The minor portion William bestowed upon the Count of Mortain, but it was not worth more than 12d. to the tax and the count made it appurtenant to his manor of Gotham. Thoroton tells that the Mortain holding "very anciently became merged in the Honour ot Leicester," from which it was long held with the manor of Gotham by the St. Andrew family.

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Additional clearings were made for these purposes in forests and wastes, and in the course of this progress new hamlets termed bys or thorpes emerged. Among them was Newthorpe, which was founded as a berewick of Kimberley, amid the wastes of the extensive parish of Greasley.

In 1379 it granted a monopoly lease of its coal-workings in Newfield at Newthorpe to a company of eight men for live marks a year. The miners were not to exceed six in number and of them only two with a viewer were to work in the pit, the other three attending to surface duties.

In 1329 when the prior was summoned to prove his right to these privileges, he produced John's charter of 1199 and his powers were confirmed.

The Conqueror, displacing the old proprietors, granted the larger part of "Neutorp" to William Peverel who, in his old age, gave it as part of his foundation gift to Lenton Priory.

BEAUVALE PRIORY was founded in 1343, and after that date local benefactions to Lenton were few and unimportant, one of the last, in 1357, being that by Sir John de St. Andrew, who gave a rental of 8s. for a "light in the conventual church, as he should make it." Henceforth, the Carthusian monks of Beauvale were the chief recipients of monastic grants.

There were two Fulwoods in the county. One within the parish of Sutton-in-Ashfield yet exists, but the other has lost its identity and its site is a matter of conjecture. A former vicar of Greasley, the Baron von Hube, in his "Gresleia," expressed the view that the local Fulwood bordered on Shipley and Eastwood and probably reached close to Kimberley.

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Newthorpe developed considerably during the 14th century and ere it closed Beauvale Priory became a colliery proprietor.

It forms part of the borough of Broxtowe being east of, and contiguous with, the town of Eastwood.

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In 1952, John Bamford became the youngest recipient of the George Cross for bravery during a house fire in Newthorpe.

This restriction perhaps was intended to preserve the coal supply from too rapid exhaustion, and the priory reserved the right of re-entry if the rent fell into arrear for one quarter.

The upshot is unknown, but Bolles had dabbled in many ex-monastic properties. He had leased a coal mine at Alfreton; he may have been hard pressed to meet his payments and possibly too eager in pursuing his own interests. What is clear is that the pits were not open-cast quarries, but shafts with equipment for raising coal.

The founder of the new priory gave for its enrichment lands and rents here in 1347, and in 1360 the widow of Sir John de St. Andrew granted it a messuage, seven tofts, extensive lands, here with a rental of 12s. 7d., which her husband had held of the Honour of Leicester, the gift being confirmed by its head, John of Gaunt, Shakespeare's "time-honoured Lancaster."

Freedom from taxes, tolls and other dues to the Crown, with extensive civil and criminal rights within their newly-gotten territory were conferred upon the monks of Lenton by Henry II and King John, and anyone disturbing their therein was made liable to the then enormous line of £10.

Newthorpe is a village in the English county of Nottinghamshire. The population is included in the Broxtowe ward of Greasley (Giltbrook and Newthorpe).

There have been criticisms of the local council over the maintenance of the infrastructure in Newthorpe, especially roads. This is exemplified by the website Ruth Hyde's Potholes of Newthorpe, which is specifically aimed at Broxtowe Borough Council's chief executive, Ruth Hyde.

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In 1316 the prior of Lenton was certified to be lord of the manor, but by then, the Cluniac monks were ceasing to receive gifts of value from Newthorpe. The Record Office preserves in its Ministers' Accounts for this period an official return of the  priory's possessions here.

ONE of the results of the Danish conquest of Mercia in the latter part of the 9th century, and of the permanent settlement of the Danes in England, was the development of existing Saxon villages and the further advance of agriculture.

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