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Newnham College is the lively and sociable women’s College at the heart of the University of Cambridge. Founded in 1871, we are the oldest College run by women, for women.

Newnham College is a women-only constituent college of the University of Cambridge, England.

Newnham has a few laundry rooms throughout the college. These can be found in Old Hall, Sidgwick and Peile. Those staying in RFB due to the building work will also have card access to a laundry room in that building. Both washing machines and tumble dryers are provided. The washing machines cost £1.40 per wash and tumble drying costs 20 pence for 8 minutes (save up those 20ps and £1 coins!)

Newnham College Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DF, UK

The church stands on high ground and if you venture up to it, you can see the horseshoe bend of the Severn. Unfortunately the church was partially destroyed by fire in 1881 but later in the year, it was rebuilt and re-opened for worship.

The fantastic support we receive from our former students makes a huge difference to future generations of students.

The college was founded in 1871 by Henry Sidgwick, and was the second Cambridge college to admit women after Girton College. The co-founder of the college was Millicent Garrett Fawcett.

Newnham is delightfully located on the banks of the River Severn. The village has a tree-lined main street reminding you of the imminent surroundings of woodlands, with may listed buildings. In the centre, you will see the prominent clock tower. You will find delightful shops, selling local crafts, antiques, books, porcelain and pottery, post office, Inns, village stores as well as a delicatessen and library.

In the college arms the chevron links them with the coats of Balfour and Kennedy, while its colour and the mascles refer to Clough. The crosses come from Kennedy, the mullet from Balfour, and the griffin's head from Sidgwick. No crest was granted, for although a corporate body may have a crest, it was thought that a crest and helm would be inappropriate to one composed entirely of women.

The history of Newnham begins with the formation of the Association for Promoting the Higher Education of Women in Cambridge, in 1869. A house of residence was opened in 1871 in Regent Street where there were five students under the care of Miss A.J. Clough. As the number grew, the community moved first to Merton Hall, then to premises in Bateman Street, and then with the foundation of the Newnham Hall Company in 1875 into what is now the Old Hall of Newnham College.

There are also a couple of drying rooms, one in Old Hall and one in Peile. These rooms are very hot and have laundry racks on which you can hang your clothes to dry. There are also irons and ironing boards in the drying rooms and a laundry room on second floor Peile.

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Little in the way of industry existed at Newnham apart from a tannery, but in the early 17th century, Sir Edward Mansell erected a glass furnace at the Northern end of the town which was the first in the country to be fired by coal. This had closed by 1700 and although no remains exist today, many of the cottages Church Street were partly built from blocks of hard, black slag from the furnace.

Sidgwick Hall and the sunken garden of Newnham College.

Matron Eva Luckes of The London Hospital lived in Newnham.

Newnham is home to the very brightest female students from around the world. We offer academic excellence and transformative learning opportunities to ambitious women aiming for leading careers.

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Newnham on Severn is a village in west Gloucestershire, England. It lies in the Royal Forest of Dean, on the west bank of the River Severn, approximately 10 miles south-west of Gloucester and three miles southeast of Cinderford. It is on the A48 road between Gloucester and Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales. The village has a parish council.

For details of graduates in mathematics up to 1940 see

The civil parish is part of 'Newnham and Westbury' electoral ward. This ward starts in the north at Westbury-on-Severn and then follows the River Severn to Newnham. The total population of the ward taken at the 2011 census was 3,088.[2]

During the Long Vacation the linen room is only open Monday 8-10.30am

Newnham is one of the best places to see the famous Severn Bore

Most colleges have a JCR ( Junior Combination Room) that students can use as a common room/living area. Due to the building work, Newnham currently have two JCRs, one on first floor Clough, and one on first floor Peile. These have sofas, tables and TVs with DVD players – they are perfect for having small events like birthdays or movie nights! To top it off, the JCR Committee has just purchased six comfy new beanbags, there are two in each of the JCRs now- make sure you try them out!

Argent, on a chevron azure between in chief two crosses botonny fitchy and in base a mullet sable, a griffin's head erased or between two mascles of the field.

The other great benefactors of the college were Mr (later Professor) Henry Sidgwick, and Miss E.M. Balfour, whom he married in 1876. Mrs Sidgwick later became a principal of one of the halls of Newnham College. Their arms were - Sidgwick (assumed arms): Gules, a fess between three griffins' heads erased or; and Balfour (of Balbirnie): Argent, on a chevron engrailed between three mullets sable an otter's head erased argent.

Cambridge is just as famous for its varied extracurricular activities as it is for its pioneering research. With its strong sense of community, excellent facilities and beautiful and spacious city centre site, Newnham is the perfect base.


In 1928, Newnham and Girton Colleges were among the venues for a series of lectures by Virginia Woolf which resulted in her book-length essay A Room of One's Own.

Demand continued to increase and the supporters of the enterprise formed a limited company to raise funds, lease land and build on it. Newnham Hall opened its doors in 1875 and became the first building on the site off Sidgwick Avenue where Newnham still remains.[1] The demand from prospective students remained buoyant and the Newnham Hall Company built steadily, providing three more halls, a laboratory and a library, in the years up to the First World War.

The college has a linen room located in Sidgwick where, once per week, you can exchange the linen provided by college. Take your old sheets, to the linen room and the staff will give you a fresh set. Of course you are welcome to bring and use your own sheets/towels as plenty of us do!

These are open during term and are free for all to use. To book a JCR please do this online by filling in this form. You need to be a current member of college and after filling this form in your booking will be passed automatically to the Senior Porters. Please make your booking at least 24 hours before your event.


The scenic Gloucester to Newport Line goes through the tunnel here. No station exists at present.

These arms, granted in 1923, were designed by the Revd Edward Earle Dorling to incorporate charges from the arms of those intimately connected with the founding of the college.

The college has two official combination rooms that represent the interests of students in the college and are responsible for social aspects of college life. Undergraduates are members of the Junior Combination Room (JCR), whilst graduate students are members of the Middle Combination Room (MCR).

We offer competitive salaries, generous benefits and a bonus scheme to our staff which helps make Newnham College a great place to work.

We are proud of our alumnae network which stretches round the world: once a Newnhamite always a Newnhamite!

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