2013 Mar 24 Sun 1200 Rother Valley 10K journey there: 18M http://www.northeastraces.com/#2013-03-24-Rother-Valley-Sheffield

Everyone know’s everyone, not just in Askern but in Campsall and Norton too, and if you aren’t recognised then that’s because you’re too stuck up your own a** to give us the time of the day, why should we give you it back?

Askern is perhaps the best example of a chav finishing school, the baby chavs (they start displaying chav behaviour here at around 2) develop into fully fledged chavs and progress to become doley-chavs or donny-worker-chavs at around 16.

2013 Mar 03 Sun —- Resolution Run (Leeds) journey there: 28M http://www.northeastraces.com/#2013-03-03-Temple-Newsam-Leeds

Hello there, sorry to hear about the spire race. I have no knowledge of that race unfortunately although will ask around as some of the runners will. The Askern 10 has a good hill in it but again everyone has differing opinions of what a good hill is……..do you live nearby ? I will make some enquiries. It may be worth comparing finish times from both races to get a feel for if it’s generally a quicker or slower course (look on john schofield). thanks, steve

Hi, I am looking for some runs in August and saw your 10 mile one. I am just a little wary as you say its a little tough. I did the Spire 10 a couple of weeks ago and in the blazing heat I just ran out of energy totally at the 8 mile mark. I clambered over the finish line at an all time worst for 10 miles (for me).

2013 Apr 21 Sun —- Neurocare Head Start journey there: 18M http://www.northeastraces.com/#2013-04-21-Rother-Valley-Sheffield

brilliant, really appreciate you taking the time to post this comment. We’re glad you enjoyed the race and hope to see you soon (I know we will have some runners at your half), thanks, steve

I’am really peeed of with you and when i find out who you are i will complain wheather it’s the council or mee

Askern is a much better place than Norton, people in Askern aren’t stuck up their own arse like people from Norton! As my grandad used to say ‘All fur coat and no knickers’! Norton is full of pretentious people unlike Askern, if you got run over in Askern, you’d be surrounded by people helping you, if it happened in Norton, people would swerve round you!

I moved to Askern 5 years ago having lived previously in Devon, Cleveland, Berkshire and most recently Oxfordshire. I certainly do not consider myself or my family chavs. I believe Askern has its issues but no worse than in any town. This small town should be proud of the way it looks especially around the boating lake. What is lacking is the facilities for the young to prevent gangs hanging around.

UPDATE 27th April: We are FULL. Sorry you have missed your place in Askern 10km 2016. Again we will not be accepting entries on the day.

Askern UK Ltd has its own treatment tank on site. We are able to offer a timber treatment service to our customers. Timber is pressure treated with Tanalith E Solution to protect against decay and insect attack. Please contact us for more information.

Thanks for a great event big thanks to all the marshalls for their encouragement look forward to 2014 event

2016 Entries Open – Entry Limit of 700, No Entry on The Night

The town itself is a confirmed chav-haven, it is, in fact, impossible to find anyone who is not a chav in the whole town-village! Anyone not displaying chav behaviour before age 7 is considered Outlying areas include Campsall, Instonville, Norton and Sutton which are all equally as infested. It is therefore difficult to pinpoint where the chav hang-outs, because these are everywhere.

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During the 19th century Askern started to gain a reputation as having water with healing properties. At this time the lords of the manor built the first bathhouse called Manor Baths. After this other baths were built, until in the late 19th century Askern had earned the title of Spa, and had 5 bathhouses; and the water could also be taken at the Spa Hydropathic Establishment.

Askern 10 (mile) is the second Sunday in August. Equally as scenic as the Norton 9 its quite a tough but rewarding course. Finding a reasonable length road race in summer is quite difficult and this race provides a nice (re)introduction to the body for the autumn half marathon season.

Askern UK Ltd takes pride in establishing long term relationships with our customers through regular communication, which allows us to absorb feedback and fulfil their requirements. Our long serving personnel have the technical expertise to offer customers advice on specifications, cost savings and ancillary products.

Askern is on the former Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway line between Doncaster and Wakefield Kirkgate, though Askern railway station closed in 1947 and little remains of it. The line is used mainly by goods services, including coal to Ferrybridge, Eggbrough and Drax power stations, as well as the infrequent Grand Central passenger services from Bradford Interchange to London King's Cross.

Askern is a town and civil parish within the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire, England. It is on the A19 road between Doncaster and Selby. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, it became a spa town in the late 19th century, but this stopped once coal mines opened in the town. The last mine closed in the 1990s. It has a population of 5,434,[1] increasing to 5,570 at the 2011 Census.[2]

I feel the Spire 10 is particularly hard (I have ran it before without the same problem), but in honesty I simply don’t want to find myself in the same boat once again. If I know this is not as hard as the Spire then I am very tempted to make the journey.

Apologies, just seen this. The on-line entries are already open: http://www.acshaw.com/askern-10

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There are many other worse towns/villages in doncaster ie,Bently,Tollbar,Carcroft, Skellow,Balby ect. In fact Askern is a nice place to live if not a little too far from Doncaster its self

Hi, just to clarify – race entry form says on the for the 10 mile race on sunday coming say on the day entries / the online app says no more registrations – so to be absolutely clear – are there on the day entries still available ?

can u help me Im looking for a 10k road race around the doncaster area will travil up to 20 miles march april time if u know of one can you send me the details thankyou

Hi, is there a cut off time for the Norton 9 mile?


Popular haunts, however, include the library wall, around the lake, outside the White Hart/Red Lion/Swan/Crown/Railway/Welfare, the local schools, the shops etc. Perhaps the most prominent place for the chav-spotter would be Saturday night from 6.30 at any bus stop. Hundreds of them. They swarm into town, only usually to be turned away to return to Askern to drink on the streets or in the pub ‘lock-ins’.

Once again Askern changed direction and became a thriving pit village, which welcomed people from all over the country to work and live in the area, giving the town a mixed background. The mine's coal was regarded as highest quality, and the opening of the Coalite works confirmed Askern as a place of high employment and a pleasant environment to live in. This however changed as the Coalite plant pushed more smoke and fumes into the atmosphere.

Askern is not hell; but you can see it from here. Doncaster 7 miles . Askern is technically a town, honestly. It has a town council and everything! But is probably as far from actually recognised as one as is Doncaster (the nearest metropolis) from being a city.

is there a fun run this year as my grandsons love to run in it as i do my self as a novis jogger thanks kev t

Iv recentley moved to askern to live with my partner and i can honestly say iv not as yet encountered any problems here.Im no chav ,i was brought up in one of the nicest areas of rotherham ( wickersley) and i dont come from a chavvy council estate either, i was a little dubious when i first came here,i didnt really like it at all,but iv got used to it and i think its discusting to say EVERYONE in askern is a chav

Askern, a small farming village, became known locally for its waters in the 18th century when Dr Short, in his book Mineral Waters of Yorkshire, refers to the waters as having a most unpleasant odour and taste.

New street lighting has been installed on the roads and behind the alleys, but the only difference this has made, is that you can see the little sh*theads faces gulping down their white lightning.

We host three races a year, we like to think they’re popular and as they’ve been going nearly 30 years each they probably are.

Askern came to be the place to stay, and the railway was built to enable people from across the Pennines to come and partake of the healing waters[citation needed]. Many people were now coming to Askern by road and rail. Hotels were being built and guesthouses lined Station Road and Moss Road.

The area of the lake and the surrounding wetland area have dominated much of the town's history, starting from the settlements at Sutton Common and continuing through to the spa of the Victorian era.

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