Today Broadstairs is a magnet for visitors year after year and has been likened to a "Cornish fishing town"[citation needed].

The town spreads from Haine Road in the west to Kingsgate (named after the landing of King Charles II in 1683) a hamlet in St Peter parish[2] in the north and to Dumpton in the south (named after the yeoman Dudeman who farmed there in the 13th century). The hamlet of Reading (formerly Reden or Redyng) Street was established by Flemish refugees in the 17th century.

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On March 12th we had a combination of a 5 metre tide and very strong NE winds creating a rough sea. There are a few more photos here.

Local radio stations are KMFM Thanet, owned by the KM Group, community radio station Academy FM (Thanet); and the county-wide stations Heart Kent, Gold and BBC Radio Kent.Thanet Community Radio also offer an online community podcasting service for Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate and the wider areas of Thanet.[24]

Seaside resort full of charm and atmosphere, offering a clifftop promenade, hidden cobbled squares and fishermen’s cottages

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Popular three day food festival features a range of Thanet and Kentish foods - cheeses, meats, breads, cakes all washed down with wines, ciders and ales.

For full details of all Broadstairs events see the events page.

In December 2013 we had a tidal surge which was the worst since 1953, there was much damage to beach property but thankfully no life threatening problems. Photos here.

In April a group of Harley Davidson owners visited Broadstairs and parked their shiny bikes on the Harbour. A selection of photos are here.

This was the state of a few beach huts on Viking Bay this morning Monday 28th November 2011 after a high tide during the night. Further north around Norfolk there was a tidal surge warning, sadly the sand defence erected by the Council was not enought to prevent this damage. There are a couple more photos here.

Now we have a one day heat wave in February 2012. Today I recored 19.4°C at 14:27hrs, the hottest February day I ever remember.

On the cliffs above Kingsgate Bay is Kingsgate Castle, formerly part of the estate of Lord Holland but now converted into private residences.

The Droit House Stone Pier Margate Kent CT9 1JD

On Sunday 22nd May 2011 we noticed a new Ice Cream kiosk was being built near the Pavilion, it turns out that on Monday 23rd May they were filming a new advert for Waitrose with Heston Blumenthal. There are some photos here.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for South Thanet is Craig Mackinlay of the Conservative Party. He has been the constituency's MP since the United Kingdom 2015 general election.

Looking for an alternative day out, Margate Festival presents familiar places in a new light & reveals a side of the town you might not have seen

On Thursday 9th June 2005 the Viking Longship at Pegwell Bay was returned to public display following restoration by Tommi Nielsen & Co, a firm specialising in maintaining historic sailing ships. This restoration was funded jointly by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Thanet Council. The photo on the left is before restoration and the one on the right is after.

The Neighbourhood Plan Sub-Committee meets monthly to work on the Neighbourhood Plan in the Council Chamber, Pierremont Hall.

Another local landmark has been taken down, this time the iconic Cooling Towers and Chimney of the old Richborough Power Station. After much local discussion and not a little opposition they were finally blown up on Sunday 12th March 2012 at 09:00 and took just under 30 seconds to come down. You can see a short video here. At present the Council have no plans to replace it, however if enough pressure is applied by anyone who feels strongly about this that might be changed.

The "Big Freeze" has come back with a vengence, some photos taken on 2nd December 2010 here.

Well a whole lot of hardy souls decided to brave the Sea at Viking Bay for the first swim in 2013 in aid of charity. There are a few more photos here.

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Being a very picturesque place film crews sometimes use the various bays around Broadstairs. You can see some recent photos here when James Nesbit (star of Cold Feet) was at Viking Bay filming.


Unmissable food and drink waiting to be discovered. Seafront chippys, waterside dining, swish harbour restaurants, rural pubs, ice cream parlours and continental cafes

The town lies above a harbour with cliffs on either side. It has seven bays of golden sand, which are (from south to north) Dumpton Gap, Louisa Bay, Viking Bay, Stone Bay, Joss Bay, Kingsgate Bay and Botany Bay. North Foreland rises between Stone Bay and Joss Bay.

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Our 'Isle Magazine' is our visitor guide and provides all you need to know about visiting Thanet.

Thanet Visitor Information Centre The Droit House Stone Pier Margate Kent CT9 1JD 01843 577577 If you are visiting in person: Broadstairs Information Kiosk,  Royal Albion Garden Kiosk, Victoria Promenade, Broadstairs, CT10 1AN

Broadstairs has a very mild maritime climate.

A pioneering English seaside holiday town that has now stepped firmly into the 21st century with a modern, cosmopolitan flavour

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Broadstairs boasts an impressive seven sand-filled beaches and bays. Head to Joss Bay to learn to surf, or rural Botany Bay  to saunter amid towering chalk stacks. At the town's main beach, Viking Bay, discover children's rides, beach huts, Kent Surf School, a harbour and cliff-top promenade.

Each June, Broadstairs' week-long Dickens Festival overflows with costumed characters, talks, plays and beach outings. In mid-August, the funky Broadstairs Folk Week brings music sessions to pubs, gardens and beaches. Broadstairs Water Gala is a family-friendly fiesta of sandcastle-building, teddy bears picnicking and fireworks too. While in October, the three-day Broadstairs Food Festival is an irresistible celebration of locally-produced, fine food and drink.

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On 9th November 2007 there was a reported North Sea surge causing a danger of very high tides and possible flooding, fortunately it all passed off without any loss of life or major flooding. However the few photos shown here do give some idea of just how rough the sea was. If the tide had been higher who knows what might have happened.

Well that was a wonderful week in every way - fantastic weather (mostly) - enthusiastic festival goers and a buzzy atmosphere every where in Broadstairs.

The Town Council's own consultation showed that 92% of respondents thought the Neighbourhood Plan area should be the same as the boundary of the parish of Broadstairs and St. Peter's.