Legal 500 UK 2013 describe Ruth as “very lucid” and she “quickly gets to the nub of the issue.”

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She chose to break from lab-work whilst raising young children, though continued undergraduate teaching at the University of Oxford and the Open University. She subsequently obtained a Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry fellowship and joined the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology in 2007.

Cowley Road has high levels of both road traffic and pedestrian traffic, and space for both is limited. In 2005, Oxfordshire County Council invested about £1,000,000 from central government to re-model the busiest part of Cowley Road. The carriageway has been realigned and colourfully resurfaced, the pavements have been repaved, cycle lanes have been enhanced in some places and removed from others and in one section the speed limit has been reduced to 20 miles per hour (32 km/h).

In later years Morris Motors and Pressed Steel became one company. Subsequently the Morris's site was closed down, demolished, and redeveloped as the Oxford Business Park.

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Cowley Road is also the main shopping street of east Oxford, and in the evenings it is the area's main leisure district.

Schools serving Cowley include St Gregory the Great Catholic School.

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Cowley Manor is a 30 bedroom contemporary country house hotel and spa located in the glorious Cotswold countryside surrounded by 55 acres of parkland, woods and meadows. The gardens feature natural springs, lakes and Victorian cascades.With emphasis on comfort, service and very few rules, Cowley Manor is the ideal place to relax, unwind and indulge in the heart of the British countryside.

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At Cowley Children's Centre you will find a child friendly environment. We offer a range of high quality, supportive services for all local children under five years old and their families. You will find all the services your family needs in one place from breastfeeding advice to supporting that first step into school through playgroup and transition opportunities. Activities are free or affordable.

Despite successive company mergers and name changes, "Morris's" is still often used as the name of the car factory to this day. In 1952, Morris Motors became part of the British Motor Corporation (BMC), in 1968 BMC became British Leyland, in the 1980s the group was known as Austin Rover, in the 1990s it was Rover Group and since 2001 the factory has been owned by BMW. But the name "Morris's" is ingrained in local culture and speech habits, particularly amongst older inhabitants.

In 1866 the Society of St. John the Evangelist, a Church of England religious order, was founded near Cowley Road in the parish of Cowley. SSJE was the first long-lasting Anglican religious order for men since the Reformation. The members were frequently known as the "Cowley Fathers".

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In World War II the Morris factory produced many de Havilland Tiger Moth training aeroplanes for the war effort and there was also the No 1 Metal and Produce Recovery Depot run by the Civilian Repair Organisation to handle crashed or damaged aircraft and even the wreckage of enemy aircraft was processed here. Paul Nash was inspired to paint Totes Meer based on sketches he made of the recovery depot.

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Recent experience includes investigations (internal and external) into regulatory and corruption issues, advice on corruption and fraud issues, compliance advice, international shareholder and joint venture disputes, complex contractual disputes, and cross border litigation. Ruth is a core member of our Global Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Group.

Ruth Cowley is a dispute resolution and litigation lawyer based in London. She is qualified in England and Wales as a Solicitor-Advocate (English Courts) holding Higher Rights (All Proceedings), and is also qualified in Hong Kong. She is experienced in commercial litigation and ADR, international arbitration and regulation and investigation. Most of Ruth’s cases have international elements.

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Cowley has a strong sporting tradition. Between the two World Wars, Oxford Stadium was built to host the then new sport of greyhound racing.[6] In 1939 the equally new sport of motorcycle speedway moved to Oxford Stadium. After a few years Oxford's speedway team were named Oxford Cheetahs,[7] a name they still bear today. In 2001, Oxford United FC moved from its former ground in Headington to the new Kassam Stadium at Minchery Farm, which is just outside Cowley.

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Cowley (/ˈkaʊlɪ/) in Oxford, England, is a residential and industrial area that forms a small conurbation within greater Oxford. Cowley's neighbours are central Oxford to the northwest, Rose Hill and Blackbird Leys to the south, New Headington to the north and the villages of Horspath and Garsington across fields to the east.

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The Cowley Road area has played a prominent part in the Oxford music scene. A number of successful bands made their formative performances in local venues such as the O2 Academy Oxford (formerly known as The Zodiac), and The Art Bar (formerly the Bullingdon Arms). Famous Oxford bands have included Supergrass, Radiohead and Ride.

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