (per year). Its people rendered £7 per year to their overlords.[9] It also states that it had been held before the Norman conquest by two thegns, Sweign and Leofwin, who may have been brothers of King Harold.

Since the 1960s development has been constrained by its rural isolation and protected status of much of its land, Wanborough has gradually become a mixture of a commuter and retirement settlement. Principal employment areas are the Aldershot Urban Area, Guildford and London.

As usual we will be operating our park and ride from the village pubs The following map shows where this is available

The afternoon session is all about fun and is open to riders of all ages and experience and both horse and ponies.  We will start with the Fancy Dress, so pop on your thinking cap and use your imagination.  This will be followed by four novelty showing classes - so if more "traditional" showing is a little too scary, come along and have a giggle.

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The Manor House is now split into three private dwellings.

Wanborough is just off the Ridgeway National Trail. Development in a strip along the road frontages characterised the village, which reached maximum development in the 4th century.[6]

There was an abundance of beautiful cut garden flowers, as well as some ‘eccentric’ mobile gardens representing the artists, Rousseau, Emin and Van Gogh!

The winners for each age group were as follows:-

The Show is organised by a committee of volunteers on a 'not-for-profit' basis. All charges for commercial stands, at the gate and other money raised is used to cover the costs of staging the event. Any surplus funds at the end of the year are distributed to local organisations and worthy causes.

According to a local publication Wanborough and its Church,[3] humans in prehistory travelled along the Hog's Back, attracted by the spring in the locality. The earliest settlement dates to 8000 BC.

Dressage is pre-entry only and costs £7 on-line and £8 by post.  All other classes are £6 on-line and £8 on the day.

Not daunted by the flapping tent and odd leak (not the vegetable kind) gardeners arrived with basketfuls of outstanding vegetables to display. There were all sorts of fruit and veg from a 60lb marrow to a set of exquisitely displayed shallots.

Our local cooks excelled themselves with a mouth-watering array of cakes, pies, jams and much more. The Wanborough Showstopper cakes themed to the Olympic Games were truly showstopping.

The Church of England parish church of Saint Andrew is unusual in having a spire at one end and a tower at the other. There are only three parish churches with this feature in the UK. The others are at nearby Purton and at Ormskirk, Lancashire.

The "Wanborough Coins" are part of a votive offering deposited at a Romano-Celtic temple (i.e., late 1st century BC to 4th century AD); this site was looted between 1983 and 1985, but over one thousand silver coins, a small part of the original assemblage, were eventually added to the collection of the British Museum.[4] [5] The British Museum calls the destruction of the Romano-Celtic temple at Wanborough in Surrey 'one of the saddest stories in British archaeology'. [6]

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Pop in for a freshley made pub lunch all sourced from local ingredients - why not relax for a while and take a break from your day ...

'All you can eat' potatoes and lashings of extra gravy!!

On Sunday we serve a selection of delicious roasts with all the trimmings and lashings of gravy, followed by fabulous desserts | FIND OUT MORE


EVERY FRIDAY ... Mont Marcal Champagne for just £15.00 a bottle


The shield for highest points was shared between Sophie Walker and Imogen Bowley and Rachel and I want to say thank you to Sophie for her kind gesture of letting Imogen have this as she has won it a number of times before.

The village has a primary school and a small post office. The village has five public houses: The Brewers Arms; The New Calley Arms;[7] The Cross Keys; The Harrow;[8] and The Plough. There was also a sixth pub called The Black Horse which closed down early in 2012.

Our great team of chef's use local ingredients to produce all our dishes within our kitchen, including favourite pub classics as well as some exciting modern dishes too.

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Janine Brown Trophy for effort and contribution went to the Bowley family this year due to the sheer number of entries that they submitted and the fact that cumulatively, they were the highest points scorers on the day – well done Rachel and here’s to next year!!

Having said that, with the help of social media, we did end up with over 100 entries of really good quality and entries from all age groups this year, which was great.

Wanborough (/ˈwɒnbrᵿ/ or /ˈwɒnbərə/) is a rural village and civil parish in Surrey approximately 6 km west of Guildford on the northern slopes of the Hog's Back. Wanborough lies between Puttenham and Normandy which includes the larger community around Wanborough railway station named Flexford. Wanborough grew around and to service Wanborough Manor which is on the site of ancient springs.[2]

Food served: 12 noon to 3pm and 6pm to 9.30pm

Redlands Airfield[11] is a base for microlight aviation and skydiving parachute training.

More flowers were carefully arranged in the floral art section and the standard was higher than ever. There were delicate arrangements in eacups and some big, blousy arrangements in hats.

MONDAY to WEDNESDAYS 12 noon - 3pm and 5.30pm - 11pm

None of this would have been possible without our talented entrants, judges and stalwart helpers. Every year our volunteers turn up to set up tables, act as stewards, write prize cards, man the scoreboard, run a great auction and so much more. There are too many helpers to mention here but they know who they are and, I hope, know how valued they are.

Enjoy a fantastic Sunday roast served all day with all the trimmings!

A headdress and sceptre handles were also recovered. These were probably used by a priest during rituals. Subsequent excavations have shown that there were in fact two temples on the site. A circular temple had been built during the late first century BC, replaced in the second century AD by a square temple.[7]

There was a Roman settlement, Durocornovium, slightly northwest of the current village, at a road junction mentioned in the Antonine Itinerary. Being the last vicus on Ermin Way or Ermin Street before the scarp slope of the Marlborough Downs, Durocornovium was a site where horses were watered before the steep climb off the Oxfordshire plain.

Last year we topped that with an even greater range of vehicles including static engines and classic commercial vehicles. To add to the fun local bike and scooter enthusiasts have put on a fine ‘mods and rockers’ show.This year we hope to do even better and whatever turns up on the day we feel sure it will give us plenty to enjoy share and chat about.