Left: A collection of Crateraster starfish ossicles (bones of the skeleton). Right: The inner surface of a Neithea bivalve shell.

Left: A cross-section through a large inoceramid bivalve. Right: A fragment of an inoceramid bivalve on the same flint nodule as the coral (shown below).

The town plays a part in Graham Greene's 1938 novel Brighton Rock. At the end of the novel, anti-hero Pinkie Brown drives to Peacehaven with his new wife, Rose, intending to persuade her to commit suicide. Instead, he meets his own death here, falling over the cliff after being blinded with vitriol.[20]

Figure 1: Summarised geology of the cliffs and foreshore between Peacehaven and Newhaven.

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There is a Bronze Age barrow (burial mound) very close to the cliff top, which is currently[when?] under investigation by local societies.[3] The barrow represents evidence of the occupation of Peacehaven at least 3,500 years ago. A 2007 excavation of the new Bovis Homes site to the west of Peacehaven Community School's playing fields unearthed an astonishing range of evidence for a prehistoric settlement throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages.

In late 2006 a number of meetings between the then Mayor, Cllr Elayne Merry, and local businesses lead to the formation of the Peacehaven & District Chamber of Commerce in February 2007. The Chamber organises regular networking and support meetings for the benefit of its members plus an annual Trade Show to promote local services. 2009 saw the first Business Awards ceremony in which the winners in each category received a "Monument" to mark their achievement.

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More recently Peacehaven was selected for the site at which Tiffany's ashes were portrayed to be cast over the cliffs, in the BBC soap EastEnders in 1999, with viewers having been told at her funeral that she had spent happy childhood holidays there.[21] Filming however, took part in the nearby town of Seaford. Also, a Mr. Bean episode was shot at the cliff tops of Peacehaven and down to the beach.

Peacehaven's lowest tier of government is the Peacehaven Town Council who are responsible for local planning, highways and other amenities. The council consists of 17 elected councillors from three wards, North, West and East Peacehaven.[10] The May 2007 election returned 17 Conservative Party councillors.[11]

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The Greenwich meridian is marked by a 3.5 m (11 ft) tall obelisk, commissioned by Charles Neville. It was unveiled on 10 August 1936 and has been relocated twice due to erosion of the cliffs.[9]

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There is a leisure centre and the Co-operative Meridian Shopping Centre; a police station, a dentist, several doctors’ surgeries and a number of pubs and restaurants located throughout the town. These include the independent fast food outlet "Big Mouths" on the corner of the South Coast Road and Horsham Avenue.

The Smuggler's Rest pub restaurant was formerly known as the Badgers Watch and before that, the Lifeboat Inn, as it funded the first local lifeboat. Situated on Telscombe Cliffs, The Smuggler's Rest provides an ideal place to enjoy the sunset over the sea.

Our attractive and spacious inn with delightful gardens enjoys a spectacular and unrivalled setting on top of the Telscombe Cliffs in Peacehaven - there are outstanding views over the sea, and cliff top walks.

Left: A large fallen boulder on the foreshore containing three examples of the echinoid Echinocorys. Right: Another Echinocorys echinoid, Old Nore Beds.

The parish includes part of the Brighton to Newhaven Cliffs Site of Special Scientific Interest. The cliffs are mainly of geological interest, containing many Santonian and Campanian fossils. The SSSI listing includes flora and fauna biological interest too.[8]

Left: The internal flint mould of an Echinocorys echinoid, found loose on the foreshore. Right: A flint Echinocorys echinoid in situ on the foreshore, Old Nore Beds.

Peacehaven is a town and civil parish in the Lewes district of East Sussex, England. It is located above the chalk cliffs of the South Downs approximately six miles (9.7 km) east of Brighton city centre, on the A259 road. Its site coincides with the point where the Greenwich meridian crosses the English south coast.

The town has one secondary school, Peacehaven Community School. There are also two primary schools: Peacehaven Heights Primary and Meridian Primary School. The town also has a library located in the Meridian Centre.

Peacehaven has a Non-League football club Peacehaven & Telscombe F.C. who play at The Sports Park. The club hosts a variety of football tournaments that range from age U10–U16 every summer. There is a small leisure centre and a bowls club.[18][19] There are dance schools, such as Harlequin and Studio 54, as well as football and martial arts clubs.

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Run by business owners for business owners, the Chamber is the only organisation in Peacehaven, Telscombe Cliffs and East Saltdean committed to promoting the interests of the local business community. By joining the Chamber, your business voice is heard.

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A further two examples of giant Parapuzosia ammonites exposed on the foreshore, Old Nore Beds, Newhaven Chalk Formation.

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Left: Robert, Dee and Lucinda crouch behind one of many giant Parapuzosia ammonites. Right: A partly exposed Parapuzosia ammonite.

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Left: Stunning views of Friars Bay and the English Channel from the cliff-top east of the town. Right: Over 100 steps wind their way down the cliff-face.

At European level, Peacehaven is represented by the South-East region, which holds ten seats in the European Parliament. The June 2004 election returned four Conservatives, two Liberal Democrats, two UK Independence, one Labour and one Green, none of whom lived in East Sussex.[13]

A great downland golf course with views across the Sussex Downs and across the Newhaven and Seaford coast.

The Smuggler's Rest in Peacehaven is a country pub oozing rural charm and rustic character. Our picturesque surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for savouring the hearty, seasonal pub-food on our menu, and the carefully nurtured cask ales and fine wines gracing our bar.

Peacehaven is twinned with the French town of Épinay-sous-Sénart and the German town of Isernhagen.

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