Leytonstone tube station is on the Central line of the London Underground.

One person was overheard on mobile phone footage of the incident shouting at Mire: “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv.”

Scotland Yard originally classed the attack in December 2015 as an act of terrorism. It came as fears of Islamic State were at their peak, coming weeks after marauding terrorist gunmen attacked Paris.

But subsequent inquiries did not support Mire’s actions being part of a political, religious or ideological cause, which is the definition of terrorism. Nonetheless, Haydon said Mire had been inspired by Isis material he downloaded on to his phone to commit violence.

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But the victim, the doctor who treated him and a substantial part of Britain’s security establishment believed Mire’s violence was a result of his acute mental health problems rather than a political motivation.

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A Polish man, Daniel Bielinski, whom Mire tried to slash with his knife outside the tube station, reacted by filming him with his phone camera. In the footage, Bielinski can be heard shouting warnings to others to be careful and to call the police.

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A man with a history of mental illness who repeatedly cut the throat of a stranger at a London tube station claiming it was in revenge for Syria, has been convicted of attempted murder.

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We are delighted to announce that Leytonstone school is now officially good. The school was inspected on 15th and 16th June and the inspectors found us good in all categories.

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“Part of their propaganda is specifically targeted in relation to the vulnerable. We’re not just talking about mental health here, we’re talking about vulnerable individuals within the community. As a result of what I would call inspiration as a result of that propaganda, we are seeing more and more lone actors. Spontaneous volatile extremists is another term.”

A witness described Mire as having “wide and staring” eyes, “like he was not there”.

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Haydon said the attack was not politically motivated but down to Mire’s mental illness. The attacker had been inspired by Isis propaganda, which posed a danger to the vulnerable.

Rees told the jury that Mire appeared to be suffering a relapse of his psychosis in the weeks before the attack, but added: “It is not suggested in this case that the defendant was legally insane during the incident,” nor that he was incapable of forming the intent of attempted murder.

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Our aim is to get the best out of every student; because of this we put Learning and Teaching at the centre of our work. Our curriculum is broad and enables real extension and challenge of the most able and support and interventions for students who need it.

The prosecutor, Jonathan Rees QC, said Mire’s comments during the attacks showed he was “motivated for revenge for what was happening in Syria”, the attack coming days after the British parliament had voted to join bombing attacks against Isis in the country.

Mire had a history of mental illness and was experiencing paranoid delusions a month before the attack. He had missed an appointment with a community mental health team four days before the incident on 5 December 2015.

Despite police initially classing it as a terrorist incident, there was no meeting of the government’s crisis committee, Cobra, which has convened after other terrorist attacks, nor statements from the prime minister. Mire is believed to have acted alone, and there is no evidence he acted under direction or as part of any network.

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He will be sentenced on 27 July and has been detained at Broadmoor high-security mental health facility.

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Haydon said it had been right to treat the attack as potentially terrorist at the start because of words uttered by Mire, such as “Allahu Akbar”, and his comments about Syria. That impression was buttressed by the material detectives found on his phone.

These are exciting times. We have brand new facilities for Science, Technology, Music, Art and Drama which provide outstanding learning resources for a 21st century curriculum. Our beautiful main school building has been totally updated and refurbished we have brand new catering, play and sports facilities.

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