Stretford also has the specialist Arts College, Lostock College.

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The Great Stone, which gave its name to the Great Stone Road, where it was located until being moved in 1925, is one of Stretford's most easily overlooked landmarks. The stone is composed of millstone grit and was probably deposited as a glacial erratic. It is rectangular in shape, about 5 feet (2 m) wide, 2 feet (1 m) deep, and 3 feet (1 m) tall, with two 7-inch (18 cm) deep rectangular slots cut into its upper surface.

Although Stretford town centre is busy during the day, there is very little in the way of a night-time economy.[115] There are no restaurants or other entertainments except for a number of public houses and members-only social clubs. There are two public libraries, Greatstone Library, part of Stretford Sports Village, and Stretford Library, both run by Trafford Council.

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Stretford has been the home of Manchester United Football Club since 1910, when the club moved to its present Old Trafford ground, the western end of which is still unofficially called the Stretford End.

Stretford Cemetery was designed by John Shaw and opened in 1885. Its chapel is in the Decorated style, designed by architects Bellamy & Hardy, and quite elaborate.[92] On the western side is a memorial to the casualties of the Second World War and to the east a newer section of the cemetery.

The MSJAR railway line through Stretford was electrified in 1931, and was converted to light rail operation in 1992, when it became part of the Manchester Metrolink tram network. The first Metrolink tram through Stretford ran on 15 June 1992.[39]

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Dad-of-three John Hickson will set off today as he attempts to pull the enormous 45ft vessel along the Bridgewater Canal to raise money for charity.

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The cenotaph is 24 feet (7 m) high and 11 feet (3 m) wide at its base. It cost £2,000 to build, raised by public subscription and a donation from the Stretford Red Cross. The memorial bears the legend "They died that we might live" on one side, and "In memory of the heroic dead" on the other. It is a Grade II listed structure.[82]

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The Stretford Wives is a television drama that was broadcast by the BBC in August 2002, watched by 5.7 million viewers.[118] Written by Danny Brocklehurst, it is the story of three sisters living in Stretford, although most of the filming took place in nearby Salford. The programme received a mixed critical reception.[119][120]

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The Stretford process was developed at the North-Western Gas Board's laboratories in Stretford, during the 1940s. It was the first liquid phase, oxidation process for removing hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from town gas to gain widespread commercial acceptance. Many Stretford plants were built worldwide.[121]

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In June 2004, Trafford adopted a revised set of ward boundaries, and the ward of Talbot was replaced by the new ward of Gorse Hill. Re-aligning the 2001 census figures with the 2004 ward boundaries gives Stretford a population of 42,121.[62]

Along with the rest of Trafford, Stretford maintains a selective education system assessed by the 11-plus examination.

The town hall officially came into use as Stretford Town Hall on the granting of Stretford's charter, on 16 September 1933. In 1974, on the formation of the new Trafford Metropolitan Borough, Stretford Town Hall was adopted as the base for the new council and renamed Trafford Town Hall; it was designated a Grade II listed building in 2007.[94]

When the Great Stone Road was widened in the late 19th century, the stone was moved back from the road slightly. In 1925, the stone was moved again, to its current location outside the North Lodge of Gorse Hill Park, about 328 feet (100 m) from its historical location. The stone is a Grade II listed structure.[80]

In 1931, 18.7% of Stretford's population was middle class and 19.7% working class compared to 14% middle class and 36% working class nationally. The rest of the population was made up of clerical workers and skilled manual workers. By 1971, the middle class in Stretford had declined steadily to 14.9% whilst the working class had grown to 31.3% compared to 24% middle class and 26% working class nationally.[63]

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Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer KCMG (1860–1929) a British-Australian biologist and anthropologist was born in Stretford,[128] as were rock climber Derek Hersey[129] and television actor John Comer, best known for his role as café owner Sid in the BBC sitcom Last of the Summer Wine.[130]

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The date of the first church to be built in Stretford is unrecorded, but in a lease dated 1413, land is described as lying next to a chapel.[2] Many of the present day churches in the area were constructed during the late 19th and early 20th century, as the population of Stretford began to grow.

Stretford has been the home of Manchester United Football Club since 1910, and of Lancashire County Cricket Club since 1864. Notable residents have included the industrialist, philanthropist, and Manchester's first multi-millionaire John Rylands, the suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, the painter L. S. Lowry, Morrissey, Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis and Jay Kay of Jamiroquai.

He also attacked MPs saying: "Cows do not start wars. Badgers do not start wars. Politicians start wars and they love it."

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With 83% of residents born in the United Kingdom, there is a relatively high proportion of foreign-born residents reported. There is also a high proportion of non-white people, as 73% of residents were recorded as white. The largest minority group was Asian, at 15% of the population.[61]

Methodism was a significant influence in 19th-century Stretford,[103] but of the seventeen churches in the town today, only one is Methodist whereas five are Roman Catholic. The Catholic mission in Stretford was begun in 1859, in a small chapel on Herbert Street.[104]

After a change of ownership in 1950, the cinema was renamed the Stretford Essoldo. It continued to operate as a cinema until 1965, when it was converted into a bingo hall, which it remained until its closure in 1995.[74] The building has been unused since then. It was designated a Grade II listed building in 1994.[75]

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