“Meldreth Primary School is a happy environment for children to learn new things. We work as a team and everyone gets involved in games and activities” Jack Year 6

The site includes information about Meldreth, both past and present.

You may also be interested in visiting our other website, which is part of the Cambridgeshire Community Archives Network, and contains over 1,000 images of the village. You can also find us on Facebook. 

The parish church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity since 1443, consists of a chancel, aisled nave with south porch, and a west tower housing eight bells. More peals have been rung at Holy Trinity than any other church.[8] The chancel is unusually long and dates from the 12th century, perhaps indicating the existence of an earlier minster on the site. The tower dates from the late 12th century, with the top stage added in the late 13th century.[5]

The second little book,‘The early history of Meldreth’ by D.R. Mills, published in 1965, was revived in leaflet form for the Millennium Year 2000 and covers what is known about the village and environs up until the mid 16th century. Dr Mills lists Mr Palmer’s ‘Vicar of Meldreth’ book as a reference among several other items of local archive.

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❧ ENTRY 2 ❧ Tenant-in-chief and Lord in 1086: Abbey of Ely (St Etheldreda), Households: 10 smallholders. 3 slaves. 3 cottagers. Ploughland: 7 ploughlands (land for). 1.5 lord's plough teams. 0.5 lord's plough teams possible. 3 men's plough teams. Other resources: 1.5 lord's lands. Meadow 5 ploughs. 1 mill, value 0.15. Phillimore reference: 5,31

“Because we are a small school we get to know everybody and work together” Georgia Year 6

Although published some time ago, the books are still available from the Cambridgeshire Libraries. For an insight into Meldreth’s past they take little time to read and can be well recommended.

Out of hours emergencies For out of hours emergencies, please call: 0845 500 4 247. Village Vet Cambridge has a 24 Hour emergency hospital at Whittlesford and Milton.

Due to its proximity to Cambridge, much of the land has at some time been owned by colleges of the University of Cambridge. In the early 16th century, Christ's College moved to its Meldreth estate to escape the plague.[5]

This site has been created by Meldreth Local History Group.  Work began on the site in December 2010 and it was launched in March 2011.  There are now over 570 pages of information but we have a lot of material still to add so please revisit the site from time to time to view the latest pages.  

For those wishing to delve deeper into the history of the village….. three small booklets may be worth looking at:

The village retains its own railway station which opened in 1851. In 2001, local celebrations marked the 150th anniversary of Meldreth railway station, which serves the residents of Meldreth and the neighbouring village of Melbourn. Trains from the station run into Cambridge and London King's Cross.

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❧ ENTRY 3 ❧ Tenant-in-chief in 1086: Earl Roger (of Shrewsbury). Lord in 1086: Abbey of Saint-Evroult. Households: 5 villagers. 3 smallholders. 2 slaves. Ploughland: 5 ploughlands (land for). 2 lord's plough teams. 3 men's plough teams. Other resources: Meadow 2 ploughs. 2 mills, value 0.66. Phillimore reference: 13,6

We aim to give brief details about Meldreth, introduce the Parish Council, provide council contacts and present the latest meeting reports and forthcoming agendas on-line.

The Domesday Book, compiled in 1086, has 9 entries for Meldreth[6]

Meldreth is home to Meldreth Manor School, run by the charity Scope, as well as home to Meldreth Primary School.

❧ ENTRY 7 ❧ Tenant-in-chief and Lord in 1086: Abbey of Ely (St Etheldreda), Lord in 1086: Hardwin (of Scales). Phillimore reference: 5,30

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Meldreth is a village in South Cambridgeshire with 1,783 inhabitants lying around 10 miles south-west of Cambridge.

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History of Holy Trinity - Bells - Choir - Who's who - Melde Magazine

❧ ENTRY 5 ❧ Tenant-in-chief and Lord in 1086: Abbey of Ely (St Etheldreda), Lord in 1086: Hardwin (of Scales). Other resources: 1 church. Phillimore reference: 5,32

The village, once famous for its fruit production, is now home to many commuters who work in Cambridge and London. Orchards still exist in Meldreth, and locally-grown fruits and vegetables are sold in the village, most notably the Meldreth greengage.

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The village has an extremely active History Group with a splendid website containing many images and stories of the village in bygone years.  Click to the History website.

This web site offers only an introduction to the unique experience we offer children at Meldreth Primary School. Therefore, we would like to extend a warm invitation to both you and your children to visit our school and see for yourselves the children at work and play.

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“I was born in America and started at Meldreth last term. When I joined the school everyone was very kind and helpful which made me feel very welcome – which was GREAT!” Emma Year 4

❧ ENTRY 9 ❧ Tenant-in-chief and Lord in 1086: Abbey of Ely (St Etheldreda), Lord in 1086: Guy of Raimbeaucourt. Households: 10 freemen. Lord in 1066: Freemen, ten. Phillimore reference: 5,33

Mrs Sara Butler is the author of the 3rd book called‘Meldreth Village’. This is in 2 parts written in 1972 & 1978 and has a wealth of very interesting details of village life through the eyes of one who actually lived in the village in the early 20th century right up to well after the 2nd World War.

In 1952, the Royal Train carrying King George VI's body passed through the station on its journey from Sandringham to London. Residents gathered on the platform to pay their last respects to the King.

We aspire to make learning fun and a natural part of life for our children. We want our children to become  confident,  independent learners with inquiring minds, and develop as individuals to their full potential; therefore, we expect them to give their best in all that they do. We believe that children should be encouraged to develop positive, caring attitudes towards themselves, each other and their wider community. 

❧ ENTRY 1 ❧ Tenant-in-chief and Lord in 1086: Guy of Raimbeaucourt. Households: 15 smallholders. 1 slave. 3 cottagers. Ploughland: 5 ploughlands (land for). 1 lord's plough teams. 4 men's plough teams. Other resources: 0.5 lord's lands. Meadow 5 ploughs. 2 mills, value 0.53.