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Holford Engineering provides solutions for the cost effective supply of finish machined and assembled product. Its products are distributed globally and support a wide variety of industry sectors and markets.

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Ben Goldacre Saturday January 6, 2007 The Guardian

Patrick Holford has now solicited his subscribers to write positively about him on his wikipedia page, in a mailout earlier today:

As you can see, Holford’s wikipedia page is currently about a third full of material he has written attacking me, of all things. Read the rest of this entry »

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Holford Kelting, just north of the village, is a 5.3 ha (13 acres) nature reserve run by the Somerset Wildlife Trust and is part of the Quantock Hills Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).[13] The Ge-mare Farm Fields SSSI consists of an unimproved species-rich flood pasture community with interest enhanced by the presence of a wetter area supporting a lowland mire community. These habitats are rare both nationally and within the county of Somerset.[14]

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The manufacturing facility has process capabilities that encompass the latest technology CNC machine tools. These are detailed in our capacity section but briefly comprise, Horizontal and Vertical machining centres, Vertical turning and boring, Turning, Surface and Cylindrical grinding, EDM wire eroding, Assembly plus a comprehensive Engineering Design capability.

The 15th century Dodington Hall manor house contains the mechanism of a water driven spit in the cellar below the kitchen, and also has heraldic glass dating back to 1485 in parlour wing.[7]

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Inside this issue… Trip to Cadbury World | Arguing for Argument’s Sake | Do you have the EDGE? | Success in Sport | Austrian Ski Trip | MBE awarded to our Headteacher | A French Adventure | MMU Art Exhibition | and more …

Ben Goldacre Saturday February 17, 2007 The Guardian

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The Independent has put its green columnist Julia Stephenson on to Panorama’s Wi-Fi scare story: a charming green party candidate and beef heiress living in Chelsea on a trust fund, who believes her symptoms of tiredness and headache are caused by electromagnetic radiation from phones and Wi-Fi. Read the rest of this entry »

Holford is a World Class manufacturing facility. It supports its customer base with a complete one stop manufacturing package.

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Read more on “Professor Patrick Holford” here, there, here, there, here and here.

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…is the title of a stage show I’ve written with a friend. Amazingly it looks like it might Read the rest of this entry »

Our school motto is Inspiring People Changing Lives.  We place a high priority on developing the values and beliefs to make our pupils into good people as well as providing them with the qualifications to enter the best universities in the country and move on to influential careers.

And reassuringly, meanwhile, Rath researcher Raxit Jariwalla seems to have backed down somewhat. Here is his Read the rest of this entry »

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This is the page after “Clarkeola” deleted the criticism:

The Holford Arms, Knockdown, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8QY

We strive every day to meet the challenge of our motto Inspiring People Changing Lives.  As you look through this website I hope you will get a flavour of the ambitious, forward thinking, successful and happy family that is Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College.

Dodington became a civil parish in 1866, but in 1933 the civil parish was abolished and absorbed into the civil parish of Holford.[11]


Here’s a bit of a data dump of some of the critical news coverage that Patrick Holford’s “Food Is Better Than Medicine” tour of South Africa has picked up. They’re not very impressed in Africa by his claim that vitamin C is better than AZT, and Holford seems a bit conflicted over it himself. Here’s a typical news quote…

Holford is a village and civil parish in West Somerset within the Quantock Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and about 10 miles (16 km) west of Bridgwater and 6 miles (10 km) east of Williton. The village has a population of 392.[1] The village is on the Quantock Greenway and Coleridge Way footpaths. The parish includes the village of Dodington.

From the letters page today: Read the rest of this entry »

I think that means it’s likely to be vandalised on and off for a good long while to come. I’m perfectly serious when I say I don’t think it’s appropriate for readers of this to get involved.

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The core Wikipedia values include, at the risk of encountering the scorn of wiki nerds for oversimplifying: NPOV (“neutral point of view”), no original research, verifiable information only, and citing sources. It’s a fascinating and important project, here’s a good link, it deserves out support and nurturing (moving music please), and it’s our collective responsibility to help prevent it being inaccurate, or abusive, or anything not NPOV:

So far, I have only published one example of this behaviour, and it was referred to on his Wikipedia page. Alongside the lavish biographical praise, this page had an element of criticism, with a lot of references in nice parentheses: