Reddish is a densely populated area and is near to affluent parts of Greater Manchester (such as Heaton Chapel and Heaton Moor). Reddish continues to be an attraction to many people in the Greater Manchester area to work, live and relax.

Butcher Titterton's will shut its branch near the Redrock leisure complex in the town centre

Most of Reddish would be equivalent to Usda Zone 8B/9A in recent years and with the influence of global warming, with typical annual minimum lows of around -5/-6C.

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The most recent data is from the United Kingdom Census 2001. The census data below is based on the North Reddish and South Reddish wards. The modern South Reddish ward contains a small area that was traditionally part of Heaton Chapel and Heaton Norris, and some of Reddish has been transferred to Heaton Chapel.[citation needed]

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Very few buildings in Reddish pre-date the 19th century. Canal Bridge Farm, close to Broadstone Mill, is dated to the mid to late 18th century (the name is later).[16] Hartwell dates a small group of farm buildings and cottages at Shores Fold, near the junction of Nelstrop Road and Marbury Road, to the sixteenth and late seventeenth to early 18th century. These would have been on the traditional Reddish – Heaton Norris border, but are now firmly inside Heaton Chapel.[17]

Firefighters also sent to the blaze and ask residents to keep vigilant for other incidents

Borough's highest ranking officer hopes this will lead to better response times and more community engagement

Lee Boardman is expanding his theatre school, Actor Tribe, into Heaton Mersey

Again, on a cloudy day the temperatures can be slightly cooler than Woodford. Though, dependent on the prevailing weather patterns and the wind direction can be either lower by around 1 degree C and occasionally (more noticeably on a warm sunny day)and in the absence of early morning mist/fogs(common in Woodford and Reddish Vale) can be up to 2 degrees C warmer than Woodford.

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following the middle of the Tame as far as Denton Brook at Reddish; and so following Denton Brook and a tributary as far as Thornley Lane South; and then following Thornley Lane as far as Nico Ditch; and following Nelstrop Road as far as the turf-pits between Heaton Norris and Reddish (these are lost); and from there following Black Brook as far as near the conjunction of the waters of the Tame and Goyt.

Reddish took its share of the decline in Lancashire cotton production and finishing. Broadstone Mills ceased production in 1959;[31] Reddish Mills closed in 1958 with the loss of 350-400 jobs;[32][33] Spur Mill followed in 1972;[34] and the long-lived Reddish Vale printworks closed by 1975;[35] Albert Mill continued to trade as R. Greg and co under new ownership, but finally closed in 1982.[29] Ashmore wrote in 1975 that "Stockport has ceased to be a cotton town."[36]

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Reddish's only secondary school is Reddish Vale High School. Sited on the edge of the green belt, the school has its own farm and is characterised by OFSTED as " an inadequate school" as of 2014. It teaches about 1400 pupils from the ages of 11 to 16, but does not have a sixth form.[97][98][99][100]

Robert Hyde Greg and John Greg, sons of Samuel Greg of Quarry Bank Mill, who owned about a third of Reddish by 1857,[22] opened Albert Mills for cotton spinning in 1845. Moor Mill, manufacturing knitting machines, was built around the same time. William Houldsworth's Reddish Mill for cotton spinning was opened in 1864. Hanover Mill was built in 1865 for cotton spinning, but in 1889 was converted to make silk, velvet, woven fur etc.

Weather data specifically for South Reddish can be found here :

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Reddish borders Heaton Chapel and Brinnington of Stockport, Denton of Tameside, and Gorton and Levenshulme of the City of Manchester.

Reddish is located in the parliamentary constituency of Denton and Reddish. Andrew Gwynne (Labour)has represented the seat since the 2005 general election. At the 2010 general election, Gwynne attracted 51% of the votes cast, and the second-placed Conservative candidate scored 25%.[67] The seat has been held by Labour since its creation in 1983.

Due to its Suburban nature and geographical location, close to the municipal centres of Stockport and Manchester, it benefits from an 'urban heat island' effect.

 The Udder Challenge will feature plenty of mud, water and challenging obstacles

Summer High temperatures average around 20-21C and peak at around 28C in any given year, occasionally to around 32C. With overnight lows, averaging around 12-14C typically.


It meant Terry had to cope with deductions from his benefits at the same time as grieving for his son

Labour MP says the changes would be unfair - but they could also hit region's Conservative MPs hard

A small number of closures of major industrial employers took place in the first half of the 20th century, due to the ebb and flow of trade. Andrew's Gas Engine Works was taken over in 1905 by Richard Hornsby & Sons of Grantham,[27][28] the business was transferred to Grantham and the Reddish works closed some time during the great depression following WWI.[28] Cronin indicates that the works were still in operation in 1930.[29] The Atlas wire rope works closed in 1927.[30]

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As a comparison, Temperatures on any given clear night throughout the year, can be between 1-3 degrees C warmer than the Manchester weather station, situated in nearby Woodford Aerodrome in Cheshire, near to Bramhall but on a cloudy night are almost equal. Daytime highs are pretty similar, and predominately almost exacting to 'Woodford', though fluctuations due to localised weather patterns can produce variations.

The housing stock remains mainly terraced and semi-detached. For the North Reddish ward, the 6914 housing units were divided into 8% detached house, 46% semi-detached, 36% terraced, and 10% flats. For the South Reddish ward, the 6598 housing units were divided into 5% detached house, 29% semi-detached, 44% terraced, and 22% flats. There are no tower blocks in Reddish,[71] unlike several neighbouring areas.

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Reddish falls in the Diocese of Manchester for the Church of England, and the Diocese of Salford for the Roman Catholic Church.

Reddish has been home to at least three breweries. Richard Clarke & Co brewed in the area for over 100 years, before being taken over, and later closed, by Boddingtons in 1962.[45][46] David Pollard's eponymous brewery opened in the former print works in Reddish Vale in 1975, moving out to Bredbury in 1978; the business went into liquidation in 1982.[47] The small 3 Rivers Brewery started brewing in Reddish in 2003 but had ceased brewing when the company was wound up in 2009.[48][49]

Reddish is divided into two wards (Reddish North and Reddish South) for the purpose of electing councillors to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. Each ward returns three councillors.