Was raised in Bacup, and moved away the first opportunity I had, now live in York and will never return! Hate even driving through as it’s depressing to see how much worse it has become since I left!

Hang out at... Red Chilli restaurant is a bit of a local gem. For posh, there's The Waggon at Birtle.

Bacup /ˈbeɪkʌp/[1] is a town in Lancashire, England, in the South Pennines close to Lancashire's boundary with West Yorkshire. The town is in the Forest of Rossendale and the upper Irwell Valley, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) east of Rawtenstall, 6.4 miles (10.3 km) north of Rochdale, and 21 miles (34 km) east of Preston. At the 2011 Census, Bacup had a population of 13,323.[2]

Bacup Museum is local history hub and exhibition centre in Bacup. The Bacup Natural History Society was formed in 1878. The work of the society is carried out by a group of volunteers who have a base in the Bacup Museum which contains an idiosyncratic collection.[citation needed]

Bacup has been used as a filming location for the 1980s BBC TV police drama Juliet Bravo, Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, parts of The League of Gentlemen and much of the film Girls' Night. Elements of the BBC TV drama Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit were also filmed on location in Bacup.[citation needed] The famous 1961 British film Whistle Down the Wind starring Hayley Mills used various parts of Bacup for filming also.

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I agree with you about there being cases of severe domestic violence in the area-usually due to the fact that these people have no comprehension of morals or even right and wrong!I personally wouldn’t want to bring my children up ANYWHERE with THIS sort of ‘charm’.

Bargain of the week Period, four-bedroom semi, in a lovely semi-rural location, needs TLC, £130,000 with Entwistle Green.

What a load of rubbish. Having lived in BOTH areas, I know for a fact how accurate the authors review is. In a scaled comparison, I’m sure that the percantages of typical ‘chav’ crimes would be higher in Bacup.

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Bacup experiences a temperate maritime climate, like much of the British Isles, with relatively cool summers, yet harsh winters. There is regular but generally light precipitation throughout the year.

Sweetie going by your post you are a d**khead

Well connected? Rail disappeared decades ago, much to Bacup's detriment. OK bus services, but a car will help. Five miles from the M66, 25 minutes from the M62, 20 from the M65 north, and then on to the M6; 40 minutes to central Manchester.

When the bus arrives, you will have to fight your way off the bus because ugly chavettes with prams will be pushing their way on the bus to go to Rochdale and get the weekly shopping from the pound shop. Of course, they will be arguing with the driver because there are already 3 chavettes with prams on the bus and no matter how hard he tries to explain it’s a safety risk to get another pram on, he’s always in the wrong to not let a mum with a pram on the bus.

Philip Johns "I go to the local grammar school, and it's lovely with great teachers and pupils. The area does usually get heavy snowfall in winter, though."

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yep I left Bacup almost 30 years ago now , and there was a lad back then called Bulbhead … I wonder if this guy is his son ?

Speaking of charm, I’m sure you WOULD think that Bacup is charming after living in Leeds, however Leeds in a big city whereas Bacup is a lot more ‘countrified’. In comparison with most other countryside villages, Bacup is a sh*thole with the charm and character of a slug.

Which, starts with a capital letter. “… proud!! Put … ” Yes, there is supposed to be a space there. Before judging somebody’s spelling, grammar and punctuation, sort your own out,

Bacup railway station was opened in 1852[32] by the East Lancashire Railway as the terminus of the Rossendale line. The Rochdale and Facit Railway was extended to Bacup in 1883. It rose over a summit of 967 feet (295 m) between Britannia and Shawforth. The Rochdale line closed to passenger services in 1947,[33] and the station finally closed in December 1966,[32] with the cessation of all passenger services to and from Manchester Victoria via Rawtenstall and Bury.

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Personally I think Bacup has a wonderful charm that big cities has lost, if someone does rob you chances are you’ll know their cousin and you’ll get most of your stuff back haha. In all seriousness it’s an underrated little town that needs a bit more love and a few less put downs – that is what inevitably will make it an even better place to live.

Now please, don’t make me put of my fighting trousers, else I will have to give you a damn good thrashing you rapscallion! 


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Bacup's boom in textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution resulted in the town developing into a prosperous and thickly populated industrial area by early-20th century. But the Great Depression and the ensuing deindustrialisation of the United Kingdom largely eliminated Bacup's textile processing sector and economic prosperity.

I lived in bacup for 17 years of my life, I’m 25 now, I get the authors view of this but not all people from bacup are like that, there is just one family who live in the same street ruin it for the rest of the town, the town’s budget is spent on crap things like metal seagulls, and because of the roundabout people drive in and out pretty fast and don’t stay to shop, the towns economy is poor, the further out the center you get the nicer the people are,

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Bunch of f****ts spend a night on a manchester street and see how hard you think you are then, when 8 year old kids are throwing bricks at you f**king country boy bitches!! Haaaaaaaaa

Once you’re off the bus, you’ll be greeted by a heard of chavs perched on the benches, usually drinking. They come down from the Pennine Road Estate during the day. Why this happens is a mystery. Usually one of them owns a clapped-out Nova and parks on the taxi rank, showing off his new sound system (it’s not the bass what’s shaking the buildings, it’s the distortion from the cheap and nasty speakers!).

They need to support local shops and local markets and give the town a better name for itself, get the police involved with the town and start to look after it, it’s a beautiful place, it just needs someone to look out for it,

Many of the town's historic buildings are set to be renewed in a £2m regeneration scheme.[31]

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If you look at them for a split second, they start threatening you with “I’ll track ya down and torch yer ‘ouse!”. The most gentle of them will give you the opertunity of sparing your teeth if you give them a fag. This is the closest a Bacup chav comes to reasoning.

Yeah there’s alot of teen pregnancy, yes there’s lots of people on benefits, drugs and drink, but I was born there and we’re not all like that, and I’m proud of that little town, whether people slate its reputation or not.

Did you know that Bacup has appeared in many episodes of The League of Gentlemen? Hardly surprising considering how weird the characters are! They probably derived the phrase ‘Are you local?’ from a chav asking them ‘Where ya from? Where ya going, dickhead?’ (Hoping you’ll say Edgeside so they can kick your arse. Really … I get asked this at least once a week!)

Lying within the historic county boundaries of Lancashire since the High Middle Ages, Bacup was a chapelry linked with the parishes of Whalley and Rochdale, and divided between the townships of Newchurch and Spotland in the hundred of Blackburn.[19]