The highly affluent area of Highgate can be found to the Northwest of Hampstead Heath. A smaller area of London with a wealthy background, its prosperity can be easily seen through the rolling greens, with spacious parks and gardens that frame the small town.

In Victorian times St Mary Magdalene House of Charity in Highgate was a refuge for former prostitutes - "fallen women" - where Christina Rossetti was a volunteer from 1859 to 1870. It may have inspired her best-known poem, Goblin Market.


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If you take the opposite approach, in the middle of Highgate Hill you'll find the Whittington Stone statue. It commemorates the spot where Dick Whittington and his cat allegedly heard the Bow Bells chiming "turn again, Whittington, thrice Lord Mayor of London".

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Until late Victorian times it was a distinct village outside London, sitting astride the main road to the north. The area retains many green expanses including the eastern part of Hampstead Heath, three ancient woods,[2] Waterlow Park and the eastern-facing slopes known as Highgate bowl.

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We may close for short periods to facilitate funerals. In addition, for your safety, strong winds or icy weather may occasionally require us to close the cemetery to visitors. 

Highgate Village, at the centre of the area, is full of community life; containing various cafes, tea rooms and bars. The compact high street is bustling and lively. Around the rim of the town are various woods, such as Highgate, Queens and Bluebell Wood, alongside the awe-inspiring Hampstead Heath, which offers incredible views from one of the highest points in London.

The village is at the top of North Hill which provides views across London: it is 129 metres (423 ft) above sea level at its highest point.[5]

Like much of London, Highgate suffered damage during World War II by German air raids. The local tube station was used as a bomb shelter.

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Separated from Hampstead by the wonderful wilds of Hampstead Heath, the serene Highgate village is teeming with history, culture, A-list inhabitants and gastro-pubs.

C2 stops at Parliament Hill Fields. C11 stops at Brookfield Park. Buses 143, 210 and 271 stop at Waterlow Park on Highgate Hill.

Other schools in the area include single sex schools Channing Girls’ School and William Ellis' Boy's School. Both of these have excellent track records, and are generally the next option for parents unable to afford the fees for the exclusive Highgate School.

The name of the village is commonly /ˈhaɪɡeɪt/; however, the London Underground in announcements at Highgate tube station[7] uses the alternative pronunciation of /ˈhaɪɡᵻt/, where the final syllable matches the last syllable in "frigate".


Buses: Local bus routes include numbers 143 (to Brent Cross), 210 (to Finsbury Park), and the 603 (to Muswell Hill). Both buses 214 and 217 (to Moorgate) operate 24 hour services. 


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There is a bicycle rack outside the West Cemetery gates.

If hanging around a cemetery (however beautiful) isn't exactly your cup of tea, there are several great restaurants, pubs and bars in the area as well. Boogaloo, for example, is a pub that hosts a market and themed DJ nights.

Highgate Cemetery is the burial place of Karl Marx, Michael Faraday, Douglas Adams, George Eliot, Jacob Bronowski, Sir Ralph Richardson, Christina Rossetti, Sir Sidney Nolan, Alexander Litvinenko, Malcolm McLaren, Radclyffe Hall and Joseph Wolf.

The East Cemetery is where Karl Marx is buried. Visitors may roam freely on this side, but there is an entrance charge.

Tube: Underground services from Highgate station in Zone 3 take just 20 minutes to Bank. Some locals choose to walk to nearby Archway as it is in Zone 2, one stop south of Highgate on the Northern line.

Time Out's guide to Highgate's best restaurants, pubs, parks and things to do

Historically, Highgate adjoined the Bishop of London's hunting estate. Highgate gets its name from these hunting grounds, as there was a high, deer-proof hedge surrounding the estate: 'the gate in the hedge'.[6]


The cemetery can get muddy underfoot, so do wear sensible shoes.

North-east of Hampstead Heath, Highgate has long been a distinguished neighbourhood. It has been home to notables for centuries: Dickens had James Steerforth live there in 'David Copperfield'. There's also the famous Highgate Cemetery, where people like Karl Marx and Douglas Adams are buried.

The wealth of the area can be seen in the various Victorian-style buildings, the prices of which are often among the most expensive in the UK.

If you approach Highgate Village from North Road you will pass Highgate School. Now an exclusive fee-paying public school, it was originally established in 1565 for the local poor. T.S Eliot was a master at the school, and past students include the poet John Betjeman, and Clive Sinclair, inventor of the pocket calculator.

Highgate is known for its pubs which line the old high street and surrounding streets. Some notable favourites are the Angel, the Flask, the Duke's Head and the Wrestlers.

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In later centuries Highgate was associated with the highwayman Dick Turpin.

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