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There are also churches and centres for London's Hungarian[11] and Assyrian communities in South Ealing.

An August 2013 article[16] in the Huffington Post claimed that Ealing could claim to be the home of rock music because of the catalyst effect of the Ealing Club on British musicians.

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You’ll have spent a lot of time eating chips on this night bus, because, much as we love Ealing, its after-hours travel options leave something to be desired. You may also have woken up in Hayes on more than one occasion.

Leader & Cabinet - Cllr Julian Bell Chief Executive -

of the UK population live below the poverty line

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With the amalgamation of the surrounding municipal boroughs in 1965, Ealing Town Hall became the administrative centre for the new London Borough of Ealing. Today, this also includes its offices at Perceval House just next to it.

We have loads of carveries to choose from and they’re all magnificent. Add in the greasy spoon café at the back of the Ealing Broadway Centre and all your hangover-Sunday needs are met. Ealing’s considerate like that.

Okay, the modern Tube lines are more pleasant to ride on, but no line gets you to all the major London landmarks quite like the Central Line. And all the sweating you do on the Central Line in summer probably helps keep you slim, or something.

My friend saw Simon Pegg once. And I saw someone who maybe looked a bit like Johnny Depp. It’s like being in Hollywood!

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We provide emergency food to people living in the London Borough of Ealing, who have been referred to us by our partners

Ealing has a total of 91 state-run schools and nurseries. There are 13 high schools under the domain of the local education authority, 12 of which are either comprehensive, foundation or voluntary-aided, and one city academy.

Ealing is the birthplace of the famous Ealing Studios and Ealing Blues Club, and a thriving base for film-makers and musicians. The annual Summer Festival draws large crowds and top performers. Ealing's parks are plentiful, independent shops thrive, and residents are spoilt for choice with top quality restaurants and pubs.

As of the 2011 census, Hanger Hill had, at 13%, the largest proportion of people aged 65 and over. The lowest were East Acton and Southall Green, at 8% each.[12]

The pub named after the famous writer has just been refurbished, and the rooms and incredible glass conservatory are a sight to behold

We’ve had riots and IRA nail bombs, and we just get on with things the next day. Don’t let the health-food shops deceive you: We are double-hard.

30.4% White British 3.1% White Irish 0.1% White Gypsy or Irish Traveller 15.4% Other White 1.2% White & Black Caribbean 0.6% White & Black African 1.4% White & Asian 1.3% Other Mixed 14.3% Indian 4.3% Pakistani 0.5% Bangladeshi 1.2% Chinese 9.3% Other Asian 5.1% Black African 3.9% Black Caribbean 1.9% Other Black 2.9% Arab

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ALERT: Kensington Road near to the A40 has been closed due to severe flooding. It will opened again as soon as possible. 2 days ago

Settlements were scattered throughout the parish. Many of them were along what is now called St. Mary's Road, near to the church in the centre of the parish. There were also houses at Little Ealing, Ealing Dean, Haven Green, Drayton Green and Castlebar Hill.


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Borough mapPerceval House 14/16 Uxbridge Road LondonW5 2HLTel: 020 8825 5000http://www.ealing.gov.uk

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Along with Brentford, the London Borough of Ealing is the setting for much of the action in Robert Rankin's series of comedic novels, The Brentford Trilogy, which currently consists of six volumes.[citation needed] Ealing is also the primary setting for The Sarah Jane Adventures, being the location of Sarah Jane Smith's home.

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It’s not called the queen of the suburbs for nothing.

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The residents of Ealing are a diverse bunch, but they all unite on one topic – trying to knock down Ealing cinema was a really bad idea. It’s being rebuilt now. Slowly.

Ealing has a theatre on Mattock Lane, The Questors Theatre.

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The borough of Ealing is ethnically diverse. In 2011, 49% gave their ethnicity as white, 30% as Asian, 15% as Black and 4.5% as of mixed or multiple ethnicity, the remander identifying as Arab or other ethnicity.[1] The main religions of the borough's population in 2011 were Christianity (44%), Islam (16%) and Sikhism (8%); 15% stated they had no religion and a further 7% did not state any religion.[4]