A "No show" would result in the loss of the deposit and the consequent loss of any applicable group discount that could result from the reduced numbers attending.

We have a canteeen and licensed bar, and there is free overnight camping/caravaning available on the airfield. The bar is generally open every Friday and Saturday night after parachuting and the bunkrooms can be booked through the bar staff.

The SL Course requires a minimum of 6 hours instruction. Courses normally last a full day allowing for coffee, lunch & tea breaks and normally take place on the 1st Saturdays of each month, although other dates can be arranged for group bookings, with the jump normally taking place the next day weather permitting. Occasionally during the lighter summer evenings jumps may be undertaken on the day of the course. Courses can be run on other days for groups of 5 or more if arranged in advance.

Registration, Documentation and Training can take in the order of 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Once in receipt of a voucher bookings can be made via the telephone, email or personal visit to the Centre. Each Voucher has a Voucher ID and a Security Code and bookers should present both the Voucher ID & the Security Code when making their booking. Once the Security Code has been redeemed the Voucher holds no further value and the booker is separately sent an e-confirmation and a Booking ID valid for the course on the day booked.

(Statistics indicate that 50% of participants jump on their 1st booked date, 25% on their 2nd, 12½% on their 3rd and 12½% have to book 4 or more dates in order to complete their jumps. That is the nature of skydiving and it should be noted that no refunds are offered to those unwilling to reschedule to alternative dates)

Once a course is booked no refund can be claimed although prior to the commencement of the course a place may be transferred to another without charge. Once a booked course has commenced places are no longer transferable. Those not attending courses will loose the deposit element and face an additional reschedule fee of £35 to book a new date.

AFF is an accelerated learning, professional one-to-one 8 jump skydiving course designed for the average person. All our AFF courses are run through "The AFF School", please visit their website for further information and booking.

There is no charge to reschedule 10 days or more in advance of the booked date but within 10 days of the booked date a £35 reschedule fee is charged.

It is possible to reschedule individual bookings upto 10 days in advance of booked dates without penalty or charge, however if it is wished to reschedule within a period of 10 days in advance of booking a reschedule fee of £35 per person will apply. Group bookings need to give us 1 months notice or loose their group discount should they wish to reschedule within 1 month of the originally booked date.

Peterlee was served by Horden Railway Station on the Durham Coast Line until it closed in 1965.

Participants must meet the criteria outlined in BPA Form 114 A - Solo, participants aged 40 years or older are required this form endorsed by a doctor. Purchasers should note whilst this product may be transferrable up until commencement of the course it is non-refundable; once training has been commenced the activity is non transferable as well as non refundable.

All participants need to satisfy the criteria laid down in BPA Form 115, a fully completed version of which needs to be presented on checking in on the day of the course.

Postcode or town name (for stores in Northern Ireland enter a postcode)

The Apollo Pavilion,designed by Victor Pasmore, was completed in 1970. It provided a focal point for the Sunny Blunts estate as well as a bridge across a water-course.[4][5][6] It was named after the Apollo moon missions.

Peterlee is a small town built under the New Towns Act of 1946, in County Durham, England. Founded in 1948, Peterlee town originally mostly housed coal miners and their families.

Peterlee has economic and community ties with Sunderland, Hartlepool and Durham.

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a tandem skydive is unlikely to be forgotten! Many do sponsored tandem jumps for charity or simply just for the thrill of falling at speeds in the order of 120-180 mph.

Vouchers priced lower than these amounts can be used against the full price cost of any skydive offered on our website.

Basic aircraft slot price for parachuting is £44 to FL130. Necessary kit can be provided. The following discounts are offered on this price:

A static line parachute jump can be done just as a one off experience or as part of a course to progress on to freefall and skydiving. If you have time but want to spread the cost of learning to skydive over a longer period of time then the SL course may be just for you. It is a good way of experiencing parachuting if it is something that you might like to carry on with without the expense of an Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Course.

On completion of training each instructor can, given good weather, take participants on Tandem Skydives at a rate of 1 participant per each remaining hour of the day. According to demand we may schedule in 1 instructor mid week, and 2 to 5 on weekends.

We are located at Shotton Airfield, 10 miles east of Durham City & 2 miles West of Peterlee. You can contact us by telephone 0191 517 1234 on scheduled office opening days 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am - 12 noon Weekend & Holidays, or by email any time to info@skydiveacademy.org.uk

Voucher purchases made online will result in an e-Voucher being sent to the purchaser. A Hard copy Voucher Presentation Pack can be purchased for just £10 extra - this can be purchased over the phone during our published office hours; normally 10am - 5pm Mon - Fri excepting for 2 weeks over the Christmas/New Year period.

A queuing system operates at the Centre normally with those with the lower ticket reference being manifested first. Where possible we do try and group participants with friends and family, but this can't always be guaranteed.

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Courses are normally scheduled Friday to Sunday Feb/Mar/Nov and Wednesday to Sunday (plus bank holidays) April to October. See the booking Calendar for currently scheduled availability.

SEEN AN OFFER ELSEWHERE IN THE UK? WE WILL MATCH OR BETTER IT!On any of our scheduled operating dates with availability

We are also prepared to negotiate special rates and/or free camera flyer slots for teams.

Vouchers can be purchased for any of our courses for any amount from £44 upwards towards the full cost of a course. These vouchers are valid on scheduled operating dates whilst availability permits. Our standard Tandem skydive height is 10,000ft.

Participants, their friends & family should not rule out the possibility that adverse conditions may delay or postpone their jumps so requiring additional attendance at the Centre to jump - poor weather on the first visit is no guarantee of good weather on subsequent visits.

With the SL method the parachute is deployed by a static line secured to a strong point within the aircraft. Progression to freefall is possible on later jumps. All parachutes used by Skydive Academy are of the Ram Air design & all reserves are fitted with automatic activation devices. Round parachutes are no longer used by us.

We operate a ticket in (jumper ready to jump) ticket out (jumper not ready to jump) system. Jumpers leaving tickets in at the Manifest Office when they have withdrawn from jumping that day leads to confusion and delays, accordingly any jumper who leaves a ticket in when they have not jumped that day will face a 10 pound charge to retrieve their ticket on a subsequent date.

Solo Courses normally go ahead regardless of the weather conditions.


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If it is not possible to jump on the day of the event due to adverse conditions there is no charge to reschedule to another date. However you must be prepared to wait until we announce that jumps are cancelled for the day; if you wish to leave before we cancel jumping there will be a £35 charge to rebook to another date.

With the Cessna 182 available as well as the Cessna Grand Caravan we are able to mount a parachute dropping flight with a minimum of 3 self sufficient FAI Certificate Holding Parachutists.

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* Please note that these opening times are updated regularly but may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

The rules within which we operate, as set out by the BPA in the Operations Manual, are quite specific and do not permit student parachutists, either "Solo Student" or "Tandem Student" Parachutists, to jump with cameras.