New head brewer Mikaela Finnigan said; “I am so proud to be able to produce quality local beers again.

Britain on the Breadline: A Social and Political History of Britain by Keith Laybourn (Sutton, 1998)

The ruins are open any reasonable time during daylight hours

Mr Robinson said: “I was a massive fan of the Jarrow Brewery and I frequented all their pubs for many years. The décor of their public houses was always first class and I loved their recollection of local history in their beer names.

Jarrow is a constituency[n 1] ESE of and adjoining Newcastle upon Tyne represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament by Stephen Hepburn of the Labour Party.[n 2]

...Jarrow Borough Council, on 20th July 1936 decided to present a petition to Parliament, delivered by men who had marched the 300 miles to London.

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Britain 1939: with war came rearmament and employment  © The Jarrow marchers successfully reached London, but despite considerable public sympathy the crusade made little real impact. Ellen broke from the march in order to address the Labour party conference and, with tears streaming down her face, exhorted delegates to '...tell the government our people shall not starve!' She failed, however, to win special attention for her cause.

1918-1950: The Municipal Borough of Jarrow, and the Urban Districts of Felling and Hebburn.

A mouth organ band was a great success, 'keeping the men swinging along all the time'...

'... utterly stagnant. There was no work. No one had a job except a few railwaymen, officials, the workers in the co-operative stores, and a few workmen who went out of the town... the plain fact [is] that if people have to live and bear and bring up their children in bad houses on too little food, their resistance to disease is lowered and they die before they should.' (The Town that was Murdered, 1939).

Time was called on Jarrow Brewery after the firm slumped into administration twice in a matter of months last year, but now a welcome successor has rose up to build on its legacy.

The wages of all family members, and any household assets, were taken into account when deciding whether or not relief should be paid. This meant that in some cases redundant men were dependant on their daughters or wives, a situation that did not fit in with the mores of the time.

During these years unemployment benefit lasted for 26 weeks; when this time was up, people were given transitional payments, subject to the resented Household Means Test introduced in 1931. The Unemployment Assistance Board was created in 1934, and was responsible for the long-term unemployed. The relief given, however, was totally inadequate and was grudgingly given.

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It was her international politics that led Ellen to rebel against Labour party policy. She was disapproved of because she tolerated communist involvement in anti-fascist groups, but she did just manage not to be expelled from the party.

Access: Limited disabled access. The site contains some slopes and is mostly grassed, but there are some paths.

The marchers were carefully chosen. Women were not invited. Men were medically examined, and 200 fit men were appointed to march. A second-hand bus was bought to carry cooking equipment, and ground sheets were provided for outside rests. An advance guard was sent out to arrange overnight stops and public meetings. Finally a religious service was held on the eve of departure to bless, and set the tone for, the crusade.

The marchers made no en masse assault on the House of Commons, leaving Ellen Wilkinson to present their petition on 4th November, watched by some of her fellow protesters in the gallery. Despite Ellen's eloquence as the petition was accepted, no specific proposal was made for Jarrow's relief. Ellen later told one of her colleagues that, when she had asked the prime minister to receive a deputation from the men, he had refused: 'He said he was too busy.'

“The festival attracts 2,000 to 3,000 people and will be a great way to spread our word.

Borough businessman Jess McConnell finally admitted defeat in a bid to salvage his beloved brewery when he was declared bankrupt in October.

“I have purchased the brewing plant that was based in South Shields and every recipe that was brewed by Jarrow Brewery.

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Jarrow is reached from the south by the A1(M) via the A194, and is connected to North Tyneside and Northumberland via the Tyne Tunnel.

He has already splashed out £50,000 to get the brewery up and running and sees the glass as far from half empty for its prospects to come.

The new range of beers are taking pride of place at McConnell’s Gin and Ale House in Walter Street, Jarrow from tomorrow and will also be on sale at the Holborn Rose and Crown, The Address and the Marine, all South Shields, the Jolly Sailor in Whitburn and the Beggars Bridge, East Boldon.

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“When I heard that the remaining assets of the Jarrow Brewery were for sale I found it an opportunity that I could not resist.

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Ashington, Consett, Newcastle Benfield, Morpeth Town and Jarrow Roofing BCA are all in contention to lift the Division One crown

Mr Robinson added: “We have four beers at the moment and would like there to be a minimum of 39 on sale over the next 18 months.

He will also be given vital help at the helm by two former Jarrow Brewery stalwarts, Shaun Dunn, who is in charge of transport logistics, and head brewer Mikaela Finnigan.


“We are looking to distribute to between 200 and 300 pubs.

Ellen's achievements were many. As Minister of Education in the 1945 Labour government, her greatest victory was the raising of the school-leaving age to 15, despite the shortage of buildings in war-damaged Britain and the need for 13,000 extra teachers. It was a measure of her political intelligence that, despite the vehemence with which she expressed her views, she remained one of her party's stars.

Darren was appointed editor of the Chronicle in September 2011, following a six-year spell as editor of the Evening Gazette in Teesside.

“North eastern drinkers were devastated when the Jarrow Brewery closed”.

The International Faith : Labour's Attitudes to European Socialism, 1918 - 1939 by Christine Collette (Ashgate, 1998)

1983-1997: The Metropolitan Borough of South Tyneside wards of Bede, Biddick Hall, Boldon Colliery, Cleadon and East Boldon, Fellgate and Hedworth, Hebburn Quay, Hebburn South, Monkton, Primrose, and Whitburn and Marsden.

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“We are already supplying the gin and ales for the Bill Quay Beer and Music Festival during the Bank Holiday weekend this month.