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Sadly I am moving to Australia very soon with my girlfriend but I’ll miss Clapham. The convenince to shops, to the rest of London, a few Bulmers on the Common in the Summer, snowdays and snowball fights with strangers, the pub quiz at our local and especially the friends we have made.

Grace my daughter moved to Clapham today. She says it is a real good place to live. If you meet her say hello shes a nice person and we think shes lovely. Her dad.

London Underground's Northern line passes through Clapham with three stations:

Another main draw of Clapham, particularly for the City workers, are the great transport links. From Clapham Junction station, you can get into London within 10 minutes by train. Not only this, but you can get as far away from London as possible too. Trains from Clapham Junction go to the likes of Hastings, Gatwick Airport, Portsmouth and much more.

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The cost of renting in Clapham has risen steadily over the last few years. However, depending on which part of Clapham you choose it’s still possible to find a bargain. Council tax is also something to consider – with Clapham stretching over the boroughs of Lambeth and Wandsworth, you could find yourself paying double the amount on the Lambeth side (Clapham North, and some of Old Town and Clapham South) or enjoying some of the cheapest council tax in England on the Wandsworth side!

Clapham (/ˈklæp.əm/) is a district of south-west London within the London Borough of Lambeth.

The neighbourhood, where used, derives its name from a tube station — it has no fixed boundary from the rest of Clapham. Taking any definition in informal use it is predominantly mid-rise and low-rise residential land and usually takes in major parts of the Common. Where regard to historic Clapham parish and some street signs is had, this area includes a detached part: the land bounded by Nightingale Square, Oldridge Road and Balham Hill.

You feel it in the Post Office, when you top up your Oyster at any of the shops near the Clapham Common tube and when getting on an off public transport. It’s in the curse under the breath, the long, unfriendly gaze and spiteful comments from those primed to pass judgement.

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Clapham has been named the best place to live in London in a new study.

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Commuter woes on Southern had been mentioned in the London Evening Standard, "Southern rail suggests commuter goes on 100 mile detour to Clapham instead of her normal six minute journey".[12]

As a born and bred Claphamite, I agree with Going Back North (first contributor). Despite the veneer of affluence, there is an undercurrent running across the area – and other pockets of south London – as well as a growing sense of resentment between the haves and have nots.

Can anyone Help? I am researching my family by the name of COLLINS. The family ran a fruit and Veg shop in Clapham High St to my knowledge from 1850 t0 1901 maybe longer. William Collins was the main owner and my Great Grandfather (his son) was called Arthur. There were lots of siblings which make me think there are still some of the family in Clapham or a close area. I would be pleased to hear if anyone can help.

All three corners of Clapham are a fair walk from each other – Clapham Junction is a good 20 – 30 mins walk from Clapham Common tube! – and each offers its own selection of shops, style and culture.

There are train services to London Victoria (Westminster) and London Waterloo (the South Bank). See Clapham Junction.

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The railway station now known as Clapham Junction was originally named Battersea Junction by its architect to reflect its geographical location.

When most Londoners think of Clapham stereotypes, there are two distinct groups that immediately come to mind: Australians, and City Boys. However, due to its size and proximity to very multi-cultural areas such as Brixton, you can find almost every kind of person here. While the Australians and young professionals dominate the High Street on a Saturday night, come Sunday morning the cafes and the Common are full of families and students enjoying brunch from one of the many local restaurants.

Residents were asked to assess their area based on a range of categories including eating and drinking options, family vibes, friendliness and trendiness, and were also asked to take into account practical matters including accessibility and affordability.

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Old Town and Clapham South, as the pricier areas, are generally where the families settle while Clapham North and Clapham Junction have more of a student vibe, with lots of flat shares on offer and many nearby bars.

As well as a vast bus network which connects the area with much of south and central London, Clapham has three tube stations and two railway stations.

Clapham North lies on either side of Clapham Road and borders the relatively modern creation 'Stockwell' in the historic Lambeth parish on Union Road and Stirling Road. There is a 'Stockwell Town' Partnership sign north of Union Road demarcating the boundary between Clapham and Stockwell. The northern part of Clapham in the Larkhall ward includes the Sibella conservation area. The southern part is Ferndale ward and includes Landor, Ferndale and Bedford roads leading up to Brixton.

Hi, I am about to buy a property in Clapham common. Is it safe?


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Around Clapham Common are countless bars, cafes and restaurants in various pockets that attract swarms of people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a young professional looking for quick access to central London, a family looking for quality housing and schools or you simply want a great night out, Clapham should be your first port of call.

There are two railway stations in the district on London Overground's East London Line:

Clapham Common was also home to Elizabeth Cook, the widow of Captain James Cook the explorer. She lived in a house on the common for many years following the death of her husband. Other notable residents of Clapham Common include Palace of Westminster architect Sir Charles Barry,[7] Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg [8] and 20th century novelist Graham Greene.[9] John Francis Bentley,[10] architect of Westminster Cathedral, lived in the adjacent Old Town.

Clapham London has spread outwards over the years, and now straddles both the Lambeth and Wandsworth boroughs. It can broadly be divided into four areas – Clapham North, Clapham Old Town, Clapham South and Clapham Junction and is one of the most popular places to live in London. It’s nearest neighbour is the trendy Brixton so you won’t be short of places to go for a night out close to home.

While the majority of this area has already been gentrified, Clapham North is last to receive this treatment. As a result it’s considered to be the scruffier end, making it cheaper and popular with recent graduates and students who make the most of the nearby bars and clubs of Clapham High Street. Clapham North also has its own tube station (Northern line) and an overground station, which makes it ideal for commuting.

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As one of the trendier places to live in London, Clapham’s lively vibe attracts social professionals from all over the world.

With plenty of large Victorian and Georgian terrace houses, this part is popular with middle-class families who want to enjoy the short distance to Central London, while also having good schools and the expansive Clapham Common nearby. The nearest tube station is Clapham Common (Northern Line), located on the corner of the Common and the High Street.

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