Lamacq has highlighted the eclectic comparisons which span bands such as The Smiths, Orange Juice and The Everly Brothers,[4] whilst also encapsualting the Romanticism of the band on his website.

In a July 2013 interview with Between the Earphones, Hopewell explained that the new songs the Crookes were writing sounded "far more confident than we've ever been... we're trying things that we would have never even considered before and I’m really pleased with the results."[11]

The Crookes are a British indie rock band who formed in Sheffield in 2008. They released their first single "A Collier's Wife" in 2009 as part of the Too Pure singles club, followed by single "Bloodshot Days" that was released on Heist or Hit Records in 2010. Signed to London independent record label Fierce Panda Records, they have subsequently released three albums, Chasing After Ghosts (2011), Hold Fast (2012) and Soapbox (2014), along with an extended EP Dreams Of Another Day (2010).

The Crookes' single "A Collier's Wife" / "By The Seine" was released on 14 September through the Too Pure Singles Club as part of the Beggars Group. It was the fastest selling single through Too Pure, selling out on pre-orders.

The Crookes have also been named as BBC 6 Music's favourite new band,[4] with Lamacq later describing them as his "favourite British band of the year" on BBC Radio 2.[5]

A large number of students from the University of Sheffield live in the area. Indie pop band The Crookes are University of Sheffield alumni and named themselves after the suburb, their founding members Daniel Hopewell and Alex Saunders having lived in the area during their time as students there.

In June 2015, during the sessions for recording their album, 'Lucky Ones', The Crookes recorded a song with Misty Miller. The song, 'Ex-Lovers', was released in October 2015 as the B-side to their single 'I Wanna Waste My Time On You'.

The band's style has been described as a fusion of "heartbreaking melodies".[1] inspired by 1950s and 1960s pop music and Kitchen sink realism.

As of 1 February 2015, it was announced that the band's drummer since the start, Russell Bates, will no longer be playing with the band. [16]

Debut album Chasing After Ghosts was released on 21 March 2011 on Fierce Panda Records.

Famous people from Crookes include Joe Cocker as well as Def Leppard members Joe Elliot and Rick Savage.

Noel Gallagher said of the band, "they've got good lyrics. All bands from Sheffield have good lyrics".[18] Whilst publications have picked up on the narrative quality of the songs, describing early recordings as sounding like novels by Angry Young Men.

The Crookes were named as The Guardian Band of The Day in September 2009 being described as having "hints of the win some, lose some C86 brigade, The Smiths (say, circa The Boy With the Thorn in His Side), the plaintive jangle of the Housemartins, even Belle and Sebastian".[2]

The first release on Anywhere Records will be the band's 4th studio album, 'Lucky Ones' due out 29th January, 2016.

NME championed the band, describing how "a band this good are unlikely to remain obscure for long".[1]

The band formed in 2008, naming themselves after the suburb of Crookes in Sheffield, where the guitarists Alex Saunders and Daniel Hopewell met before later recruiting George Waite on vocals and Russell Bates on drums.

In September 2011 the band posted a message on their Web site stating that Alex Saunders was to leave the band. They wrote "He left for personal reasons and completely amicably". The band then went on to explain that ending the band was "Simply not an option for The Crookes". They immediately drafted in a replacement guitarist Tom Dakin, of Sheffield-based band Silent Film Project, to play on impending two month UK and European tour.

To celebrate a one-off special return of 'The Evening Session'[19] with Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley, The Crookes collaborated live in session with Richard Hawley. Together they performed cover versions of The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Some Candy Talking" and also a version of Longpigs' (Hawley's former band) "Lost Myself".

On 14 April 2015, the band announced via Clash (magazine) that they would be starting their own record label, Anywhere Records. "We’ve always believed in taking a DIY approach to the music industry and the creation of Anywhere Records gives us a chance to put our stamp on something completely new; something we’ll have total control of," said Tom Dakin in the Press Release.

The Crookes have recorded multiple live radio sessions for BBC Radio 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.

The music video to "Play Dumb" was released on 13 January 2014. The video features lead singer George Waite being forced to sit through a makeover, dressing him up "into something he could never be",[15] highlighting the band's reluctance to compromise for people who don't support them.

The Crookes released their debut single "Bloodshot Days" through Heist Or Hit Records on 5 April 2010.

On 20 August 2013, the Crookes wrote a Tumblr post revealing that they were in the middle of writing their third album, stating "it's going very well thank you," but were still looking for a place to record it.[12]

EPs/LPs Dreams Of Another Day EP – Fierce Panda Records Chasing After Ghosts LP – Fierce Panda Records (UK and Europe) Vinyl Junkie (Japan) Hold Fast LP – Fierce Panda Records (UK and Europe) Vinyl Junkie (Japan) Modern Outsider (USA) Soapbox – Fierce Panda Records (UK and Europe) JVC (Japan) Modern Outsider (USA) (April 2014)

The Bole Hills ( 53°23′26″N 1°30′38″W / 53.390597°N 1.510491°W / 53.390597; -1.510491 (Bole Hills) ) at Crookes, overlooking the Rivelin Valley, were the site of open air smelting, and Bronze Age (about 1500 BC) funerary remains, similar to those of contemporary tribes sometimes called the Urn people, were found near this site in 1887. Sidney Addy reports the find in his 1888 book on the Sheffield area[4] citing:


On 7 January 2014, the band announced their third album would be called Soapbox and would be released on 14 April 2014 in the UK and Europe and 15 April 2014 in America.[13] The announcement included a link to a short teaser video on YouTube that included clips of the band recording the album in a church in Valle di Preone in the northern Italian mountains and the track listing of the 10-song album.[14]

The instrumental track "The Bus To Crookes" by The Human League was inspired by a bus journey to the area. At present, Crookes is served by the 52 bus, which runs from the city centre through Broomhill to Crookes and Hillsborough.

Second studio album Hold Fast was released on 9 July 2012 on Fierce Panda Records.

On Valentine's Day, 14 February 2014, the boys released a music video to "Holy Innocents", the fifth track from Soapbox.

HOLD FAST PRESS “Lovingly, Lavishly, Layered… not a second of these 33 watertight minutes have been wasted” Q Magazine “It’s a pity there aren’t more bands writing songs as timeless as these.” Fly Magazine “a bona-fide dancefloor hit…The Crookes definitely deserve their break-through this time around.” This Is Fake DIY

Crookes is a suburb of the City of Sheffield, England, about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) west of the city centre. It borders Broomhill to the south, Walkley and Crookesmoor to the east and open countryside around the River Rivelin to the north. The population of the ward of the same name was 17,700 at the 2011 Census.[2] The suburb is said to derive its name from the Old Norse "Krkor" which means a nook or corner of land.[3]

In 2009 the band recorded a live session for Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 1 with Lamacq describing the band as having "ambition and flare and a singer with a beautiful voice; one of those special, poetic voices which dips and soars above their jangling guitars".[3]

In December 2011 Tom Dakin became a full member of the band and began working on songs with the group for their second album.

The urn was discovered near St Anthony's Well, which was believed to have medicinal properties.[5]

"They are kings of romance (an important part of the New Pop brewing around the UK)... There is something almost subversive about their odd mix of influences (The Smiths/’60s girl groups/’50s rock and roll)... It’s the romance of the Seine, of walking in the Peaks; or lying on your back reading and daydreaming".[17]