“This story will conclude with Gawker Media’s popular brands sheltered under new ownership and the importance of a free and critical press reaffirmed by the courts,” Denton said in a statement. “In the end, the Facebook board member will have nothing to show for his petty grudge other than legal expenses and a reputation for thin skin.”

Try following the Corbridge Trail, which takes in our Roman highlights in the area.

The town twinning is run independent of the local authority and is run by volunteers who sit on the Denton Town Twinning Association. The group fundraise and rely on generous donations to continue cultivating educational, cultural, and commercial links between Denton and its twin towns.

The founder of Gawker Media, Nick Denton, faces personal bankruptcy after a US judge refused to extend protections shielding him from liabilities in the Hulk Hogan privacy case.

The decision represents a victory for Hogan as well billionaire investor Peter Thiel, an early backer and board member of Facebook who helped fund Hogan’s lawsuit following the publication of an article by Gawker about Thiel’s homosexuality.

Unfortunately, months without maintenance during the strike had taken their toll on many coal mines. Denton Colliery had flooded to the extent that it was no longer workable and the Denton Colliery Co. went into voluntary liquidation in 1929. The headstock was demolished in 1932 and the shaft was finally filled and capped in 1974.[9]

Denton probably derives its name from Dane-town, an etymology supported by other place names in the area such as Danehead-bank and Daneditch-bourne.[4] The word 'Dane' is itself derived from Anglo-Saxon denu, dene, daenland, meaning a valley. So literally Denton means valley town.

The interior of the church is decorated with biblical murals by the Northampton artist, Henry Bird. Plans were made for the works in 1960 and they were painted from February 1975 until the summer of 1976. They are on 16 panels with 31 life-size figures, many based on local people.[4][5]

In 1920, the manufacture of automotive batteries for commercial vehicles, cars and motorcycles commenced and over the years this business expanded into the manufacture of traction batteries, which also included submarine batteries.

After the most recent local elections held in May 2012, the nine councillors for the town are:

Denton is a village in the borough of Darlington and the ceremonial county of County Durham, England. The population of Denton taken at the 2011 Census was less than 100. Details are maintained in the parish of Gainford. It is situated a short distance to the north-west of Darlington between Walworth to the East and Summerhouse to the West. Houghton-Le-Side lies to the North and Piercebridge to the South.

Prior to the ruling, Denton said a personal bankruptcy process would be major distraction to him helping navigate Gawker through its auction, arguing that he would be playing a crucial role.

A Byzantine coin was discovered in Danesheadbank, dating from the sixth or seventh century, as part of the Denton coin hoard.[5] The early medieval linear earthwork Nico Ditch passes through Denton; it was probably used as an administrative boundary and dates from the 8th or 9th centuries. A 300 m stretch is still visible on Denton golf course, about 4 m wide and 1.5 m deep.[6]

16 miles west of Benwell is the beautiful village of Corbridge. Here you will find Corbridge Roman Fort, where you can marvel at a remarkable hoard of objects found during excavations, including Roman armour and trinkets. You can walk down a Roman high street and imagine soldiers stopping here to stock up on supplies before reaching the most northerly outpost on the Roman Empire.

Oldham Batteries became a major Denton employer with over 1,000 employees, but by the beginning of 2002 the decision to close the factory had been made. The factory, which used to be off Lime Grove, Denton, is no longer there. It has been demolished, and a planning application for a further town centre retail park has been approved by Tameside Council.

Hogan’s attorneys argued that Denton’s personal bankruptcy would not weigh on Gawker because the company already had in place an executive team and outside professionals who would be able to execute the sale.

Gawker and its investment bankers are now soliciting acquisition offers for the company. When Gawker filed for bankruptcy, it had an agreement from online publisher Ziff Davis to buy the company for $90m, but this was only meant to be a stalking horse bid setting the floor price in an auction process that is now under way.

Since September 2012, Denton has been twinned with Kierspe in north west Germany, near Cologne, which in itself has been twinned with Montigny for 25 years.

There are bus links to Manchester city centre, Hyde, Ashton-under-Lyne and Stockport operated by Stagecoach.

Denton said that Gawker had loaned him money to pay for his personal bankruptcy attorney, and that he had met with the attorney twice. In court papers, Hogan’s attorney stated that the loan was for $200,000.

Since its formation the District Assembly Chairs have been: Andrew Gwynne (1998–2001); Mike Craven (2001–2004); Allison Gwynne (2004–2005); Margaret Downs (2005–.)

The 2001 Census recorded the parish population as 767,[1] decreasing to 739 at the 2011 census.[2]

The magnificent Victorian St Anne's Church, Haughton, is a Grade I listed building, and is built in the Gothic Revival style.[14]

Attorneys for Gawker had asked the court for the same protections for its founder, including a shield from lawsuits. The court had only agreed to give Denton temporary protections.

As the strike started to crumble, miners at Denton Colliery remained steadfast, not returning to work until 5 November 1926,[9] some 6 weeks and one day after their colleagues at the nearby Ashton Moss Colliery, the only other significant colliery left in Tameside at that time. They returned to face longer working hours and their pre-strike rates of pay.

Gawker, a US internet publisher, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in June after Hogan won a $140m judgment against the company over the publication of excerpts from a sex tape, $125m of which Denton is liable for, according to court filings.

A by-election was held on 30 July in the Denton North East Ward to elect a Councillor following the death of Martin Wareing. Labour held the seat with 48% of the vote to the 25% polled by the second-place Conservatives. This represented a 7% swing to Labour from the May 2008 local elections.

Denton Town FC currently play in the Cheshire Football League Division One, after winning the Division Two championship in 2011. The club was formed in 1920 as Bradford Parish and was a force in local non-league football for many years before relocating with a change of name in the mid-1990s, their ground is now based on the Whittles Park Estate in south east Denton.

Linked to the site is Denton’s web-based communication system Dentontalk which is open to all residents and anyone else with an interest in the village.

Stuart Bernstein, bankruptcy court judge for the southern district of New York, declined on Tuesday to extend the shield.


Our target is to become completely self-funding by 2023. Our confidence in achieving this is based on our track record. During the past 10 years, our commercial income has doubled and we have raised nearly £60m in donated income.

Denton Hall Farm is a mixed farm of arable and livestock. Horse racing / training is a large part of village life.

Denton St Lawrence CC play at Sycamore Park and their 2005 professional was West Indian Ryan Nurse. In July 2005 they won the Walkden Cup for the first time in 30 years defeating Flowery Field Cricket Club.

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There is suitable access for wheelchairs and have a designated disabled parking area.

This website is run by Matthew Squirrell and Richard Carden on behalf of Denton Parish Council.

But Denton, a British former journalist, vowed to fight back.

The British former journalist lost a bid for protection from damages over the Hulk Hogan privacy case, but vowed to fight on

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