Penistone was a parish in the wapentake of Staincross in the West Riding of Yorkshire and after 1837 was a member of the Wortley Poor law union.[8]

Although there isn't a specialist Tourism Centre in Penistone there are several information points which are run by helpful and knowledgable local people.

With spectacular landscapes on its doorstep, Penistone is the ideal place for walkers. You can see a selection in the walking section along with links to other useful sites featuring local routes.

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Locally there are gems like the Victoria Jubilee Museum in Cawthorne and Wortley Top Forge; further afield there's the RSPB Nature Reserve or the nearby city galleries and museums.

The results for the Penistone Hill Race on Sunday 28th September are available here.

The junior race was won by Hannah Hinchliffe, with Harry Jarvis second and Laurel Claydon third. Full results here.

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Penistone is surrounded by beautiful and historic countryside and the walks and routes we've included here are designed to help you enjoy it first-hand.

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Penistone is situated on the south bank of the River Don. The parish, which included Gunthwaite, Hunshelf, Ingbirchworth, Langsett, Oxspring, and Thurlstone, covered 21,338 acres mostly arable land and pasture and 2,000 acres of moorland. The underlying geology is the coal measures of the South Yorkshire Coalfield from which some coal was mined in the 19th century and sandstone flags were quarried.[8]

Penistone Town Hall houses Barnsley Council's Barnsley Connects service. Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council is responsible for local government issues and Penistone Town Council is responsible for local issues.

The first Penistone Folk Festival occurred in June 2011 in the then new Market Barn. It was one of the first public ventures to happen in the new building. This is now set to be an annual charity event and occurs at around the same date as the earlier 'Penistone Sing', on the festival of St John.

Penistone is the highest market town in the country and one of the Pennines' best kept secrets. There's something here for everyone, from the annual Penistone Show to stunning walking scenery and even a charming Picture House that was built in the 1900s.

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Standings have been updated after the Penistone Hill Race and are here. The next race is Cusworth 10k on October 2nd.

Dates for the winter handicap are on the winter handicap page.

Penistone can be dated back to 1066 and is listed in the Domesday Book. Several pre-19th Century buildings still survive, the oldest being the Grade I listed mediaeval parish church, Saint John the Baptist Church; the White Hart pub in the town dates from 1377 and the secondary school, established in 1342 is said to be one of the odlest in the country. Click here to read more about the history of Penistone

Results from the race run on 8th September are now available here. Congratulations to this year’s winners: Chloe Hinchliffe and Thomas Wood.

Facilities, cafes and pubs can normally be found within a reasonable distance, particularly on boundary walks, and these will be listed in the information on each page.

The results for the Penistone 10K race on Sunday 29th June 2014 are available here.

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Results from today’s Thurlstone Chase are on the race page.

The results of the 2016 Hartcliff Hill Race are on the race page.

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The Market Cruck Barn was officially opened on 21 July 2011. Penistone Farmers' Market is a monthly farmers' market on the second Saturday of every month held in the market place.

We need a new Cross Country Secretary as Dawn Broom has had to stand down from the post. We require someone to take over immediately as we will be getting numbers for the SY Cross Country League soon and need someone to be responsible for selling these to those members who want to run.

A majority of them are fairly "easy" (more seasoned walkers might prefer something more challenging and we've included one long walk, the Cal-Der-Went) and most can be completed in a reasonable time without having to worry about missing the last bus home!

As runners we all spend time out training, buying the latest kit and entering races. But the one thing most of us forget, can’t be bothered to do or just don’t know how to do, is a post run stretch. In an attempt to keep injury free we really should not ignore this part of our training routine.

The annual 'Parade Weekend' has become established as an important time on Penistone's June calendar. The Saturday has two music events on the showground: a concert of light music in the afternoon and an evening rock concert. On the Sunday, a major parade and gala takes place. The parade goes through the middle of Penistone and the gala takes place on the showground.

Sheep sales have been held in the town since before 1699, when the market received a royal charter, and the area produced the now rare Penistone sheep.[7]

Results are on the race page. Thanks to all who supported the race, as organisers, marshalls and runners.

Penistone has a thriving market, although smaller since the building of a Tesco supermarket in 2011, which reduced the market footprint. The cattle market, which was the centre of the farming livestock trade, has long since gone although live animal trading takes place in the Fur n Feathers market, which is held weekly. At 747 ft Penistone is the highest market town in Yorkshire.

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There's a variety of entertainment venues in the area: from the famous city centre theatres, arenas and multiplexes to the more intimate venues such as Penistone Paramount cinema/theatre, Barnsley's Civic and Holfmirth's Picturedrome.