Crick takes its name from the Celtic word for 'hill' (Cruc). Crack's Hill (grid reference SP595736) is about a mile north-east of the village next to the canal and gives good views of Crick, Yelvertoft, West Haddon and Rugby from the top.

Alongside James Watson and Maurice Wilkins, and helped by some key data from Rosalind Franklin, Crick discovered the building blocks of life, helping us to understand so much more about how our bodies work and why they sometimes go wrong.

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The Historic England website contains details of a total of 48 listed buildings in the parish of Crick, all of which are Grade II except for St Margaret’s Church which is Grade I.[2] Details of some of these are as follows:

Many of you voted to see your chosen vessel crowned the Favourite Boat of Show and with varying styles of nearly 40 display boats to choose from, there was one boat that stood out. Silver Melody built by Boating Leisure Services was singled out for the third year running. Runners up were Betty by Mel Davis followed by Once Bittern by Braidbar Boats.

This summer saw 21 stunning DNA-inspired sculptures take to the streets of London, designed by leading Artists and brands. The sculptures have now been auctioned to raise money towards the completion of the Francis Crick Institute. 

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A marina full of boats, over 250 exhibitors, music, food, 25,000 visitors, lots of dogs, and more!  Click on the image to see it all here in the 2015 video.

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Show your support for the Crick by wearing a bespoke wristband or pin and spread the word about this pioneering research hub. Each purchase will get us closer to completing the Crick.

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Our body is made up of trillions of cells. Each one of these is packed with long, delicate strands of DNA which provides the hardwired operating instructions (or genes) for everything that cell will ever need to do. These delicate twists of information are very important. And only now are we learning the true impact of Crick’s work.

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There are lots of easy and fun way to raise money, so start your fundraising and help us complete the Crick for our brilliant scientists. Click the link below to set up a JustGiving page and get started.

This year was our busiest yet with 26,884 people visiting the show. 

Sir Paul Nurse, Director and Chief Executive of the Crick

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Francis Crick is one of Britain’s greatest ever scientists, famous for co-discovering the DNA double-helix structure, earning him a Nobel Prize in 1962. In his lifetime, Crick was a brilliant collaborator, working with others to transform medical science.

Bookings are now being taken for stand and exhibition space at the 2016 Crick Boat Show. 

In many ways, the Crick is the natural home for big thinkers. Named after one Nobel laureate and directed by another, it’s garnered support from some of the biggest names in science. Indeed, among its donors is Francis Crick’s DNA co-pioneer, James Watson, who offered a donation to pay for a portrait of his friend to hang in the institute.

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However, as Southgate points out, the approach brings pressures of its own for researchers. “They are going to have six years, and a potential further six, living in London with no security of tenure, knowing that they are going to have to move and find something after that. I think that creates pressures, I don’t think it is very family friendly.”

“I do think architecture matters,” says Sir Paul Nurse, former president of the Royal Society, Nobel laureate and now director of the Crick – to which his name has somewhat wittily been attached – when we meet in his temporary office at the Wellcome Trust. “You need to go into a building and feel inspiration. That is what is so beautiful about a medieval cathedral – you are inspired whatever your religious beliefs might be.”

Crick has a Post Office and a Co-Op. There are three Public Houses, the Royal Oak, the Wheatsheaf and the Red Lion. The Ex-Service Men's Club is a members-only club.

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Thank you to everyone that visited, volunteered, exhibited and helped to make the show a huge success. 

We are in the middle of a genetic revolution, and what better name for a visionary new institute than the name of the man who started that revolution.

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But there are perhaps inevitably concerns. “I think one of the biggest risks is that we have got some of the biggest funders supporting the Crick institute, and I think there is a danger they are going to want to support things happening in that institute and perhaps we are going to create even more of a have/have not scientific society,” says Professor Jenny Southgate, director of the Jack Birch unit for molecular carcinogenesis at the University of York.

"If we get this right, we're going to change the world"

The institute is currently under construction in London, King's Cross and will open its labs in 2016


The Francis Crick Institute is a unique partnership between the Medical Research Council (MRC), Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust, UCL (University College London), Imperial College London and King's College London.

This property was built in a Gothic Revival style in 1847 as a school with an attached teacher’s house. The walls are of red and blue brick with ironstone dressings. The octagonal bell turret has a small spire.[4]

“Typically Jim, he was making jokes and saying wouldn’t it be fun to have Crick in his bath,” says Nurse.

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The Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal passes just east of Crick, and the village is well known for its canal marina and annual Crick Boat Show.

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At the Crick we will be embedded in an environment with scientists working in various disciplines. These interactions will boost ideas and the potential of everyone.