Data on religious beliefs across the town in the 2001 census show that 77.07% declared themselves to be Christian, 12.05% said they held no religion, and 2.26% reported themselves as Muslim.[42]

We can confirm that a single seat aircraft has been involved in an accident during takeoff today. The pilot has been taken to hospital.

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Although the local gentry supported the Royalists, the English Civil War had little effect on the area. Troops would occasionally pass through the parish[15] and there was a skirmish at Woolden,[16] but the only other mention of local involvement was the burial of two (probably) local soldiers in 1643.[15] The Jacobite army passed through in 1745, in its advance and subsequent retreat.[16]

One of the early schools in Eccles was the 18th century day school in the parish of St. Mary's, south of the Irwell on the de Trafford estate. A Catholic Sunday school was opened in Eccles during the 19th century, in a building in Back Timothy Street (now the location of Eccles Library). Another Day School was also opened in cottages on Barton Lane. The first substantial school in the area however was opened in 1851 along Church Street. A Boy's School was opened in 1888.[90]

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North West Ambulance are also at the scene and the fire service are currently cutting the pilot out of the aircraft.

The woman was seriously injured after being struck by the vehicle in Eccles on Friday morning

The village may have been founded by refugees from Manchester (Mamucium) during the Diocletianic Persecution in the early 4th century,[4] although excavations in 2001–05 revealed that the civilian settlement at Manchester had probably been abandoned by the mid-3rd century.[7] Throughout the Dark Ages the parish appears to have been remote enough to be untouched by any local conflicts, while absorbing successive waves of immigrants from nearby towns.[8]

Teacher Sally Richmond had no idea what was in store as she prepared to take off for her first ever flying lesson on Sunday.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services has confirmed that the pilot of the small aircraft that crashed at 1pm at Barton Aerodrome in Salford has been 'rescued' and has gone to hospital with severe leg and head injuries.

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Historically part of Lancashire, Eccles grew up around the 13th century Parish Church of St Mary. Evidence of pre-historic human settlement has been discovered locally but the area was predominantly agricultural until the Industrial Revolution, when a textile industry was established in the town. The arrival of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the world's first passenger railway, led to the town's expansion along the route of the track linking those two cities.

The construction of the Manchester Ship Canal provided many local residents with jobs. 1,888 people were employed on the section of the new canal at Barton. A stone aqueduct over the River Iwell dating from 1761 and designed by James Brindley was demolished and replaced by a new moveable aqueduct: the Barton Swing Aqueduct.[26][27]

A light aircraft crashed at Barton Aerodrome in Eccles, Salford. A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services said that they received a call at 12:58pm that a small plane crashed into some trees on the East side of the airport.

Eccles became the first municipal corporation in England to operate a motorised fire engine in 1901. It was supplied to Eccles Corporation by a local firm, the Protector Lamp and Lighting Co., also known for manufacturing Miners' Safety Lamps. Barton Aerodrome, the first municipal aerodrome in the UK to be licensed by the Air Ministry, was opened on 29 January 1930 on a site at Barton-on-the-Moss.[102]

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In 1851 the Earl of Ellesmere hosted a visit to Manchester by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. They stayed at Worsley Hall, with a view of the canal, and were given a trip between Patricroft railway station and Worsley Hall, on state barges. Large crowds had gathered to cheer the royal party, which apparently frightened the horses drawing the barge so much that they fell into the canal.[85]

During the 18th century the predominance of textiles in the region is partly demonstrated in the parish registers of 1807, which show that 46 children were baptised with 34 fathers employed as weavers.[17] In Memoirs of seventy years of an eventful life (1852) Charles Hulbert wrote:

The swimmer-turned-cyclist from Stockport became Britain's most successful female Paralympian by winning the C5 3km individual pursuit at the Rio 2016 games

We are committed to enhancing the physical and cultural wellbeing of the community.

Twenty minute maximum stay no return within forty minutes

Gang agreed to bring Vietnamese migrants through the Eurotunnel for £1,000 each to pay off drugs debt

A 19-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy have already been arrested on suspicion of murder but have since been released on bail pending further enquiries

Alan Shone, 61, has not been seen since Monday August 22

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The Roundabout mobile theatre will be based in the Salford town for the community arts and music festival

Eccles is perhaps best known for the Eccles cake. Dating from the 18th century, they were first sold from a shop owned by James Birch in 1793. Traditionally made in the town from a recipe of flaky pastry, butter, nutmeg, candied peel, sugar and currants, they are sold across the country and exported across the world. They are sometimes referred to as "dead fly pies".[110]

The hymn-writer William Cooke was born in Eccles in 1821.[108][109]

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Eccles College is a further education college. It opened in 1973 and provides a wide range of A-level and vocational course for school-leavers.[93]

The Eccles Spinning and Manufacturing Company came into being following a meeting called by the Mayor of Eccles, in which concern was expressed at the decline in local industry. Two earlier Eccles mills had been destroyed by fire, resulting in significant local unemployment. Designed by Potts, Son and Hennings of Manchester, Bolton and Oldham, it was opened in 1906. The imposing mill contained a multi-storey spinning mill, engine house and extensive weaving sheds.[24]

We are at Barton Aerodrome. A light aircraft has crashed into trees. The pilot is trapped, injuries as yet unknown. More as we have it...

The Eccles area consists of the wards of Barton, Winton, and Eccles.[32]


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Salford City Council is currently bidding for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway to be included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Eccles railway station has recently undergone restoration work by the Friends of Eccles Railway Station, including clean-ups, renovation of the station garden, and a mural.[75] Both Monton Green and Ellesmere Park are designated conservation areas,[76] and a Site of Biological Importance is located near Rutland Road and Chatsworth Road.[77]

A 26 year-old man had been stabbed and was in a serious condition. He was treated at the scene and then taken to hospital where he later died.

The area has a variety of other churches, including the Church of St James at nearby Hope,[95] and a Baptist church,[96] Other denominations catered for include Methodist New Connexion, Zion Methodist New Connexion, and Wesleyan.[97]

Lydia Rushton and her baby daughter were in the car when they were struck by another car