The rowing lake at Dorney was developed and is owned by the College. It was the venue for the rowing and canoeing events at the 2012 Summer Olympics and the World Junior Rowing Championships.[86]

In the 19th century, the architect John Shaw Jr (1803–1870) became surveyor to Eton. He designed New Buildings (1844–46),[38] Provost Francis Hodgson's addition to provide better accommodation for Collegers, who until then had mostly lived in Long Chamber, a long first floor room where conditions were inhumane.

A career in teaching was already in his sights when reading history at Brasenose College, Oxford. In his gap year he went to South Africa and taught in a school on the outskirts of Johannesburg. “I’d already thought I might want to teach, but it was my time there that inspired me.”

However, when Henry was deposed by King Edward IV in 1461, the new King annulled all grants to the school and removed most of its assets and treasures to St George's Chapel, Windsor, on the other side of the River Thames. Legend has it that Edward's mistress, Jane Shore, intervened on the school's behalf. She was able to save a good part of the school,[33] although the royal bequest and the number of staff were much reduced.

By appointing Henderson, the school governors couldn’t have given a clearer signal that they recognised the need for change.

Henderson was “encouraged to apply” for the vacancy at Eton, having previously spent eight years here as head of history, before decamping to Sherborne en route to Bradfield.

Here follows a list of films partially filmed at Eton.[140]

In 2005, the School was one of fifty of the country's leading independent schools found to have breached the Competition Act (see below under "Controversy").

Located on Eton High Street between the historic buildings of Eton College & Windsor...

Eton used to be renowned for its use of corporal punishment, generally known as "beating". In the 16th century, Friday was set aside as "flogging day".[77]

In 2011, plans to attack Eton were found on the body of a senior al-Qaeda leader shot dead in Somalia.[46]

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Eton has traditionally been referred to as "the chief nurse of England's statesmen",[23] and has been described as the most famous public school in the world.[24] Early in the 20th century, a historian of Eton wrote, "No other school can claim to have sent forth such a cohort of distinguished figures to make their mark on the world."[25]

“While league tables show one important feature of a school – the examination results – they do not demonstrate the quality of the all-round education. And they tend not to take into account the academic profile of the intake and so do not usually demonstrate the progress made by pupils,” he explains.

And anyway, he adds, that picture of competitiveness, even hostility, between private and state sectors is misleading. “I have been a governor of several state schools and have always found that similarities between pupils and between teachers are far greater than their differences.”

Eton is served by two bus companies. First operates daily buses on the Heathrow Airport (Terminal 5) – Datchet – Slough – Eton – Eton Wick route (bus 60/61). Redline Buses operates the Slough – Eton – Eton Wick – Dorney – Maidenhead route on Tuesdays and Fridays (bus 63/68).[7]

“Clearly at Eton we are fortunate in the resources, and we don’t have some of the challenges that teachers face in other schools. But ultimately schools are about people, and should be judged by the quality of the human relationships within them.”

A rising number of pupils come to Eton from overseas, including members of royal families from Europe, Africa and Asia, some of whom have been sending their sons to Eton for generations. One of them, King Prajadhipok or Rama VII (1893–1941) of Siam, donated a garden to Eton.[129] The former Prime Minister of Thailand, Abhisit Vejjajiva, who governed from 2008 to 2011, was also educated at Eton. King Leopold III of Belgium was sent to Eton during the First World War.

Among the other sports played at Eton is Eton Fives.

Many fictional characters have been described as Old Etonians. These include:

Stories of alleged unsavoury high jinks on the part of OEs in various exclusive Oxford university clubs such as the Bullingdon and the Piers Gaveston have created an impression that it exists in a parallel universe with rules of its own.

There are three academic terms[49] (known as halves)[50] in the year,

It is a reasonable defence, but I wonder how easy it is going to be to disarm the school’s detractors when he starts offering his thoughts on improving the nation’s schools.

“It was an unexpected challenge when it came but one that I felt ultimately I couldn’t turn down,” he says.

The Crown and Cushion is a delightful pub with eight en suite rooms.

Other School magazines, including The Spectrum (the Academic Yearbook), The Arts Review, and The Eton Zeitgeist have been published, as well as publications produced by individual departments such as The Cave (Philosophy), Etonomics (Economics), Scientific Etonian (Science), Timeline (History), Praed (Poetry and Song), The Mayflower (English), and The Lexicon (Modern Languages).

The Sir Christopher Wren Hotel and Spa is a 4-star hotel comprised of several...

The School is known for its traditions, including a uniform of black tailcoat (or morning coat) and waistcoat, false-collar and pinstriped trousers. Most pupils wear a white tie that is effectively a strip of cloth folded over into a starched, detachable collar, but some senior boys are entitled to wear a white bow tie and winged collar ("Stick-Ups"). There are some variations in the school dress worn by boys in authority, see School Prefects and King's Scholars sections.

The 2015 Eton Choral Courses are well under way, with Course 2 now in full flow. Course 1 was a superb week, attended by an excellent group of young singers. We look forward to meeting many more of you as we continue our summer of singing.

During the English Civil War, after Windsor Castle was captured by parliamentarian forces, the Royalist army moved into Eton and attempted to retake the town, occupying the college. Efforts to retake Windsor were unsuccessful and the royalists eventually fled.[3]

The original curriculum concentrated on prayers, Latin and devotion, and "as late as 1530 no Greek was taught".[58]


In May 2013, Eton College was criticised in several editorials for asking potential 2011 scholarship students how, if they were Prime Minister, they might defend the use of lethal force by the Army after two days of violent protests in which several policemen have been killed.[113][114]

The Good Schools Guide called the school "the number one boys' public school", adding that "The teaching and facilities are second to none."[26] The school is a member of the G20 Schools Group.

Situated in the heart of historic Eton, The Christopher Hotel is surrounded by art...

In 2009, the School's musical protégés came to wider notice when featured in a TV documentary A Boy Called Alex. The film followed an Etonian, Alex Stobbs, a musician with cystic fibrosis, as he worked toward conducting the difficult Magnificat by Johann Sebastian Bach.[91][92]

There are entire house gatherings every evening, usually around 8:05–8:30 p.m. These are known as Prayers, due to their original nature. The House Master and boys have an opportunity to make announcements, and sometimes the boys provide light entertainment.

That, surely, is to gloss over the substantial differences between state and private schools in terms of class size, resources and social mix. Educationalists, for example, refer to an “Eton effect” whereby privately educated pupils emerge from their schools with an inbuilt confidence.

The school is headed by a Provost and Fellows (Board of Governors), who appoint the head master. It contains 25 boys' houses, each headed by a House Master, selected from the more senior members of the teaching staff, who number some 160.[citation needed] Almost all of the school's pupils go on to universities, about a third of them to Oxford or Cambridge.[27]

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