Painted handleless shaker cabinetry mixed with a real chimney, range cooker, light flooring and crisp white Corian worktops make this kitchen a lovely mix of the traditional and contemporary.

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The front garden has a notable giant redwood tree/[7]

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Inspired by a visit to a Belgian cafe this elegant tradition kitchen has beautiful detailing.

I am the Deputy Director of the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, and administer the Unit's archaeological dating programmes.

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I am secretary to the NERC - AHRC National Radiocarbon Facility advisory panel.

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As we carry out both the design and manufacturing element ourselves and in England we are able to offer a high degree of personalisation, quality and service.

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We welcome customers to visit the workshop so they can get an insight into the materials, quality, flexibility and the sheer work involved in realising their designs.

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