Off a lane called Clarkson Road, Wolfson Court is standing proudly; Let its story now be told

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Verse 2: When I applied to Jesus I was sure my heart was set, But when I saw it my great expectations were not met, So I messed up my interview, I knew where I'd be sent,

Girton is a village of about 1,600 households, and 4,500 people in Cambridgeshire, England. It lies about two miles to the northwest of Cambridge, and is the home of Cambridge University's Girton College, a pioneer in women's education, which was moved there from a previous site in Hertfordshire in 1872.

Girton is home to three public houses; the Old Crown opened in around 1840, The George (formerly the George and Dragon) was opened by a blacksmith in the 1850s, and The Traveller's Rest is a modern addition on Huntingdon Road on the outskirts of Cambridge. The village's first pub, the White Horse was opened in around 1760 but closed in the late 20th century.[3]

Girton became co-residential as well, which meant that male and female students shared the same facilities. Only one all-female corridor in which rooms were reserved exclusively for women remained. Upon the arrival of male undergraduates, JCR and MCR social facilities had to be enlarged. The college bar was opened in 1979 as well as rugby, cricket and soccer pitches provided from 1982 onwards.[29][30]

Graduate students have the option of either living in Wolfson court or in one of the seven graduate houses the college owns. They are located on Huntingdon Road, Chesterton Road, Albert Street, Thornton Road and Park Parade, all in central Cambridge.[99] Furthermore, there are four flats available at Cockcroft place in Clarkson road.[99] One house on Huntingdon Road is used to accommodate research fellows.[99]

Hisako, Princess Takamado, member of the Japanese Imperial Family

The Girton Town Charity Educational Grant Scheme is open to all individuals leaving secondary education for further or higher education or training.

Did you know that you can benefit from two services – Relate and Citizen’s Advice Bureau – right here in Girton? With funding from Girton Town Charity (GTC), both organisations deliver a range of services to Village residents, without them having to travel into the centre of Cambridge.

Congratulations to Dr Sabesan (Tucker-Price Research Fellow) for winning the RAEng Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year competition and for also receiving the Sir George Macfarlane Medal, for excellence in the early stage of his career at the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) Awards Dinner on Thursday 23 June…

and also thy gifts, which of thy bounty we are about to receive; and having been wholesomely nourished by the same let us dutifully render to thee the thanks that are owed. Protect, we beseech thee, O Lord, thy sons and daughters and provide for the needs both of our souls and bodies,

The parish church has been dedicated to Saint Andrew since at least 1240. Part of the west tower contains stones that were probably part of an earlier 11th century church on the site, and there are parts of 13th century construction still in evidence, but the present building was largely rebuilt in the 15th and 16th centuries.[3] The church was owned by Ramsey Abbey from the 12th century until the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Another song, composed in 1972 by JCR president Anna Cocconi,[16] is called Song to Wolfson Court. The annexe of the college was opened in that year. Students often found fault with the modern architecture of the building, which was less spacious and elegant than the main site. The first two stanzas go as follows:

Gilly is based at GTC’s offices at 22 High Street on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 10.00am until 1.00pm.

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The Anglo-Saxon collection stems from excavations on the college main site made during construction work in 1881 and 1886, when an Anglo-Saxon cemetery, presumably from the fifth and sixth century AD, was discovered.[60] Most findings, such as domestic utensils and personal items, were long held in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge. Some were only returned to the college as late as in 2008.[60]

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In addition to helping residents in specific circumstances – each one assessed on need and eligibility – we also offer a range of Schemes and Grants.

In 1952, the year of the Golden Jubilee of the inauguration, a stained glass window was erected.[47] In the Girton Review, the college's official termly newsletter, from Michaelmas term 1955, a description of the glass window can be found:

Girton has one of the largest and most comprehensive College libraries in the University. It also houses a unique archive of Girton's pioneering history. Library >  |  Archive & Special Collections >

Ellen Wordsworth Darwin née Crofts, the second wife of Sir Francis Darwin is buried in the churchyard of St. Andrew's Church.

One of the main ways we can offer help is in the form of Personal Grants so that you can pay for things to enable you to do this – whether it's providing a disabled shower, helping fund some training for a career change in later life or buying equipment for a member of your family with special needs.

And some of Double Firsts, And truly of their species These are not the worst; But of all the Cambridge heroes There’s none that can compare With Woodhead, Cook and Lumsden,

Gilly O’Brien will be known to many Village residents, as she has lived here for a number of years and most recently worked in an administrative role at Girton Glebe School. 

It's a long way to go, It's a long long way to Girton College, To the best Mistress I know. Goodbye Kings' Parade, Farewell Market Square, It's a long long way to Girton College, But my heart's right there (OR But my bike rides there)

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Girton Town Charity (GTC) exists to enable Girton residents to lead as full a life as possible in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The Mediterranean collection offers both Classical and pre-Classical material. A collection of Greek Tanagra figurines, which date to the fourth and third century BC, form the most remarkable pieces of this collection.

Hundred rooms with running water, Could you ever ask for more? Not unless you choose a boy-friend,

Bless us, O Lord, and all members of this college,

On the Tompkins Table, Girton has averaged at about rank 20 out of 29 colleges in the past 15 years. In 2011, it came 23rd, with 16.3% of all undergraduate students gaining a First class.


The college has a tradition of fostering student equality, kept alive with a balanced male-to-female ratio, a ballot system for room distribution and several equal-access admittance schemes. It also has a reputation of encouraging talent in music. Several art collections are held on the main site, including People's Portraits, the millennial exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and an Egyptian collection containing the world's most reproduced portrait mummy.

The oldest college song, The Girton Pioneers, was composed by several students in Hitchin in 1873.[16] Its purpose was to celebrate the first three students who sat the Tripos examinations in 1871.[105] It is sung with the tune of The British Grenadiers. This is the first stanza:

Through fundraising, £7,000 were collected, which allowed for the purchase of land either at Hitchin or near Cambridge in 1871.[18] By 1872, sixteen acres of land at the present site were acquired near the village of Girton.[18][19] The college was then renamed Girton College, and opened at the new location in October 1873.[18] The buildings had cost £12,000,[20] and consisted of a single block which comprised the east half of Old Wing.[21] At the time, thirteen students were admitted.[22]

Most undergraduate students live in the main site, and second years have the option of living at Wolfson court, or at one of the college houses: The college owns six houses along Girton road, another one located opposite the college on Huntingdon Road called The Gate and one house located on the college grounds, called The Grange.[99] These houses are available for second and third year undergraduates.

The current village sign, situated on the corner of Redgate Road and Cambridge Road was erected in 1985 after a fund-raising campaign.

Three out of five people will be a carer at some point in their lives and it’s important that they know about the services and support available in their area. That’s why Girton Town Charity (GTC) is delighted to support a number of initiatives in collaboration with Carers Trust Cambridgeshire to help the many carers currently living in the Village.

If you have problems using public transport, do not have your own transport or find it difficult to use your own car, GTC’s Hospital Taxi Scheme can help you get to outpatient appointments at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Brookfields Hospital or Chesterton Hospital.

Listed as Grittune in around 1060 and Grittune in the Domesday Book, the village's name is derived from the Old English grēot + tūn meaning "farmstead or village on gravelly ground", as the settlement was formed on a gravel ridge.[2]