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In 1951 the station was renamed "Shirebrook West", despite being on the eastern edge of the village. This was to "avoid confusion" with three other stations :

The town is served by Shirebrook railway station, on the Robin Hood Line.

Shirebrook railway station serves the town of Shirebrook in Derbyshire, England. The station is on the Robin Hood Line, 21½ miles (35 km) north of Nottingham towards Worksop.

The double tracks branching off eastwards (i.e. to the right as viewed from the station) to the side of the signalbox joined the LD&ECR's one-time main line to Lincoln, next stop Warsop. The branch only ever carried a regular passenger service for a few years in Edwardian times. It did, however, carry Summer holiday trains such as the Summer Saturdays Radford to Skegness in at least 1963.[4] The branch's main purpose was always freight traffic, with coal being overwhelmingly dominant.

There is some hope of reopening the line as a branch off the Robin Hood Line and reopening Warsop, Edwinstowe and Ollerton stations, providing an hourly service to Mansfield and Nottingham.[5]

In 2013 the line gives access to UK Coal's Thoresby Colliery and to the High Marnham Test Track.

ok well lets start with towns whereabouts, shirebrook  (also known in surrounding areas as “shitbrook”) is an old mining town in the middle of nowhere and as such relies on its own infrastructure, as traveling outside shirebrook (unless visiting prison via the panda car taxi) is too expensive as it drains the local benefits which are mostly spent on weed or smack.

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Shirebrook South closed to regular passenger services in 1931, though excursions continued to call at least until 1957. Shirebrook North closed to regular passenger services in 1955, though excursions continued to call until 1964. Shirebrook Colliery Sidings closed by June 1954.[3]

The local secondary school is Shirebrook Academy on Common Lane is for pupils aged 11–16.

The following table and graphs show you crime and ASB breakdowns and trends for Shirebrook.

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So how did this town make the list?  is it the fine architecture of the abandoned buildings? the violent inbred “your not welcome in our town, stranger” attitude, or simply the diverse self styled attire of the local residents which includes such ensembles as a baseball cap and “trackies” accompanied by a shellsuit jacket.

For you bunch of ignorami moaning whether Shirebrook is in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire, it is in the Bolsover District (Derbyshire) with an NG Postal Code (Nottinghamshire with Mansfield being its main sorting office). Hence, Mansfield is your postal address because it is served by the Mansfield sorting office.

In addition to two ongoing fabrication-engineering businesses at nearby Langwith, Shirebrook has a large furniture retailer and the large manufacturing and distribution warehouse base of Sports Direct with 3,000 workers built on the reclaimed Shirebrook colliery site.[7][8]

The town's football club Shirebrook Town play in the First Division of the Northern Counties East Football League, and are based at Langwith Road. Before the current club was formed, Shirebrook Miners Welfare F.C. was the senior team in the area, competing in the FA Cup on occasion.

Shirebrook Children's Centre 2 Park Road Shirebrook Mansfield Nottinghamshire NG20 8JQ

Shirebrook also has many primary schools and nurseries such as:

The local greetings of  “wot u lookin at?” or ” init mate” or “orate cock” are standard due to the poor education in the town and the lack of understanding of full sentences, partly due to the inbred nature of the town and partly due to the fact that nobody went to school.

Monday to Saturdays, there is generally an hourly service from Shirebrook eastbound towards Worksop and southbound to Mansfield and Nottingham.

Many workers are indirectly-employed by agencies using zero-hour contracts,[13] which has attracted media attention for their labour practices and has been referred to as a "gulag".[14] Having declined to appear previously, billionaire owner Mike Ashley was summoned to appear at Parliament before June 2016 to answer questions from a select committee of MPs.[15][16] Ashley responded in March 2016 by publicly refusing the summons, further declaring the MPs to be "a joke".[17][18]

Shirebrook used to have a big pub culture, with more pubs than public services, however the towns dole money and constant vandalism and obviously pub hygiene breaches forced most of the pubs to close, however alcohol fuelled violence is still prominent as bargain booze is the most used shop in the town hence most of the lads are pissed on cheap cider, and the local chavets on lambrini. Bargain booze can be found across from the job centre or signing on centre as its locally known.

Ashley eventually appeared before Parliament on 7 June 2016. Outstanding areas of concern were mentioned, including zero-hour contracts, lower than minimum-wage payments, workers' body searches, intrusive control of workers' personal habits, lateness penalties and sexual harassment. Ashley gave an undertaking to investigate and make changes, but suggested a time-frame of three-months or greater may be required.[19]

Finally, up to 1974 the next station north from Shirebrook on what is now the Robin Hood Line was not Langwith-Whaley Thorns but simply "Langwith". That station was at Langwith Maltings. In the 1964-1998 closure period it was demolished. As a new station would have to be built at Langwith when the Robin Hood Line was to be reopened it was decided that the community would be better served by a station at Nether Langwith/Whaley Thorns than at the old station site.

The single line veering off westwards (to the left as viewed from the station) was removed in the 1940s and relaid in 1974. It used to have a matching second track coming down on the other side of the main lines, behind the signalbox as viewed from the station, but that was not reinstated.


The reinstated single line serves W H Davis's wagon works in Langwith Junction. From 1900 to 1939 the pair of lines enabled trains to run from Sheffield through Spinkhill, Clowne South, Creswell's old "Top Station" (Creswell and Welbeck), Shirebrook North, Shirebrook West, and Mansfield Woodhouse to Mansfield.

Shirebrook is a town in the Bolsover district of north-east Derbyshire on the border with Nottinghamshire, England.[2] it had a population of 13,300 in 2011, reducing to 9,760 at the 2011 Census.[3] It is on the B6407, and close to the A632 road, between Mansfield and Bolsover. The town has been coined 'Little Poland' by the town's residents.[4]

Langwith Road Ground Langwith Road Shirebrook Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG20 8TF View with Google Maps 

Two branch lines are plainly visible veering off north of the bridge at the north end of Shirebrook station.

The line and the station were built by the Midland Railway. The station was designed by the Midland Railway company architect John Holloway Sanders.[1]

Shirebrook Colliery operated in the town until April 1993. It had previously been linked underground to nearby Pleasley Colliery.[5] The workforce was roughly evenly divided during the strike of 1984–5, which led to deep community divisions between strikers and workers, and briefly earned the nickname "the Belfast of England".[6]

The league table below looks at the total crimes and crime rate for July 2016 that occurred in all neighbourhoods within 5 miles of Shirebrook and orders them by lowest crime rate first.

Shirebrook South station was on the Great Northern Railway's "Leen Valley Extension" line mentioned above, opened in November 1901 and closed in September 1931.

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On Sundays from 22 May 2011, the Robin Hood line train service runs between Nottingham and Mansfield Woodhouse only. Bus service RH1 replaces Robin Hood line trains between Worksop and Mansfield Woodhouse. It calls at Whitwell, Creswell, Langwith Whaley Thorns and Shirebrook stations and connects with selected trains at Mansfield Woodhouse.[citation needed]

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This Safer Neighbourhood area covers Shirebrook. It belongs to the Bolsover policing section.Shirebrook is a mid-sized market town in a semi-rural location close to the Nottinghamshire border. Access is from the A632 from Bolsover.