During the Second World War the port was used as a naval base, and was the Royal Navy's headquarters for the Humber.[43] Anti-aircraft batteries were located around the dock during the war[44][45]

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Yes, roadworks will be required to carry out the works safely.

The Port of Immingham offers an extensive range of roro and lolo freight services to Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic.

The A160 and A180 are near Immingham, which is close to Grimsby. The project is situated in North East Lincolnshire.

Immingham is a town, civil parish and ward in the North East Lincolnshire unitary authority of England. It is situated on the southwest bank of the Humber Estuary, and is 6 miles (10 km) north-west from Grimsby.

Shortly after opening a large reinforced concrete grain silo was completed (1913), capable of holding 20,000 tons of grain. The silo was built by Stuart's Granolithic Company, and grain handling equipment supplied by Henry Simon (Manchester).[41][map 12]

The Port of Immingham is the UK's largest port by tonnage, handling around 55 million tonnes.  

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In late 2012 the project was announced as one of four selected for accelerated delivery, with the aim of cutting around 18 months off the time to completion. Work on this project is expected to start in summer 2015 instead of during 2016 and complete by autumn 2016 instead of during 2018. It is important to note that this is subject to the successful completion of statutory processes and the construction budget being agreed.

In early 2016 work began on the reconstruction of Immingham Civic Centre – an aim was to concentrate public services at one location including Immingham Town Council, North East Lincolnshire Council offices, Humberside Police offices, Shoreline (housing agent) offices, a Library and the Immingham museum.[64][65]

In 2008 a 48 acres (19 ha) site was acquired in Stallingborough in 2008 to increase off dock estate storage space for cars. The site was operational by 2011.[69]

During the 1930s the port was used for cruise ships, with vessels of the Orient Steam Navigation Company, White Star Line and Blue Star Line calling at the port.[43]

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In January 2015 Tesco announced cost cutting plans following falling sales, and halted development of 49 stores,[59][60] The built but unopened store in Immingham was mothballed,[61] having had its opening previously delayed.[62] As of late 2015 the unopened Tesco supermarket was being retained by Tesco.[63]

In 1874 a report was commissioned from Charles Liddell on alternatives to expansion at Grimsby – it recommended a new dock west of Grimsby at South Killingholme, preferable due to low land costs and proximity to the Humber estuary's navigable channel. Liddel's scheme was not proceeded with at that time.[1][2]

The length of the project is approximately 5km and the main aspects include:

Narrow lanes have been installed through the A180 Brocklesby junction and a 50mph speed is in operation on this section of the A180. A 40 mph speed limit is in operation on the A160 from Brocklesby to Eastfield Road with some areas reducing to 20mph.

Due to high demand for coal shipment facilities in the aftermath of a coal strike, the dock was provisionally opened on 15 May 1912.[38] The dock was official opened on 22 July 1912 by the King George V and Queen Mary;[39] at the ceremony permission was given to name the new dock "The King's Dock", a moniker which did not persist; Sam Fay, general manager of the GCR was unexpectedly knighted by the King during the proceedings.[40]

The dock was designed by the firm of Sir John Wolfe Barry and partners, and contracted to Price, Wills and Reeves (Westminster), constructed on a site of over 1,000 acres (4.0 km2), with a river frontage of about 1.5 miles (2.4 km).[14] Work was formally initiated on the dock by Lady Henderson, wife of the Great Central chairman Alexandra Henderson in July 1906.[14][15]

Staff on the A160 Port of Immingham Improvement Scheme are promoting a ‘Bees Needs’ approach to bumblebee conservation. The team have adopted a ‘Be Safe Bee Friendly’ approach to the much endangered British bumblebee. The A160 team invited Gill Perkins, the Conservation Manager for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to speak and conduct a bumblebee walk through the project’s specially constructed water vole habitat.

Population of the civil parish was 9,861 in 2001,[6] and 9,642 in 2011.[1]

The objectives of the project are to reduce traffic congestion and improve journey time reliability to meet the needs of current traffic flows and predicted growth in traffic resulting from existing and future developments. The project also seeks to improve safety for road users and the local community.

During the First World War, Immingham was a submarine base for British D class submarine.[30] There was also an anti-aircraft battery in the town, manned with 1 pounder and later a 12-pounder gun.[31]

Immingham Town Council serving the village of Immingham in Lincolnshire. Please contact us if you have questions concerning the work of the Town Council, if you have any concerns that you feel the Council should be aware of or where it can help or support you.

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There are two abandoned sites of medieval villages in the parish: that of the village of Immingham, northwest of the modern town, near St Andrew's Church; and Roxton in the southern extremity of the parish.[5]

Forthcoming closures are listed below. Works are weather dependant and may have to be cancelled at short notice. Diversion timings are approximate and act as a guideline only. This information is not in real time; please check Traffic England for current traffic conditions.

A180 Immingham slip road closures west to A160 diversion route 


The expansion of the village included: Eastfield County Junior School built in 1970; expansion of the comprehensive school, 1973;[13] a shopping centre "Kennedy Way" constructed in 1965-7; and north of the centre 18 blocks of five storey flats constructed by George Wimpey from 1965;[40] a Civic Centre also opened in 1965.[40]

This flythrough video shows the proposed improvements to the A160 between the junction with the A180 at Brocklesby interchange and the Port of Immingham. A consultation on was held between Monday 8 April and Monday 20 May 2013.

At the beginning of the 1950s the village of Immingham had little expanded.[38] Development of new industries on the South Humber bank after the Second World War caused further growth of the town. By 1981 the population had risen to 11,506; making it North Lincolnshire's fourth town, after Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Scunthorpe.[39]

From the mid 19th century onwards the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway developed the Port of Grimsby into a modern outlet for its rail system onto the east coast of England.

The shipyard at the graving docks closed in 2001. The Henderson Graving Dock has been converted into a shipping berth.[46]

Churchfield Manor, in the northwest of the town dates to the late 1600s/early 1700s.[23] Belmont cottage south of the church dates to the early 1800s.[24] Both are now listed structures.

In 1950 a fertilizer plant was established on the dock estate, to the southeast.[map 13] (See Fisons, Immingham.)

A Liquid Petroleum Gas handling jetty "Immingham Gas Jetty" was opened in 1985 at a cost of £5 million;[map 17] the terminal was connected to underground storage operated by Conoco and Calor Gas.[57]