The Parlington Estate was sold on 2nd of October 1964 at the direction of Mrs Yvonne Studd-Trench-Gascoigne, if you would like to see the extent of the sale visit the first hall page, at the foot of the paragraph titled: "360 Years as a Family Home: Left to ROT, for another 55 Years." This is a must for anyone who bought a property in Aberford, after that date, maybe your house was amongst the sale.

A list of some forty-eight houses were scheduled by the writer as having been recorded by a Captain Tucker, he continued whom great praise is due for thus rescuing these interesting facts from the chance of oblivion.

A local resident of Aberford who died in the early 1980's took the trouble to explain what he remembered of the place from his early years. The story starts from around the end of the Boer War, when he recalled the torch lit procession to Hook Moor to commemorate the victory by the Empire! His story was recorded on audio tape and has been digitalised by me with some enhancements to improve the vocal quality.

A new section titled Mines has been added to the site, over time I hope to include a considerable amount of information about the collieries. Parlington Hall was a major beneficiary of the profits from the mining activity, therefore it seems appropriate to include here some of the history.

So don’t lose hope. We’ll make a big post with our plans after the post-mortem tomorrow and let you know what we’ll be doing. Stay tuned!

A recent email from a friend about one of the servants at Parlington, prompted me to look up some notes I had made regarding the 1901 census, so I decided to add the same information to the site on the servants page in the family section here. I have set out the names of the individuals against the servant photograph from 1908, it may be useful to any researchers of family history.

The details from the Skyrack article have been added to the Clippings Section here.

Hopefully, that makes you feel better, and as we reveal more game content, you’ll see what an amazing project we expect this to be

A pamphlet comprising just eight pages of copy, by a then, 1964, little known researcher, has recently come to light. It describes the route of the private railway from Garforth to Aberford some forty years after its closure, now a further forty six years on I contrast the continuing changes to the route, here in the railway section.

Aberford's growth has historically been along the road and the village has developed a linear rather than nucleated profile. Since the early 1990s much new housing has been constructed, as increasing affluence allows people to move away from city centres to rural and suburban areas.

From an advertisment placed in the Leeds Mercury, Saturday, August 26th 1820:- Whereas the Woods, Plantations and Grounds, within several Manors of Sherbourn [Sherburn in Elmet], Saxton, Aberford, Parlington, Barwick with Scholes, Sturton, and Garforth, belonging to R.O.GASCOIGNE, Esq. Having of late Years been much injured by Depredations committed by Poachers and Others;

You can also dive right into Aberford on unique 3D satellite map provided by Google Earth. With new GoogLe Earth plugin you can enjoy the interactive Aberford 3D map within your web browser.

The site has grown considerably over the last couple of years and to reflect the increasing need to update the site a different design and layout is being introduced, progressively. This section reflects the new design, which is simpler in form and uses Lasso to add enhanced features that are not possible with straight html pages.

A fair for local crafts et cetera at the Aberford Village Hall from 9:00am on Saturday the 26th will see me displaying some of my many photographic Giclée prints, if you want a local print or just want to browse pop by. A preview of some arty shots is here

Seriously? I mean stream is already super saturated in sub-par comedy zombie games. Besides being an Idea from tumblr how will it stand out from the crowd?

A book about the twentieth century Gascoignes and their chauffeur, Bill Burlingham, was launched today at the local pub in Saxton, The Greyhound. Bill who was the second chauffeur after Louis Hawkett (details here), is in his 95th year and still lives on the Lotherton Estate. If you would like a copy of the book by local historians Pauline Robson and Martin Tarpey, please contact Pauline here, it's a snip at £5.00 and has 117 pages, making it only four pence per page!

But in the morning, we’ll decide how best to move forward and start working on that. Odds are, we’ll keep working on the playable alpha part-time until it’s ready, and then come back to the funding table. Having the demo done increases our media reach, helps backers get a better sense of the gameplay, and reduces of funding threshold, so that should be a big help. The only problem is that it’ll take awhile to make without full-time programmers.

An article in the same paper in August of 1873 about the Aberford Horticultural Society event, also at the lake is featured in detail here in the estate section. If other articles can be found about the usage of the lake as a venue for local events, it will demonstrate that the locale was a popular venue, not just with the Gascoigne family and friends but also with the wider general public from the neibourhood, abeit at the behest of the Gascoignes.

Thank you to everyone who backed us and promoted us. We set out to tackle the impossible, and while we didn’t make it, we definitely made a good showing of it.We’re planning to keep developing Aberford and we have a couple plans for how to continue without funding. We’ll discuss them as a team, and then we’ll write up a great big post about it to keep you informed. We’ve learned a lot from the Kickstarter, and we plan to put those lessons to good use.

