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‘What I am clear about is that the Leicester conference provides one of the most significant ways of understanding leadership and authority and how groups and organisations relate to one another.’

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In the centre of this beautiful pedestrianised area you will find the historic Pannier Market surrounded by some fantastic independent shops and cafes.

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‘The Leicester conference reinforced one model of learning that says our ability to hold onto and live with our anxiety, to manage temptation to take flight or flee, is necessary for real learning to take place, for our mental models to shift and for our normal defensive routines to be diffused.’

It is this Russell family connection through the Bedford Estates which gives the name by ownership to Russell Square and Tavistock Square in London, famously home to the Tavistock Clinic, and the bus-bombing of 7 July 2005.

On the first Sunday in October, the annual Abbots Way Walk finishes in Tavistock. Started in 1962, this challenge walk start at Buckfast Abbey and participants walk 24 miles (39 km) across Southern Dartmoor to finish at Tavistock.[35] It is now organised by Tavistock & District Outdoor Education Forum.

A local community group known as "Tavistock Forward", have been negotiating to take over the Guildhall complex with police force and English Heritage endorsement, with lease-back of the existing police station to Devon & Cornwall Police, while developing the Guildhall itself.[16]

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In an oustandingly pictureque setting above the rushing River Okement stands the remains...

We see people with a wide range of different issues, conditions and problems.

Today Tavistock Devon can boast many attractions and a large mixed locally owned shopping area with a pannier market open almost everyday and regular farmers markets held in the town square that sell various locally grown vegetables, rare breed meats and locally made items.

‘A very significant and enriching experience. I really got so much from the course [Coaching for Leadership] and feel it every day in my ongoing coaching and this is clearly due to the way [the Directors] guided the course and complemented each other.’

Defined by the shapely curve and generous bow fronted basin.

Enjoy the tranquillity of a picnic by the East...

The geology, water & climate change has created the region’s deepest river gorge...

Nestled behind the Town Hall, and just off the busy high street, there is a shoppers' paradise and one of the hidden gems of Tavistock.

The area around Tavistock (formerly Tavistoke), where the River Tavy runs wide and shallow allowing it to be easily crossed, and near the secure high ground of Dartmoor, was inhabited long before the historical record. The surrounding area is littered with archaeological remains from the Bronze and Iron Ages and it is believed a hamlet existed on the site of the present town long before the town's official history began, with the founding of the Abbey.

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TAO of Tavistock: Task Authority Organisation

Our Governors are the guardians of our mission and values, and they help us achieve our objectives.

Fixperts is social innovation project/ campaign that aims to encourage design students, design professional and members of the public to engage in fixing and making in collaboration with members of the public who have a problem or need that is amenable to a design solution. →


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The south west’s famous market town, it’s rich history and famous son’s and daughters tell a story that spans over a thousand years, King’s and Queen’s have come to visit and many a tale can be told of murder and mystery!

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King Charles I immortalised the town by declaring in later years whenever anyone mentioned the weather, if it is raining anywhere in my kingdom it will be raining in Tavistock.

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The board of directors’ role is to provide effective and proactive leadership of the Trust within a framework of processes, procedures and controls...

‘The course [Coaching for Leadership] brought me a deeper understanding of psychodynamic, systemic concepts in the context of executive coaching. I am finding the framework of immense help in guiding my progress through coaching with clients, both in groups and individually.’

Most people across Europe recognise the pay gap between women and men is a structural problem. →

In 1933 the long-disused canal was put to use providing hydroelectric power for the area.[8]

The abbey of Saint Mary and Saint Rumon was founded in 961 by Ordgar, Earl of Devon. After destruction by Danish raiders in 997 it was restored, and among its famous abbots was Aldred, who crowned Harold II and William I, and died Archbishop of York.

We are leading a pan-European consortium to develop a serious online role play game to train potential social entrepreneurs. The Social Seducement project aims to… →

Brent Tor is one of the most impressive rock outcrops on Dartmoor. It is unusual as it is...