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Education In addition to the new primary school at Little Stanion Farm and Church of England Primary School in Stanion, Corby boasts excellent senior schools. For example, Brooke Weston City Technology College is ranked one of the top five highest achieving comprehensives in England. Furthermore, Corby Academy - a brand new £30 million secondary school specialising in business and enterprise - opened at Priors Hall in 2008.

Damien will also show how to use the free software programmes that’s available for astronomy .

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Within the church there is (as of 2009) a curious antiquity. This is a 7 ft long whalebone, although tradition avers that it is actually part of the skeleton of a Dun Cow. This was a fabled beast from English folklore, and according to various versions of the story the Stanion cow was either killed or died of a broken heart after being tricked by a witch. Graffiti etched onto the bone indicates it dates from the 17th century.[3]

Stanion astronomy presents a telescope beginners workshop on Friday the 10th of June at 8pm by our club member Damien Weatherley.

So if you or anybody you know interested in becoming a Special or Parish Constable in Stanion or any other area, or if you would like further details, please contact me at

Please come along and enjoy .Entry on the night will be £2.00.

One recently developed role is that of the Parish Constable. A Parish Constable is a Special Constable that is dedicated, through choice, to policing a specific area, for example Stanion and/or surrounding areas.

Our talk for the 5th August meeting by Dave Eagle will be all about TIm Peakes mission aboard the ISS

There was a great interest from our members with lots of questions and I know we all learned a lot from this lecture.Thank you Damien and well done !

This is an ideal role for anybody who is interested in really making a difference where they live and I want you to be part of our journey to make Northamptonshire the Safest Place in England.

Damien will present a great indepth talk on how to set up and use a newtonian telescope .This talk will include on how Damien sets up his own Skywatcher Newtonian scope,and there will also be advice on how to polar align a telescope.

Here is some great photos of the Mercury transit from two off our members,Graham Algeo and Damien Weatherley well done !!

On Friday 7th of October we will have Mike Frost , director of the BAA Historical section, as our guest speaker presenting his talk entitled “Two Northamptonshire Astronomers”.  It will be fascinating to hear about 17th century astronomers with a local connection to our area.Entry will be £3 on the door and the talk will start at 8PM.  Refreshments will be available at the bar.

Little Stanion Farm is an exciting development featuring a range of two bedroom apartments and coach houses, three, four, five and six bedroom homes set in beautiful countryside with easy access to Corby as well as Kettering, Leicester and Northampton.

The meeting will start at 8PM, all are welcome, £4 entry and the bar will be open as usual for refreshments.The evening will also include a skyguide for the month ahead and observing if weather permits.

Let us show you around the development and your dream home.

Here we have three pictures taken on the night of the 28/05/16 by our club members Damien Weatherley and Graham Algeo at stanion village hall.

These where taken while we where out viewing Mars,Damien’s picture captured the passing of the ISS flyover on the night,and Graham has photos of Saturn and was a great night for viewing planets, stars ,and satellite flares,and thank you for all of the people that came along on the night..

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Here we have our club member Damien Weatherley presenting his lecture on how to set up a Newtonian reflector telescope,Damien’s workshop was about how he sets up his own telescope and how to polar align which we all find very hard to do..Damien also presented a slide show on how he got interested in astronomy, and on how to use software programs to find your way around the night sky.

 For something extra special, look no further than our 2, 3 & 4 bedroom houses for sale in Little Stanion, where each home has been built with the unique Avant specification throughout.

Parish Constables – A new and exciting role within the Northamptonshire Police!

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Mercury transit at stanion village hall ,here we are setting up and getting ready for the transit of Mercury,we had a great day with lots of great photos and lots of interest from people from across the county that came along.More photos will be added later..

The village of Stanion was shown in the wartime film "Springtime in an English Village (1944)"

Here is a link on a biography of Dr Jonathan Nichols.

Parish Constables will undertake a wide variety of policing duties whilst linking in with both the local Safer Community Team and Parish Councils to ensure effective policing of the area and becoming a pillar of the community.

Damien’s talk will be on how he does his Astrophotography,and on how to use Dslr cameras at prime focus,webcam imaging of planets,wide field Dslr photos,star trails,and much much more on tips and tricks to take great photos of the night sky.

“Celebrate Tim Peake’s Principia Mission.A fun and informative evening looking at Tim’s mission to the ISS, using a multi-media and audience interactive presentation.”


Moreover, the expansion of the Special Constabulary has brought about a range of new and exciting roles and opportunities.

Dr Jonathan Nichols presenting his lecture about the Juno mission,and an excellent and very informative lecture too.

Stanion is a village and civil parish in the county of Northamptonshire in England. At the time of 2001 census, the parish's population was 873 people,[1] increasing to 1,252 at the 2011 Census.[2] There is a Church of England primary school.

Special Constables possess all the same powers as full time warranted police officers and are provided with full training and equipment. They work with their full time colleagues, on a voluntary, part-time basis, performing duties ranging from supporting specialist teams within the force to making arrests on the streets. This really is one of the most exciting and dynamic voluntary roles available and is a unique and fulfilling experience.

A special location Set amidst Rockingham Forest between the villages of Geddington and Weldon, Little Stanion Farm provides an attractive country lifestyle.  Along the road in Stanion there's a school and two pubs. Whilst just four miles away, the regeneration of Corby is bringing a host of exciting new amenities to the area.

Damien will be open for as many questions you can ask for telescope please come along and enjoy this lecture.

Thank you all for coming along on the night..

Stanion Astronomy presents   ..Damien Wheatherley our club member’s talk on astrophotography.   Friday the 1st July at 8pm at Stanion village hall..