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A horse-drawn, open coffin housing an effigy of the ex-prime minister was paraded through the village.

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The main secondary school in the area is The Dearne Advanced Learning Centre which was previously known as the Dearne High School- a specialist humanities college Before it moved sites in 2011 which caters for around 1,300 pupils aged 11–16 years. There are three main primary schools: Dearne Goldthorpe Primary School (3-11, community school), Dearne Highgate Primary School (3-11, community school) and Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School (3-11, voluntary aided school).

This post absolutely hit the nail on the head lol, my family were unfortunate enough to move there and regretted it every day until they moved. It’s absolutely heaving with inbred, criminal, drug addicted scum bags who wouldn’t know a job if it took a s**t on their face lol. Just another run down angry village.

We are very excited to have moved to our brand new school. We are busy getting everything ready for when we start back on the 6th of September!

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Anyone who starts a sentence with Oh my days,needs help. In the UK we say ‘Oh my God’. Is there any county which produces uglier women than Yorkshire. It isn’t a Northern thing because the women in Manchester and Scouseland are pretty hot and my mate is from Bury and she looks like a model. Yorkshire though,is it the genes? Is it all that rabbit skinning.

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Co-operative street is highly recommended for any chav wanting the low life and street fights more accustomed to the Bronx than a south yorkshire town, as soon as you move in dont forget to hang that england flag outside your window as this is a sure fire way to be accepted into the town that sent two BNP members to european parliament.

But there was an opposing view from a woman carrying her shopping away from the protest: "I just couldn't do that to anybody, what's done is done. Things move on."

He took me on a tour of his hometown.

The still struggling area is once again facing troubled times. Between 2011 to 2014, Government austerity measures will force Barnsley Council to axe 1,300 jobs and save £45m.

One property in the town displayed a huge sign saying: "The Lady's not for turning but tonight she'll be for burning."

Pick Up / Drop Off at the Bus stops on Barnsley Rd (Station Side for Sheffield, opposite Total Garage for Leeds)

The effigy was set on fire on waste ground at around 15:15 BST and fireworks let off.

The colliery that once employed thousands is now a wasteland used by dog walkers.

In 2011, plans to regenerate Goldthorpe and build a new school, homes and shops had been shelved. Rows of derelict houses sat waiting to be developed.

Caroline Woodcock said: "I agree completely what she did was wrong - closing the steel works, the pits - but this is a person and she's got a right to a peaceful funeral."

Goldthorpe is a village within the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, in South Yorkshire, England. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, it was anciently a small medieval farming village, Goldthorpe is recorded in the Domesday Book and was under the Manor of Bolton upon Dearne which was once owned by Roger de Busli. The village falls within the Dearne North Ward of the Barnsley MBC.

Goldthorpe railway station opened in 1988 on the Wakefield Line.

In April 2013 an estimated two thousand people took part in a mock funeral on the day of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's real funeral in London. A fake coffin was paraded through Goldthorpe, and an effigy of Thatcher burnt on the site of the former colliery. Many blame Thatcher for the demise of the coal industry during her time in office.[1] In 1984 two teenage boys had died in Goldthorpe while collecting coal during the strike; a memorial to them was built in 2011.[2]

It’s not that bad really there are some really nice people here and not everyone is the same there is good and bad wherever you go

She said: "It was a brilliant community, it was really busy, but now everything has gone dead because no-one has got any money, there's no jobs."

Goldthorpe Market is located just off the A635 in Goldthorpe town centre. The main market days are Tuesday and Saturday. The market has 64 stalls.

If you want to discover what life was really like during neanderthal times then jump on a train and head to Goldthorpe, this south yorkshire s******e from the stone ages is so behind times even the Wright Brothers would be stunned. but lets take a look at this Libyan-Twinned town and discover the people and landmarks that make this place a dump.

When you choose a street to live on, try to engage in conversation with some of your neighbours, people in Goldthorpe arent used to friendly chit-chat and like to end the conversation abruptly with a curt ”ah’ll burgle ya fooking house later” before sauntering on their merry way to the nearest off licence for more stella.

As you arrive at Goldthorpe station its easy to see you are no longer in civilisation, the locals here dont like foreigners and you dont even have to come from another country or be a different shade of colour to be made aware of this, just as long as you dont speak ”BAARRNSLAY” will make Goldthorpe’s locals treat you like any other cotton picker day or night.

Welcome to Goldthorpe Primary School! Goldthorpe is a village within the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, in South Yorkshire, England. Historically within the West Riding of Yorkshire, in ancient times it was a small medieval farming village and is even recorded

Heather Hopwood, landlady of the Rusty Dudley, in Goldthorpe, near Barnsley, said the village had "died" since the pit closure in 1994.

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Goldthorpe is visited often by the local police and you may soon be recieving a visit too especially if you want your moped back. Police in Goldthorpe have a calming effect on the locals, because if any trouble starts removing the beer and drugs from the offender is a sure way to restore order.

i am from goldthorpe and would just like to say that there are a few people who are like this but most of us are pleasant people each to their own but don’t judge the place come and see it first and meet us people who live here


Goldthorpe is easy to get into but hard to get out of, however if you are just visiting its always best to go in armed with a cricket bat or a machete which can be stolen from all local garden sheds in the South Yorkshire county. however if you are considering moving down here this guide will tell you all you need to know about becoming ”scum of the earth”.

Goldthorpe was represented in the FA Cup by two teams in the 1920s and 1930s - Goldthorpe Colliery F.C. and Goldthorpe United F.C. Goldthorpe is home to Dearne CC, a cricket club that was established in 1926 and currently plays in Division 5 of the South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League

In the early 18th century Barnsley Attorney William Henry Marsden Esquire of nearby Burntwood Hall bought the Lord of the Manor of Bolton on Dearne with Goldthorpe for £10,000 together with over 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) of land. Goldthorpe is recorded in the 1761-1767 Inclosure Awards. The Marsden family continued to hold the manor until 1815.

Goldthorpe’s average life expectancy is around 35-40 years old so teenage pregnancy rates are sky high. If you are 13 years old and still not a parent then you are not the sort of person fit to live in Goldthorpe, its important as a young parent that you teach your ratboy or ratgirl the basics of survival. Make sure they know how to burgle houses and are experienced in robbery before their 12th birthday or their first court hearing (whichever is sooner).

Everyone in the village is talking about it; one man stops to say that "we're paying for her funeral so we can do what we like…. no-one liked her".

Read my 2011 Big Issue in the North piece about Goldthorpe here; the 2013 update is here.

I totally agree wi who wrote it, live there for 6 years f****** dive, worst mistake I ever made its a village full of narrow minded, nosey, s*** stirring, benefit scrounging low life druggie scumbags and the best thing for that place is an atom bom.