• Cinematographer Bernard Lutic photographed two other Comedies and Proverbs: The Aviator's Wife and My Girlfriend's Boyfriend.

A Good Marriage manages an amazing feat of empathy. The story is more tightly structured that it might appear, and as always, Rohmer's trademark dialogue is vital. As well as conveying plot and character, it's highly literate.

Simple conversations engender complicated human interactions. Jeanne is open and even-tempered, a philosophy teacher at a lycée. Her fiancé is away and she doesn't want to stay at his messy... See full summary »

A young student is devastated when he finds that his girlfriend is cheating on him. In order to find out why she did it, he decides to spy on her and her lover.

Marion is about to divorce from her husband and takes her 15-year-old niece Pauline on a vacation to Granville. She meets an old love...

It's the kind of soft film that Chabrol would turn into a thriller, while smearing the bourgeois lifestyle.

Sabine vows to give up married lovers, and is determined to find a good husband. Her best friend Clarisse introduces her to her cousin Edmond, a busy lawyer from Paris. Sabine pursues Edmond, with the encouragement of Clarisse, but Edmond does not seem very interested. Written by Will Gilbert

Le Beau Marriage probes the idea that one can make love happen by an act of will.

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A French-American in Paris lives by sponging off his working friends, and throws a party using borrowed money when his rich American aunt dies, believing firmly in his horoscope.

Despite that, the film visually and verbally contains all of the charm that one would expect from a Rohmer movie. One feels a great deal of sympathy for Sabine in the scene in which she is rejected by Edmond and this is a tribute to Rohmer's film-making abilities.

Felicie and Charles have a serious if whirlwind holiday romance. Due to a mix-up on addresses they lose contact, and five years later at Christmas-time Felicie is living with her mother in ... See full summary »

A Good Marriage doesn't shine like The Green Ray (no pun intended), which is often judged to be Rohmer's best film of this series. Unlike his better films (The Green Ray and Claire's Knee especially), A Good Marriage has a straightforward storyline. Things happen, but little changes. Sabine's dialogue is as strong as that of any of Rohmer's characters, but because she is so single-minded the narrative is more linear and to some extent less interesting.

Une jeune étudiante ambitieuse souhaite réussir et faire un beau mariage... La protagoniste sait bien que ce sera dur mais... Lire la suite

• Arielle Dombasle, who plays Clarisse, sang Paris ma séduit at the end of The Aviator's Wife.

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Despite its cynical look at the motivation behind some marriages, it ultimately has a romantic heart.

"Instead of asking myself what subjects were most likely to appeal to audiences, I persuaded myself that the best thing would be to treat the same subject six times over. In the hope that by the sixth time the audience would come to me!"

This is a coming-of-age tale that echoes the passionate struggle evident in the other films in the series. Rohmer submits Sabine to a great deal of embarrassment, although her romantic idealism and confident determination are to be admired. She is single-minded, resolute and independent whilst remaining fragile and immature.

The film illustrates La Fontaine's saying: Quel esrpit ne bat la campagne? Qui ne fait châteaux en Espagne? (Can any of us refrain? From building castles in Spain?)

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It's July, and Delphine has nowhere to go for the summer. She feels very bored and "empty", but this won't last; one day she accidently meets someone who seems to be totally made for her...

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To isolate a particular Eric Rohmer film as a lesser or greater work is an dodgy business. Critics of this Rohmer movie claim that he has been making the same film over and over for the past forty years. Rohmer is quoted as follows concerning his six Moral Tales films:

The second of Eric Rohmer's six Comedies & Proverbs films, A Good Marriage (Le Beau Mariage) follows the trials and errors of a tenacious young woman who decides on a whim that getting hitched is the solution to all her problems. The young art student Sabine (Béatrice Romand), walks out on her lover, proudly announcing her plan to be wed and goes in search of a husband.

The scope of Le Beau Mariage is limited, but everything within it is well-defined and magically, unexpectedly, illuminating.

• Bèatrice Romand first worked with Rohmer at the age of eighteen in Claire's Knee and more recently played one of the lead roles in Autumn Tale.

You might be surprised to discover that watching Rohmer's films consistently actually improves your own moral character, or at least alerts you to the possibility of change.

In Paris outskirts Blanche, a young clerk, befriends Lea, a girl livelier than she is. Lea is going steady with Fabien who is a friend to Alexandre who is going steady with Adrienne but is ... See full summary »

Le Beau Mariage (1982)

Reinette and Mirabelle are two young girls. Reinette lives in the countryside, Mirabelle in Paris. They meet during a holiday of Mirabelle in the country, when Reinette helps her to repair ... See full summary »

Astonished by Sabine's impulsive behaviour, her happily married friend Clarisse (Arielle Dombasle) warms to Sabine's plan and introduces her to her eligible cousin Edmond (André Dussollier). Convinced that Edmond is her ideal future husband, Sabine openly pursues Edmond, but on confronting him with her ideas for their relationship, finds that he doesn't share her plans for matrimony.

Magali, 45, is a wine producer in the south of France. She's a widow, and her best friend, Isabelle, decides to find her a new husband. She puts an ad in the local newspaper and finds a ... See full summary »

Three stories of love and coincidence around the theme of dates in Paris.

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Je continue de voir tranquillement du Rohmer et pour ce film franchement je ne l'ai vu que d'un oeil distrait, je faisais... Lire la suite

Le Beau Mariage (The Good Marriage) is a 1982 French film directed by Éric Rohmer, starring Béatrice Romand, André Dussollier, Féodor Atkine. It is one of Rohmer's "comedies and proverbs" (comédies et proverbes). Its theme is a proverb from La Fontaine: "Quel esprit ne bat la campagne ? qui ne fait château en Espagne ?" (that is, "Who doesn't daydream? Who doesn't build castles in Spain").

Louise, a young woman, who recently finished her studies in arts, is working as a interior decorator trainee. Playing the game of seduction, her life becomes more and more complicated.

Sabine, a student in art history, is growing tired of the part of the mistress of a painter and family man, Simon. She meets Edmond, beautiful, young, rich and free, and declares that she is going to marry him.

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