Manston was sold to Infratil (owner of Glasgow Prestwick International Airport) on 26 August 2005. Until May 2014, KLM Cityhopper operated two daily passenger flights from the airport to Schiphol airport in the Netherlands. The airport was regularly used by freight operators such as Cargolux and Meridian.

The town has three notable churches. The first building used for worship in the Thanet parish of 'St Lawrence' was at St Laurence-in-Thanet; it was built in 1062 and rebuilt during the following centuries with the most significant changes made in the 16th century. Note the difference in spelling between the village of St Lawrence and its church, which is dedicated to the Roman Martyr Laurence.

Ramsgate has developed a continental café style culture with bars and restaurants on its seafront parade.[citation needed]

Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate are easy to get to and around by road and rail

Before 6 May 2010, the MP for Ramsgate was Stephen Ladyman, a Labour minister; he was preceded by Jonathan Aitken.

The highest temperature ever recorded is 34.6 °C (94.3 °F)[16] in August 2003, though typically the warmest day of the year averages 28.5 °C (83.3 °F)[17] and 8.8 days[18] will record a temperature of 25.1 °C (77.2 °F) or above.

With the only Royal harbour in the country, a picturesque marina and an award-winning main beach, Ramsgate is a delight to visit

The local council publishes a website specifically aimed at tourists visiting Ramsgate and neighbouring towns.[36]

For every 100 women, there were 91.2 men. The age distribution was 6% aged 0–4 years, 16% aged 5–15 years, 5% aged 16–19 years, 31% aged 20–44 years, 24% aged 45–64 years and 18% aged 65 years and over.[32]

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The architect A W Pugin and his sons lived in Ramsgate and built several important buildings there, including St Augustine's Church, The Grange, St Augustine's Abbey, and the The Granville Hotel.

Religion was recorded as 71.6% Christian, 0.3% Muslim, 0.1% Hindu, 0.3% Buddhist, 0.1% Sikh and 0.1% Jewish. 17.9% were recorded as having no religion, 0.3% had an alternative religion and 7.1% didn't state their religion.[32]

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Although Ramsgate has the most valuable fish landings in Kent (~£700,000 in 2003), the fishing industry is in decline.[29]

Thirdly, the town's parish church of St George is situated just off the High Street. Its lantern tower was added at the request of Trinity House as a navigational aid to passing ships and looks over the town. The ground was consecrated on 23 October 1827.

Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate are ideal holiday destinations offering a choice of accommodation

Perhaps being so close to Europe helps infuse Ramsgate with a cosmopolitan vibe. A bustling harbour borders a yacht-packed marina. Awash with history and overflowing with continental charm, it’s a must-see historic port.

Cliftonville Hockey Club plays its home matches at St Lawrence College and has a clubhouse that it shares with Broadstairs Cricket Club.[39]

Take a virtual tour of Ramsgate Royal Harbour Whilst taking a 360° virtual tour from the air click on one of the ‘hot spot crosses’ to be taken to ground level. Click on the image below to view

Ramsgate's main industries are tourism and fishing. The town has a thriving marina with over 800 moorings and a range of marine-related businesses that operate in the renovated arches under Royal Parade. Colleges in the town also cater for students of English as a foreign language.

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Thanet Galaxy is a Pan Disability Football Club that provides structured coaching for male and female footballers of all ages who qualify within the nationally and internationally recognised Pan Disability categories. The club trains at Chatham House Grammar School and plays in Kent Disability Football League in three age bands: U-11, U-16, and 16+. In their first season (2008/2009), the adult A team won the Kent Disability League Adult Championship.

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Things to do in RamsgateThe sheltered sandy beach is popular with young families and part of the Kent beach is dog-friendly. The clifftops offer excellent opportunities for clifftop walks with great sea views.

Unemployment in Thanet stands at 4.1%; this is higher than the national average (2.5%).[30]

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The Port of Ramsgate has provided cross-channel ferries for many years. Previously, Sally Ferries UK provided a passenger and car ferry service to Dunkirk. Until April 2013, Transeuropa Ferries operated a freight and car ferry between Ramsgate and Oostende.

Ramsgate has some beautiful architecture and squares with more than 900 listed buildings. Augustus Pugin lived here and he designed many local houses to showcase his talents. He is best known for his work on the Houses of Parliament.

According to the 2001 UK census, Ramsgate has a population of 39,639.[32]

Ramsgate was a member of the Confederation of Cinque Ports, under the 'Limb' of Sandwich, Kent.[10]

The lowest recorded temperature is -14.5 °C (5.9 °F),[19] in February 1986, though typically the coldest night of the year averages -6.2 °C (20.8 °F).[20] A total of 28.9 days[21] of the year should record an air frost.

The construction of Ramsgate Harbour began in 1749 and was completed in about 1850. The harbour has the distinction of being the only Royal Harbour in the United Kingdom. Because of its proximity to mainland Europe, Ramsgate was a chief embarkation point both during the Napoleonic Wars and for the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.


Ramsgate was a small fishing and farming community until 1749 when the harbour was built. It is the only royal harbour in the UK and was the main embarkation point for ships to both the Napoleonic Wars and Dunkirk in 1940.

The town is situated directly under the flight path of Kent International Airport at Manston. From September 2004 to August 2005 a low-cost airline EUjet operated frequent flights to many European destinations, replacing a large freight operator. However, flights were suspended after the collapse of its parent company, PlaneStation Group plc.[56]

Rainfall averages around 550 mm[22] per year, a figure similar to that for the driest parts of England. Over 1 mm of rain can be expected on 102.9 days.[23] All averages refer to the 1971-00 period.

The ethnicity of the town was 98.0% white, 0.8% mixed race, 0.3% black, 0.3% Chinese, 0.4% other Asian and 0.1% other ethnicity.[32]

Ramsgate library was originally built and paid for by Andrew Carnegie in 1904. On the evening of Friday 13 August 2004, it was destroyed by fire just two months short of its 100th anniversary.[52] Though suspicions were raised about the causes of the fire, due to a similarly timed fire at the town's registry office, an investigation was unable to establish how the fire had started.

His son Edward designed the Granville Hotel in the 1870s which gave Ramsgate a glamourous appeal with its Gothic grandeur. With its luxury amenities and Turkish baths, the hotel accommodated many rich and royal guests. It has since been converted into luxury flats.

St Augustine's is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark, whilst St Laurence and St George are both Church of England and serve the Anglican community as part of the Diocese of Canterbury. Christ Church, built in 1847, also serves the Anglican community.