A postcard dated 1904 of the cottage adjacent to the former mill on Cattle Lane, was won on eBay recently, an article about it contrasting the place as it is nowadays is in the Aberford section here.

This page is a synopsis of some of the pages contained within the site, as new articles are added a brief description is placed on the home page with links through to the section concerned, sometimes it is necessary to follow through to get the full picture!

Aberford is a large village and civil parish on the eastern outskirts of the City of Leeds metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, England. It has a population of 1,059 according to the 2001 census, increasing to 1,180 at the 2011 Census.[1] It is situated 12 miles (19 km) east of Leeds city centre and lies in the LS25 Leeds postcode area.

One, I’m with you on the excess of crappy zombie games. We don’t need more. And this idea from Tumblr deserves to stand out. So we’re avoiding cliche mechanics like magical death chainsaws, waves of easily slaughtered zombies, and buckets of gore to hide crummy art. In Aberford, you have no real combat training and you’re fighting enemies that are bigger and stronger. You’ll have to earn each kill with cunning and agility.

I had a walk around Barnbow recently, taking a stroll from off the Garforth to Barwick road just lower down than the golf course. You follow the path of the Cock Beck, and then away up the hill to where the old Gascoigne home used to be at the brow of the hill. Barnbow Hall was abandoned and eventually demolished, sounds familiar!

See the list of users registered to Aberford (1): Aberford registered users.


Due to a re-arrangement of some of the sections an error was made in the various links to the section on the Gascoigne mines in Garforth, this caused the server to send an error message! I have now sorted the problem out... I hope, let me know if you discover any broken links as the site is now so big it is possible to miss things, thank you!

The lack of playable demo was a big thing against us. It takes a long time, and we wanted to be able to keep paying our artists while we worked on it. We’ll just have to come back and try again once it’s finished, and that should help a lot. Both in terms of helping people understand what we’re making, and in terms of finding people to promote it.

An article from the Leeds Mercury dated February 4th 1888 sets out the fact that houses in the county of Yorkshire were recorded in the Ordnanace Survey where a date of establishment was indicated.

Three, rather than trying to make an indie game that’s clearly an indie game, we’re trying to make one that has the look and polish of a big studio release, which is why we’ll be running are very aggressive Kickstarter. With proper upfront funding, we can give the game the refined, stylish look it deserves and get it finished before the tools we’re using start to look dated.

A collection of local photographs which I have modified digitally, were featured at the head of the page over the period before and after Christmas 2010, they are still viewable should anyone like to see them here.

I have to make this video available here as I believe fervently that our democracy has been usurped by the EU. Just as Colonel Gascoigne and his wife Isabella supported the Primrose League and public events were held at Parlington in the late nineteenth century, to promote the ideals of the league set up by Disreali, we are here promoting the VOTE LEAVE ideals in the virtual space of Parlington!

The Ice House deserves better than the slow death it is currently consigned to, do look at my ideas for re-developing the structure, here in the Estate section.

Car rental offices nearest to Aberford the city centre. Compare Aberford car rental offers by various suppliers.

The new site adds considerably to the content about Parlington, but until the whole site has been redesigned some sections may be unavailable on the new site, to overcome this problem, you can visit any of the old pages by clicking on the icon below to show the original site navigation.

A recent auction on ebay for a postcard of the Hall before the second world war (pictured above), went for £33.00 well over my budget, I was very disappointed not to get it as these cards often uncover some small detail of information that helps in determining the state of things at that time. So I contacted the seller who had taken a scan of the card and came to an agreement with him for a digital copy of the card! How good is that, in modern parlance, I say!

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The site now has an alternative web address for mobile users also I have put in place a script which will divert mobile users who enter the home page on the main site, i.e. here, by recognising the type of device being used... clever stuff!

The Gascoigne sisters were reputed to be adept at the craft of stained glass, and created many pieces themselves, here are a few examples of their efforts, in the artifacts section

A short article has been added to the clippings section here, featuring an editorial column from May 1893 in the Skyrack Courier. Yet again this is an article unearthed from the British Library by David Teal, who is rapidly becoming my number one researcher!

Amongst the many questions I have about Parlington Hall one has always niggled me; was there a grand staircase? If the answer could be teased out of the bits of data that have been uncovered over the years, it is surely worth stating, my latest article covers the subject, if you wish to learn more click on the link in the Hall Section from the menu above or click on the button marked "Staircase" in the Recent Additions menu above!