After being released on parole, a burglar attempts to go straight, get a regular job, and just go by the rules. He soon finds himself back in jail at the hands of a power-hungry parole ... See full summary »

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The day-to-day lives of a number of suburban Los Angeles residents.

Quiant, I shake my head in disapproval. That is all.

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This is one of the few columns on this site that shares interesting sharp comments instead of JUST nasty, ignorant, bigoted rants; can't you guys just take turns doing AMAD?

At a restaurant, Maury and company are confronted by a drunken Bridgeway, who claims that Maury had raped Sandy the day before. Maury and Bridgeway step outside to discuss the matter. Bridgeway pulls out a knife and tries to attack Maury, who quickly turns the knife around and stabs Bridgeway to death. In order to avoid a scandal and missing tour dates, Maury's tour manager McGinty arranges for his chauffeur, Chicago, to take the blame for Bridgeway's death.

The musician’s name is Maury Dann and he’s perhaps on the edge of stardom and certainly on the edge of an abyss. He started in life as next to nothing and by the age of 35 has worked his way up to his own band, a couple of hit records, string of groupies and a chauffeured Cadillac limousine. “You only pass through life once,” he is fond of saying, “and it might as well be in a Cadillac.” He does not realize he is pronouncing his epitaph.

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Because aging boxer Bill Thompson always lost his past fights, his corrupt manager, without telling Thompson, takes bribes from a betting gangster, to ensure Thompson's pre-arranged dive-loss in the next match.

Lawyer Stephen Blume, specialized in divorces, lives a paradoxical situation when, having his own marriage break up, is still in love with his ex-wife.

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A timid bank teller anticipates a bank robbery and steals the money himself before the crook arrives. When the sadistic crook realizes he's been fooled, he tracks down the teller and engages him in a cat-and-mouse chase for the cash.

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A cynical look at the life of a not so nice country-western singer, Maury Dann - played by Rip Torn in one of his most memorable performances. He ruthlessly manipulates every one around him to suit his selfish needs...he even gets his limo driver to take the blame for the death of a fan which he stabbed. Written by Ian Johnston <>

The eldest son of a fugitive family comes of age and wants to live a life of his own.

Maury, acting as straight as he can despite the speed, visits the DJ in his studio and brings along a quart of Wild Turkey as a gift (“Why, Maury, I see you’ve brought me some wild game!” the DJ snickers). Then follows low-key blackmail in which the DJ tries to talk Maury into returning on Monday for a local fund-raiser, and Maury tries to talk his way out of it, and they both implicitly acknowledge the payola aspect of the whole deal. It’s a perfectly observed scene.

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The film opens with Dann performing in a small club with his band, entourage, and nagging girlfriend, Mayleen, in tow. He meets a young girl named Sandy backstage and seduces her in the back of his car while her boyfriend and boss, Mr. Bridgeway, is looking for her.

Torn plays a manic country singer with a drug problem in this mental little-seen precursor to Crazy Heart.

in that Quint clearly didn't like the movie and yet everything he described makes me want to see it.

Is that the best cover they could come up with? Looks like something that was knocked off in five minutes before the deadline. For some reason, Rip Torn looks like Kurt Russell there as well.

For research purposes. It kind of 'felt' real. There are a lot of assholes in rock n' roll, especially back then. I want to see 'Stranger' & 'New Kids' now.

The band returns to a nearby motel, bringing along Rosamond, a young lady from the show. The next day, Maury visits his invalid mother and, along with a couple of the guys from the band, goes on a hunting trip. He gets into a fistfight with Bob Tally over Maury's dog Snapper, who is not being properly taken care of by Maury's sick mother. After the fight, Maury reluctantly gives Snapper away to Bob, but fires him from the band before returning to the motel.

So nice to see this great flick get the attention it deserves with a writer of your caliber Peter. I've been a big proponent of this one for a while now, it's Rip Torn's shining moment, he kills it!

A young district attorney seeking to prove a case against a corrupt police detective encounters a former lover and her new protector, a crime boss who refuses to help him in this gritty ... See full summary »

During the trip, Maury seduces Rosamond in the back of the Cadillac, much to Mayleen's dismay. Later, while in the ladies' room, Mayleen warns Rosamond to stay away from Maury. The band stops by a local radio station to help promote Maury's new album, Payday, and to bribe a DJ with a gift of Wild Turkey liquor to keep playing more of Maury's records on-air.

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Payday (1973)

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Rip Torn gives one of the great unsung film performances in a somber -- but never solemn -- portrait of self-destruction.

The movie’s structure qualifies it as a fairly traditional road picture; we get the series of little towns and sunsets and traffic signs and motels and fast food joints that look about the same in Alabama as anywhere. But the stops along the way are a lot more perceptive than they usually are in road movies, and in particular there’s an encounter with a disk jockey that develops genuine corruption.

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been meaning to ask - where do you get those awesome posters (including international ones) from? I live in India and it it near impossible for me to find posters or movie prints (well, Transformers I can find, but you get the idea) and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for prints I could try putting up on my walls.

During a heated exchange, Maury kicks Mayleen out of the car and leaves her stranded by the side of the road. Maury take a detour and goes to visit his ex-wife, Galen, in order to celebrate his son's birthday. They get into an argument as well and Maury leaves without seeing his son.

For all the wasted space yammering on "Indiana Jones and the Search for his Depends" no I have a better one "Indiana Jones and The 15% Discount on all Non-Opening Matinees" stupidity, a quality film like Payday gets relegated to the dustpile of obscurity. Taint right, McGee, taint right.


He’s played by Rip Torn in Daryl Duke’s “Payday,” which was released in 1973 to some very favorable reviews and then, inexplicably, never got a proper national release.

The film ends with Ted, who survives the crash but is badly injured, running out of a wooded area looking for help.

I love Rip Torn, so I will watch it. And Quint, get ready for "The New Kids", a great slice of '80's thriller. Just wish Loughlin would have thrown on some sexier panties for that one scene...