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their attitude to politics and politicians, and why they voted the way they did.

This is not an exercise in trying to change people’s mind.

The much larger, historic parish of Camberwell, which later became the Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell, included Peckham, Dulwich, Nunhead, and other London districts.[2]

On 3 July 2009 a major fire swept through Lakanal House, a twelve-storey tower block. Six people were killed and at least 20 people were injured.

Camberwell Fair is back for a second year (in its current incarnation†) on the 20th August. But it’s moved from last year’s location, on the Green, to Burgess Park. And unlike last year, there’s no ticket requirement, so everyone should have an opportunity to visit.

Southwark Council PO BOX 64529 London SE1P 5LX

Boasting an eclectic mix of trendy food spots, back-street boozers and inspired locals to fill them, Camberwell is every bit the creative hub its art college would have you believe. Nestled between Peckham, Clapham and Brixton, SE5 may just seem like a convenient and less-costly south London dwelling on the surface. But if you look a little closer, you’ll find an ever-expanding community that well and truly holds its brilliantly diversified own.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. You can email me on hello@​photosbytomtom.​com or call me on 07939 250935.

In the recent EU referendum Southwark was the 14th most Remain part of Britain, whilst Tendring was the 14th most Leave area in the country.

Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte gave birth to her son, Jérôme Napoléon Bonaparte, the nephew of the Emperor Napoleon I, in Camberwell in 1805.[35]

Can’t find full details of the opening week’s line-up, but confirmed food stalls are: Rainbo (Asian salads and gyoza dumplings); Return of the Mac (macaroni cheese); Kaki Lima (Indonesian street food); and Pomodoro e Basilico (vegan Italian). Some of these were at Camberwell Fair last weekend, so if you enjoyed the food there, there’s no reason you shouldn’t here.


Oh. And you only mentioned 8 reasons. 

I am planning to organise the trips sometime in July and August, (and hopefully have a lovely time by the sea if the sun ever comes to visit!)

For the launch of the market there’ll be a specially-made beer called Saint Giles — no word on who it was made by, or how many will be available, but I’m keen to try it out.

As someone who loves Camberwell, and the EU, I see and hear the arguments and reasons why places like Clacton wanted to leave the EU but I don’t necessarily understand them. I live a very different life in an inner city neighbourhood to coastal town in Essex.

I want to understand more about the lives of people outside the London bubble and hopefully people from Clacton would like to find out a bit more about us! This may not make either of us change our minds, but would hopefully help heal the differences between the two sides and respect the other’s decision.

London Underground has planned a Bakerloo line extension to Camberwell on at least three occasions since the 1930s.[36]

What we’re trying to do is establish a new haven for foodies and art lovers south of the river, showcasing the best of what is local.

Graham Humphreys is a British illustrator and visual artist who has created film posters for classics including Basket Case, The Evil Dead, and the Nightmare…

In an interview with the South London Press, market organiser Will Herman said:

Quite a lot of the local news now happens on Twitter, and I sometimes forget that readers of this blog who aren’t also there miss out on some things. So I’m starting a semi-regular roundup for all those people, starting with this one.

Was gonna continue slating each reason individually but the whole article is so cringe worthy it is beyond parody

The Camberwell Beauty is a butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) which is rarely found in the UK - it is so named because two examples were first identified on Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell in 1748.[14] A large mosaic of the Camberwell Beauty used to adorn the Samuel Jones paper factory on Southampton Way. The paper factory has since been demolished but the mosaic was removed and re-installed on the side of Lynn Boxing Club on Wells Way.

For more neighbourhood LOLs, check out 21 signs you grew up in south London.

This is not an exercise in blaming the other side of the debate for the result.

"FlynnMedia" throwing up gang signs ironically outside chicken shops - is this really one of the best nine things about camberwell? Jesus wept. 

As a photographer, I would like to photograph and film the people involved and document the discussions so hopefully you would be happy to be involved in this process.

The college's south east London location is lively and unique. The surrounding area, which includes Peckham and Deptford, is home to a thriving arts scene. Many Camberwell graduates run and work at local art galleries and design studios. These include Assembly Point, Day Job, Garudio Studiage, Peckham Platform, Studio Operative and The Sunday Painter.

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And finally, the war memorial to the Surrey Rifles brigade, located in front of St. Giles church, has been awarded Grade II listed status.

Address: 160 Tooley Street London SE1 2QH

Nearby Peckham Rye was an important spot in the imaginative and creative development of poet William Blake, who when he was eight, he claimed to have seen the Prophet Ezekiel there under a bush, and he was probably ten years old when he had a vision of angels in a tree.[27]


Monday (4th July) night is the 10th anniversary AGM of the SE5 Forum. There will be food from Love Walk Cafe, music by Camberwell Community Choir, and appearances from the leader of Southwark Council, Cllr. Peter John, and the London Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark, Cllr. Florence Eshalomi. It’s at Cambridge House, Camberwell Rd., from 6.30pm.

Thank you and see you soon in Clacton-on-Sea / Camberwell!

Camberwell has several art galleries including Camberwell College of Arts, the South London Gallery and numerous smaller commercial art spaces. The annual Camberwell Arts Festival is well supported. The Blue Elephant Theatre on Bethwin Road is the only theatre venue in Camberwell.[15]

From this Sunday, 4th September, Camberwell will have a new weekly market. It will happen from 10am to 4pm in the new market area on the Green, and focus on street food, arts and crafts (presumably to not compete with the Saturday farmer’s market).

how can just one article be so cancerous? 

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