Cottingham Parks has a full equestrian programme, catering for all abilities

A 3. If we left Europe, our Pound will likely plummet internationally and we would then not be able to pay for our escallating nuclear programme! The Chinese would indeed then have us over a barrel! If we vote to stay in Europe, we can hold onto our hard-won right to wield the nuclear deterrent by proxy as currently, thereby helping to retain our global policeman’s role in the World, military intelligence, armed forces, respect from the other super-powers.

The Cottingham Local History Society meets in Hallgate Primary School 7:30 PM Tel: 845734

Q 1. Should we place our blind faith and trust the UK National Democracy to manage our affairs?

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Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club, Woodhill Way, Cottingham, East Yorkshire, HU16 5SW

Further charts and quarterly figures are available on request. Our most popular page by far was the review of artist Anselm Kiefer’s London Exhibition over a year ago with over 4,500 views, we think establishing as a player in online jouralism!

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Our reporting also covers a wide field with a inclusive background knowledge of science and technology

Finding a single composer is tricky as it appears to have French lyrics: if you listen, it definitely sounds like autumn with familiar falling leaves caught up in strengthening swirling breezes 🙂

The Editor thinks both Terry Wogan and David Bowie read and listened to music and the arts widely (as enthusiastic autodidactic learners rather than structured academically-trained thinkers) and that therefore they were able to experiment more freely with ideas.

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To be followed hastily by; and of course younger boilers like your dear self, Madam!

It’s the amount of journalistic page-filler, pretty pictures that consume too much bandwidth to download, distracting adverts and

Let us know of your encounters – witticisms, be they informal, remote or otherwise, with Sir Terry!

Your wellbeing is our priority and we will support you through your fitness journey every step of the way.

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In 1875, Charles Wilson acquired Thwaite House and extended it, converting it into a substantial mansion.[45] General housing development between the 1850s and 1890 was limited, a terrace of houses was built on the eastern part of Hallgate, close to the railway station. By 1910, additional terraces had been built to the north and east of the village close to the railway, on New Village lane and east of Millhouse Woods lane.[71]

Full Market! The fine sunny weather brought lots of people out in the morning- picture taken Thursday 11th. Feb PM

Cottingham has two cemeteries; one is located on the southern fringe of the village and is used by Hull City Council;[101] the other is located on Eppleworth Road,[125] and contains the grave of poet Phillip Larkin,[126] and a Commonwealth War Graves Commission memorial to casualties of the First and Second World Wars.[127]

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Elmtree House was built in the early 1800s for John Hebblewhite, Hull draper.[note 2]

and what’s sauce for the goose ‘over there’ ..

The eastern part of the parish is less than 16-foot (5 m) above sea level, it rises steadily to over 135-foot (41 m) above sea level on the western edge of the parish, which is at the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds hills.[110]

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We are recording interviews with local people and we would be delighted if you would like to take part

A most revealling interview about how courses struggle to keep-up with the rapidly changing business world

In the late 2000s, a large 20-acre (8 ha), 13,000 interment capacity cemetery named Priory Woods Cemetery was built on Priory Road, on the southern fringes of the village for the use of Hull City Council.[map 34] The cemetery was opposed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and by some local residents but was allowed on an appeal, and formally opened in May 2010.[101]

How's the weather where you are? Join the nation's favourite conversation.

A full equestrian programme is in place at Cottingham Parks, perfect for horse riding lovers of all ages and abilities.

Cottingham parish church, dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, was built between 1272 and 1370; it is a large cruciform stone-built church in a mixture of the decorated and perpendicular Gothic styles. The tower was built in the 15th century.[16][map 4] Nicholas de Luda (d. 1382), a capuchin friar, who built or re-built the chancel, is commemorated by a brass in the church.[17][18] The church was designated a Grade I listed building in 1967.[16]

Q 8. Is the reason our manufacturing industry (especially automotive) is so successful today precisely because we have enjoyed substantial foreign investment and management practises as well as worker migration into the UK, not in spite of it?

According to the 2011 UK census, Cottingham parish had a population of 17,164,[1] a reduction on the 2001 UK census figure of 17,263.[109] Apart from the two Traveller's sites (Woodhill Way and Eppleworth Road) and a small number of farms, there are no habitation centres in the parish outside the main village.[110]

If you live locally, then you feel it is your right to obtain fair employment opportunities locally too – especially if you are white, UK-born, male and working-class!


Following on from the tragic killing of local MP Joe Cox, from West Yorkshire: however far-sighted and global your thoughts relating to politics are, local people and their interests need to be prioritized and supported too!

P.S.: It was impressive to see the age range of early finishers

The organs of balance in the inner ear also need to be considered.

Snuff was manufactured in the south of the village in the 18th century; towards the end of the century a large mill owned by Quaker William Travis was producing 1,500 weight of snuff per week.[28][29] William Travis had a three storied house built in 1750 next to the mill.[30][map 7]

The road from Cottingham to Hull connected with the Hull to Beverley Road (turnpiked by Act of 1744) at Newland toll bar; it was turnpiked as an extension of the Hull to Beverley Road in 1764. A road from Beverley to Hessle, connecting with the Cottingham to Newlands turnpike received a turnpiking act in 1769.[31]

The population of the village in 1792 was 1178 in 284 houses;[28] in addition to being noted as a desirable place to live, the village was also noted as a centre of market gardening, supplying Hull.[28][42] Other employment activities included two breweries, and a carpet factory (1811).[42]