We have recently opened a splendid new fish and chips shop and sit-down restaurant in Bar Hill! We have listened to your feedback and have rebranded our fishnchickn store, to Churchill’s, to offer you a new customer experience that will help serve you better! We have introduced free customer wifi as well as launching our pre-order and collect app.

It has a cycle path to Dry Drayton, known as The Drift.[5] There is also a footpath that leads to the small village of Lolworth.

About to board the plane to Ghana with bags full of donated clothing, books and medicine for the children. Thanks to all of the families in Bar Hill for contributing towards this project.

Enjoying lunch in Reception. The children are enjoying the relaxed pace we introduced at lunch this year.

‘Skateboard Ramp’ as in singular terms? A single ramp? It appears you are the mong..it’s called a skate park and it’s not only for skate boarders its for bmxers, roller bladers, scooterers and pretty much whatever else has wheels and people have the guts to use. Perhaps your lack of intelligence is what’s to blame here?

I had the misfortune of being chatted up by a local slapper once who proceeded to tell me her life story, she’d married 3 brothers of the same family, and 2 of them had kids with her sister, her mate had just got divorced from her cousin who had been married to another one of her relatives, confused yet? – so was I!.

We run a wide variety of clubs during lunch times and after school to enrich our pupil's learning . Clubs are updated termly.

Many thanks to the PTA for purchasing new seating for the school library – the children love it. Miss Binnie’s class particulary like the giant octopus seat!

Looking forward to see you all this evening! Come enjoy a glass of wine, have your nails done, a massage and browse our selection of stalls!!

Its name originated from the fact that it was built along an old Roman Road that had a Toll Bar/gate (the "Bar" part) which was used in the local area as the farm's name, Bar Farm. The farm house still remains next to the village school. The toll gate was also located roughly near this building. The village was built on or around one of the many hills in the area, hence the name "Bar Hill". It is accessible on the B1050 road, off A14 exit 29.

Bar Hill Primary is a good school with outstanding leadership. Teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve ...

Glitter Bottles! The children are making these to use as an aid to focus and calm down after moments of excitement. This is one strategy we are introducing to help the children become mindful of their emotions and behaviour.

Year 6 enjoying their last lunch at Bar Hill Primary School.

Bar Hill is a purpose-built village with a population of 4,000 about 4 miles (7 km) northwest of Cambridge, England on the A14 road.

On 8 August 2014 the village came to national prominence when over 100mm of rain fell in a period of approximately 30 minutes causing many parts of the village to become flooded.[3]

We have made a series of videos to inform and teach you the different calculation methods that are taught across the school.

Bar Hill was originally contained within a ring road when it was first developed, but with the expansion and development of the area, it began to spill out across the bounds of the ring road. For example the "Gleneagles" development overlooking the golf course.

Has anyone got any comments about Christmas functions please?

At Bar Hill School we are determined to create an inclusive culture of learning where all children will be challenged in their thinking, to achieve to the best of their abilities and strive to become lifelong learners.

We believe our aims provide the basis for the delivery of a dynamic curriculum, the provision of a stimulating and creative learning environment and a foundation which will prepare every child for the changing nature of society.

'Being a teacher is a huge privilege – one that I take very seriously. Teaching and education are as much what I am as what I do, and I aim to share my passion for learning with every member of our community, adult and child alike'

We have also introduced a new menu where ethical products and quality are at the heart of our sourcing policy to ensure we give you the best fish and chips possible. 

Enjoying Bar Hill School’s summer school in Atewasi Ghana.

If you ever drive on the A14, make sure you never turn off the road at the junction for Bar Hill, it is populated with the biggest inbreeders in Britain and there is f**k all else to do apart from go to a giant Tesco, the Fox pub or shag your sister.

The Prime Meridian passes just to the west of Bar Hill.

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Enjoying Magical Maths in assembly. They will be leading a club at the school for those who’d love to play with Maths out of lessons. A leaflet will be coming home with your child today.

Whilst there’s some truth in the above review, it’s really quite an inaccurate reflection of Bar Hill in 2015, so here’s my take….

During the Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly the children showed outstanding talent and achievement. We wish them an exciting and fruitful future!

As we come to the end of the academic year we want to take this opportunity to wish all our families a fun, safe and happy summer holiday. We wish our Year 6 leavers all the best for their start at secondary school and look forward to welcoming our children back on Monday, 5th September.

Starting the year with excitement and opportunity in assembly by introducing a new club – Banana Drama! The complete clubs list, including those led by our Year 5 and 6 pupils, will be out on Friday.

The village grew rapidly and by 1975 there was a population of 1,673 in its 599 homes, though it was only 40% of its intended size. Expansion continued in the 1980s and in 1989 the final house of the original plan was completed, 23 years after building had begun and 15 years after its planned completion. The population was at that time over 5000.[2]


Fantastic start to Healthy Lifestyle Week during the 24 hour sponsored run/walk for Cancer Research. As we sleep, members of the Bar Hill community will be walking or running – night night.

Serving and meeting people in the community in Atewasi.

Do we need to bring towels to use in the spa?

Rebuilding the school while caring for the sick and injured. Showing our school value of love around the world and outside of school time. Thanks to all Bar Hill families that supported the work in Ghana.

Planning for the village began in the late 1950s to alleviate the housing shortage in South Cambridgeshire, and the first residents arrived in 1967.[2]

Learning about first aid in assembly during Healthy Lifestyles Week.