I like the idea of a revenge killing, it makes sense.

A curious aside is that all three were drug fuelled steroid raged paranoid monsters, and were armed at all times, yet there was no money, no drugs, and no weapons found in the Range Rover.

The families of convicts are under the impression that Darren the supergrass Nicholls fabricated his story out of self-interest, in order to evade his sentences for crimes he had personally committed.

whats the lottery numbers? lol. hey…eyeballs survived the ordeal….

As far as severe pain, I hope that you find a means to end it soon.

Overall it was an excellent evening and one which we would like to repeat again!

To my knowledge, it was a 12g that was used. and it was done at fairly close range, with swiftly and decisively. Not only is Rolfe still holding the wheel, his foot is on the pedal too.

Video below is a documentary on Triple Rettendon Murders by Crime Monthly. It contains interviews with investigators as well as farmers Peter Theobald and Ken Jiggins who discovered the grizzly scene as they drove towards the Range Rover with their Land Rover. The video also contains reconstruction of the events leading to the murder of the Essex Boys. “Was it a contract killing or did the men know and trust the assassin?” – the commentator asks:

From the scene of crime , it has been deduced that they were caught in a classic, well planned, perfectly executed ambush.

hello mate, check out my blog of biblical proportions attatched to the rettendon three pics. There was actually many more of those pics as i have seen them on Bernard O’Mahoney’s website, but to my knowledge, the cops had them removed more than once. I hope you like my insight into the rettendon 3, I used to live in Essex not far from Rettendon and used to know a few faces from around there so know a bit more about it than your ordinary joe.

No matter how much money you had, how happy you were, or how important you thought you were; we all die like swine.

Three men, Pat Tate, Tony Tucker, and Craig Rolfe, would be shot to death on that night, abandoned in a Range Rover, their faces so mangled they could only be identified by their fingerprints. It was alleged that the three men drove out to the country lane expecting to follow through with a drug rendez-vous. All three were heavily involved in the dealing of ecstasy and had a fair bit of blood on each of their hands – which we’ll get to in a moment.

Theres debate over wether it was a pump action or a semi auto though.

You’re right, I didn’t look at the 3rd to last picture up close. I was thinking the same, if it was a 12 ga their heads would be gone!

Yeh British gore! I’ve seen the film Essex Boys, it’s no great loss not having these scumbags walking around on earth anymore! Got what they deserve 🙂

A forensic scientist ran tests that discovered almost ten calls made from the pub’s parking lot that could possibly have been made by Jack Whomes (they used his same transmitter) but none from Workhouse Lane that could possibly have come from him.

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typical loud-mouthed cockney bullies – who got just what they deserved.

Not only are we BOTH wordy, but sometimes we actually have a legitimate point.

hemp oil? where would i get that? is it legal in the u.s.? how is it taken? orally?

As far as a 1oz sabit slug (a sabit is an encased, usally rifled shell that hold the “bullet” or 1 oz. lead slug, in place so it can travel down the barrel, gathering speed and a good spin for long-distance accuracy.

the venue was clear to see.

Surrounded by quiet English countryside, a small town in the southeast of Essex, a town named Rettendon was a rather eventless little village, and would remain completely unknown to most of the outside world, and even most of the British, until the tragedy that unwound on the evening of December 6th, 1995.

Lovely place to wine and dine, food was very good and the service was good, Overall lovely Evening all round with my Husband and I. Magician was good too. Value not bad either.

We will definitely be recommending the venue to others.

Drug dealers Craig Rolfe, Tony Tucker and Pat Tate were shot dead in a Range Rover in Rettendon on 6 December 1995.

had two, as they were good sized portions!)

On 6 December 1995, Rettendon was the scene of the triple murder of Tony Tucker (38), Patrick Tate (37) and Craig Rolfe (26), three drug dealers shot dead in a Range Rover down a small farm track.[1] The three men were found the following morning by farmer Peter Theobald and his friend Ken Jiggins.


A .44 mag would have pretty much wored about the same as a 12 ga at close range.

One more video documentary – more recent, with many interviewes, including relatives and friends:

how have i not heard of this??!! thanks for all the detailed research mark, it was awesomeeeeee

and my report on that is it’s within the top 100 most retarded things that i have ever read in my life…..that Best Gore Jesus did NOT say himself.

Why have you decided to create this film on the Rettendon murders?

I think it could definitely be a 410 that’s what I thought when i saw the wounds to the side and back of their heads, you know the majority of handguns are illegal in the UK but most shotguns and shotgun ammunition are allowed for game hunting

I would still recommend but give it a couple more months till its up and running properly.

expecting it to be as slick as its sister restaurant in Maldon.

2nd visit to this lovely venue, outstanding meal on both occasions with excellent service. Only minor complaint is that the menu could do with being a bit more comprehensive, although I'm sure this will happen in time as the restaurant has only been open for 2-3 months.

Tate’s response was to grab the phone and begin swearing violently down it. The manager said to him, “Cut the attitude and we will bring you a pizza.”

The judge himself was quoted as saying, “Nicholls is a convicted criminal who was engaged in drug abuse and the importation of drugs into this country. You must bear in mind it was in his own interest to become a prosecution witness… he hopes to get less time to serve.”

Lovely building, we were able to have a drink outside before eating. Staff very good and served you properly. Only problem was the noise level. It was incredibly loud although no one was shouting . We had to lean forward all the time to speak to our friends. The waitress offered us to have our desserts and coffees back in the bar area, which we did and it was much better. I noticed a lot of other people did the same. However it did not mar our overall experience which was lovely.