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What is it like in Barnes?

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Katie’s mum Vanessa said Ms Barber had already a received a £1,500 fee, which the businesswoman contests.

Beautician Katie, awarded the British Empire Medal for transforming Alan’s life and helping other worthy causes, said: “Of course there are times when I wish I never got involved.

The Barnes trail, a 2.3 mile circular walk funded by the Mayor of London and Richmond upon Thames Council, was opened in June 2013.[15] It gained in 2014 a further QR code-marked extension, along its riverside, which equates to the Thames Path National Trail; part of this is wide, pavemented embankments with Victorian townhouses and the rest is tree-lined green space.[16]

Katie Cutler raised hundreds of thousands in support of the 68-year-old after he was left with a broken collarbone, too afraid to return to his own home.

"But then I think of the people I helped and I cannot regret it for long.

The stranger who handed a small piece of paper and a £5 note to a 23-year-old mother just to tell her “what a great mum she is” has been identified, after recipient Sammie Welch was so overwhelmed by his kindness she started a Facebook search just to be able to thank him. Ken Saunders, 50, said he “just wanted to put a smile” on Welch’s face

Attacker Richard Gatiss, who knocked Mr Barnes to the ground and searched him for cash, was later sentenced to four years in jail.

"It's not a big amount and I think a lot of people would actually like to do that for Katie. I'm quite happy to put just a small donation in because I don't want to show off."

When asked how much he was willing to donate, Mr Barnes said: "A small amount to me is £10 or something."

Bart, the Florida cat who was buried after his owner found him lifeless in a pool of blood after being hit by a car, is set to make a full recovery when he returned from the grave five days later. Upon his return owner Ellis Hutson took the cat for surgery to remove his eye and have his jaw re-wired, and Bart is expected to return home soon

In the months after the attack, Mr Barnes got a "calling from God" to move to the Shetland Islands.

If you're going to be in London for more than a day, it's worth buying a Visitor Oyster Card in advance. The Visitor Oyster Card is delivered to your home before you arrive in London. It is one of the easiest ways to get around London.

She has struggled to concentrate or sleep and feels she has not been able to devote time to four-year-old daughter Gracie.

If you're looking for something more substantial, Sonny's Kitchen offers top-quality dining, although you might have to fight the locals for a table!

“As a small family business, we had no choice but to go to the small claims court. We are incredibly shocked with the way Katie Cutler has belittled our hard work and devotion to the project.”

Sitting on Barnes green, looking at the leaves from the weeping willows dip in and out of the pond, it's hard to believe that Central London is just on the doorstep.

The young mum engulfed in a bitter legal row after raising £330,000 for a disabled mugging victim has admitted: “There are dark days when I wish I never got involved.’

Ms Barber’s bill, for 14.5 days’ work spanning four months, includes travelling to London with Katie and her mum Vanessa for an appearance on TV shows This Morning and Songs of Praise.

Ms Barber, CEO of Claire Barber PR, said in a statement: “Katie Cutler employed Claire Barber PR to handle her PR in March 2015.

Claire Barber, who runs her own PR and media firm, is owed the money for just over a fortnight’s worth of work at a cut rate of £550 a day.

The beautician, who became dubbed the the “Angel of the North” says she now wished she never bothered, after being threatened with bailiffs following a small claims court claim.

After her fundraising drive, Ms Cutler was recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list and received a British Empire Medal for her efforts.

Other money raised later by Katie was given to people including a young cancer victim who had a “bucket list” of things to do before she died.

* On Church Rd. (The section with Metroline & Go-Ahead) the bus stops are from west-east: Barnes Pond, Glebe Rd., Red Lion. * The section with only London United that contains Ranelagh Ave. is called Rocks Lane. * Route 419 goes on a windy 'round the houses' route between Hammersmith Bridge & Barnes Bridge. This is predominantly a hail and ride section. * Some 283 buses go to Barnes Pond instead of Wetlands Centre.

Katie Cutler, 23, became a national icon through her charity drive to help 4ft 6in pensioner Alan Barnes , who was attacked by a drug addict outside his own home.

He later decided to stay in the Gateshead area, but is looking to move into another home.

“But then I think of the people I helped and I cannot regret it for long.

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Barnes village has a handful of small boutiques, as well as a local grocers, delis, a bookshop and some very fine restaurants. It's also where you'll find some of London's most expensive streets, such as The Terrace where the famous British composer, Gustav Holst lived. Today Barnes is home to many high-profile broadcasters, politicians and actors.

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Richard Brower was “heartbroken” after his dog, a German shepherd called Dozer, was stolen from the Yard of his Alberta home, and his endless searching proved fruitless. But he had no idea that when he started searching for a new German shepherd, he would experience “the closest thing to a miracle” in his life – the Claresholm Animal Rescue Society, unbeknownst to its organisers, had Dozer safe and well, and now he’s back at home

The pink-fronted Rose House facing the area's pond dates to the 17th century, while Milbourne House facing The Green, the area's oldest, parts of which date to the 16th century, once belonged to Henry Fielding.[8] The park of Barn Elms, formerly the manor house of Barnes,[9] for long the parish's chief property and now an open space and playing field, is believed to be home to the oldest and largest plane tree in London.[10]

In a Facebook post, Ms Cutler wrote that she had not exchanged an official contract with Claire Barnes PR, and that the only agreement they had had was an email.

“It was given to me on the understanding that I use it for myself,” he told the newspaper. “A lot of people just want it to stay with me.”

After more than two years growing his hair, a boy from Florida has donated his locks to charity, despite being bullied along the way. Christian McPhilamy, an eight-year-old from Florida, began growing his hair after seeing an advert about paediatric cancer and has now donated four locks, each measuring over 10 inches, to charity

But now she is facing court action and a visit from bailiffs over a demand for £6,687 from a businesswoman who acted as a publicity agent in her campaign .

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